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Progressive News

How Republicans STEAL Elections!

Trump's Toll Road America! - (Video)

Trump Slashing IRS To Help Billionaire Tax Evasion! - (Video)

Rate Of Ocean Warming Has Nearly Doubled Over Two Decades!

How A 94-Year-Old Genius May Save The Planet

Inside The Shadowy World Of Trump’s Private Russian Connections

WTF Do The Democrats Stand For?

Phoenix Lights UFO Event - 20 Years Later - (Video)

Doctors See Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Treatments For Seniors

10 Things Seniors Should Know About Medical Marijuana

23 States Where You Can Get Medical Marijuana For PTSD

How To Remove Ransomware: Use This Battle Plan To Fight Back

NSA Routinely Monitors Americans’ Communications w/o Warrants




WikiLeaks Dump Brings CIA Spying Powers Into The Spotlight

FBI Investigating Trump's Connection To Russian Bank Server

Inside The Shadowy World Of Trump’s Private Russian Connections


Did Trump Fire U.S. Attorney For Investigating Him? - (Video)



How The Bail System Really Screws You If You Are Poor



Missouri’s Underfunded Public Defender Office

American Health Care Act (aka: TrumpCare) - John Oliver - (Video)

Republicans Give Employers Right To Genetically Test Workers

The CIA Can Now Order Drone Strikes Without Pentagon Approval

Canadians With Cystic Fibrosis Live 10 Years Longer Than Americans

Republicans Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans! - (Video)

What Is McCarthyism? And How Did It Happen? - (Video)

What Ever Happened To Saving The Rainforest? - (Video)

CIA Leaker John Kiriakou On WikiLeaks And Trump

Americans Are Getting More Secular All The Time

The ACLU’s Resistance Training - (Video)

'Real Americans' Have Always Been Rebels: A Guide For Progressive Patriotism

The Moment A Trump Supporter Feels The Bern - (Video)

Scientists Are Conspicuously Missing From Trump’s Government

"Wayne Tracker" Has Known The Harsh Reality Of Fossil Fuels

Does Trump's Son-In-Law Have A Sweetheart Deal With China?

STUDY: Media Ignores Most Terrorist Attacks - (Video)

Radioactive Wild Boars Are Taking Over Towns In Japan! - (Video)

The GOP Heath Care Plan: The more you need, the less you get!

Everything Fishy In Trump World Leads Back To Russia! - (Video)

EPA deputy accused of working with Monsanto to kill cancer study

Did Trump Leak His Own Taxes?

Justice Democrats And Brand New Congress BLOWING UP!

SolarCity And Tesla: Ta'u Microgrid - (Video)

Trump Can’t Even Watch TV Correctly - (Video)

Could You Start A Progressive Movement In YOUR State? YES!

Comparing Homegrown Right Wing Extremism To Islamic Extremism

How America's Justice System Is Rigged Against The Poor - (Video)

Breaking Down Bail: Debunking Common Bail Myths - (Video)

Has Monsanto Orchestrated A Massive Cancer Coverup?

Fox News Is A Brainwashing Cult, Controlled By Billionaires!

TYT: Corporate Democrats Are On A Sinking Ship - (Video)

How much is Donald Trump’s travel and protection costing, anyway?

How Trump Wrote Off $100 MILLION In Taxes! - (Video)

Life On The Watchlist - (Video)

A Small Act Of Scientific Civil Disobedience

10 Facts About Being A Climate Scientist From Climate Scientists

15 Lawmakers Plotting To Privatize America's Public Lands

Trump's Budget Explained - (Video)

Trump Already Bought By Big Pharma - (Video)

NBC/ABC/MSNBC Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations

A QUARTER Of Beer Drinkers Have Switched To Weed! - (Video)

You Need To Think Twice Before Livestreaming Protests!

Nazi-Themed Trump Billboard - (Photo)




What War Are We Buying With Another $58 Billion For The Military?


It's Time To Dismantle Trump's Murder Budget And Defund Militarism



Scotland To Abandon Nuclear Facilities On Its Territory

GMO, Chemicals Boosters Funded By Climate Change Deniers

Neil Gorsuch Does Not Belong On The Supreme Court!

The Most Telling Thing About The FBI’s Probe Into Trump - (Video)

This Is Your Brain On Terrorism - (Video)

Why Bernie Is The Most Popular Politician In America

Trump Voters Now Regretting That Decision!

Inside Diego Garcia, America’s Highly Secretive Military Base

The 5 Biggest Lies About PotAnd How To Rebut Them

The Rich Pay Fewer Taxes Than The Poor, And Get More Services!

Frightbart: The View From Steve Bannon’s Propaganda Site

Most Young Adults (Correctly) Say Trump Presidency Is Illegitimate

Dangerously Crazy Christian Movement Is Growing Rapidly!

CO2 Levels Race Past Point Of No Return!

Repugs Are Racing To Make Workplaces More Dangerous And Unhealthy

Erin Brockovich On Water Crisis: "It's Everywhere" - (Video)

What Nuclear War Would Look Like - (Video)

Things Your ISP Could Do If Congress Repeals FCC’s Privacy Protections

Repugs Know The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing!

Will Trump Become As Paranoid As Hitler Was In His Last Days?

The Differing Philosophies Of Democrats And Republicans

TYT: Establishment Reacts To Justice Democrats - (Video)

Ivanka Trump Is Moving Into The White House - (Video)

Is Amazon The #1 Threat To Jobs?

How Much The Social Safety Net Costs Us

Congress Is About To Give Away Your Online Privacy

GOP Intel Chair Under Fire For Bizarre Trump Briefing

Republican Voter Fraud Crusader Commits Voter Fraud - (Video)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Questions Labor Secretary Nominee Acosta

The Truth Of Trump’sI Alone Can Fix ItCanard - (Video)

Getting A DNA Test Could Keep You From Your Dream Job

Russian Agent Paul Manafort Ran Trump's Campaign - (Video)

From Spy To President: The Rise Of Vladimir Putin - (Video)

Trump Backs Company That Wants To Drain Mojave Desert Water

The Reclusive Climate Denying Puppet-Master Behind Trump

Why Is Water Sacred To Native Americans?

Best Recipe For Maximizing The Medical Effects Of Marijuana

Colombia's now-licit marijuana trade offers job model for Trump to follow

Are Your Shoes Giving Away Data?

The Great American Stand: U.S. Forests & The Climate Emergency

The Billionaire On A Mission To Save The Planet From Trump

Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

Republican Fight To Criminalize Protest Tactics - (Video)

Mesothelioma Patients Turn To Cannabis

Republicans Reversing Internet Privacy Laws!

Trump's budget devastates many rural areas’ only daily news source

Trump Budget Horrifies Majority of Voters, Poll Finds

AI Is Already Taking Jobs

Bernie Sanders Shares His Blueprint For Resisting Trump

Military Experts Issue Warning Climate Skeptics Won't Want To Hear

The Trump Administration Is Spying On White House Employees




Why Is Trump White House Filled With Ex-Goldman Sachs Cronies?

Legal Marijuana: Despite Scary Noises From D.C., The Sky Is Not Falling

PROOF America Sucks And Norway Rocks! - (Video)

Bernie Sanders' Devastating Quote On State Of Democratic Party

Trump And The Long Con - (Video)

Secretive Trump Lobby Wants To Profit From Breakup Of Iraq

Bernie Sanders Says He'll Introduce 'Medicare For All' Bill

A More Equitable Economy Exists Right Next Door

Madison, Wisconsin Commits To 100% Renewable Energy

What's "Fake News"? 60 Minutes Producers Investigate

Are Police Becoming Mercenaries For The Rich? - (Video)

The Life Cycle Of A Donald Trump Lie

Kochs Bankroll Movement To Rewrite The Constitution

Monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen To Consumers!

As Trump's Denialists Get To Work, The Climate Is Changing 170 Times Faster

FBI Face Recognition Technology Has 'No Limits,'

Canada To Legalize Marijuana 'By 2018'

Which Of Trump’s Cronies Will Flip On Him First? - (Video)

How A Case Gets To The U.S. Supreme Court

Samantha Bee's Full-Frontal Assault On The Trump Regime

Trump Slashing Energy Jobs With New Executive Order

VPNs Won’t Save You From Congress’ Internet Privacy Giveaway

Hillary Rodham Clinton And The Mythical "Middle Ground"

Big Pharma Company Lobbies Against Legal WeedSo It Could Market Its Own Synthetic Version - (March 28, 2017 - By K.J. McElrath - Ring of Fire) - Insys Therapeutics gave $500,000 to help defeat an Arizona legalization initiative last year. Now, the FDA has just approved its marijuana-based drug.  -

Why Can't America Have A Grown-Up Healthcare Conversation?

How Black Lives Matter Is Resisting Trump

How 'The Apprentice' Manufactured Trump - (Video)

Data Republicans Just Allowed ISPs To Sell Without Your Consent

ISPs Paid Your Congressman So They Can Sell Your Whole Browsing History

Three privacy tools that block your Internet provider from tracking you

Corporations Use End User License Agreements To Create A Parallel Legal System

Trophy Hunting: Unpacking The Psychology Of StatusAnd Shame

Nuclear Waste Smolders In Sites Across The U.S.

Argentina Approves Medicinal Use Of Marijuana

Maryland Bans Fracking

CBS News Uncovers Extremely Shady Mike Pence/Russia Connection

Midwestern Contractor Appears 100s Of Times In CIA WikiLeaks Dump

Trump Reneges On TPP Campaign Promise

Single-Payer Healthcare: Pros & Cons Exposed - (Video)

Disclosing UFO Government Secrets Could Help Heal A Divided Nation

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Rolls Out "Path To Marijuana Reform"

Exxon Dealt Major Legal Blow In Effort To Dodge Climate Fraud Probe

If You Get Involved In Local Politics, You CAN Make A Difference!

R.F.K., Jr. Makes You Hate Monsanto More Than You Already Do!

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power Trailer (2017) - (Video)

Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All - (Video)

DEA Greenlights Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana - (Video)

Post-FCC Privacy Rules, Should You VPN?

DEA Stole $3.2 Billion In Cash From Innocent People

Greenland's Coastal Ice Passed A Climate Tipping Point 20 Years Ago!

New Law: No Guns On Drones (Except For Police)

How To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot

Republicans Flipping On Legal Weed?

Meet The DEMOCRAT Who Killed The Healthcare Public Option!

The Secret Monopoly Behind America's Outrageous Drug Prices

Why GDP Could Stand For Going To Destroy The Planet

10 First-Hand Facts About Being A Climate Scientist

Former Arizona Governor Symington On Phoenix Lights UFO

Myopic Political Bubbles Apply To Science Books, Too

NY's Single-Payer Healthcare Fight Has National Implications

Trump Weakens America By Destroying Environmental Protections

Comedians Have Figured Out The Trick To Covering Trump - (Video)

John OliverOnMarijuana - (Video)

One Of The Biggest Rock Stars Of The ’90s Studies UFOs

Unacknowledged Trailer Exposes The World's Greatest UFO Secret

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters Raises Impeachment As A Trump Possibility

Spicer Won't Give Straight Answer On Reported Changes To Trump Trust

Blackwater Founder Repped Trump At Secret Meeting Overseas

Felony Charges For 2 Who Secretly Filmed Planned Parenthood

Trump Builds A Watergate All His Own

Democratic National Committee Asks Its Entire Staff To Resign

‘Our’ Dishonest ‘President’

Are You Ready For War With Iran? Trump's Generals Are

Bernie TV EXPLODING Online, Media Pretends Not To Notice

A Burial Practice That Nourishes The Planet

6 Charts Show Trump Isn’t Stopping Renewable Energy Revolution

Myopic Political Bubbles Apply To Science Books, Too

California Wants To Become A Marijuana Sanctuary State

'No Walls, No War, No Warming': Progressives Call For Priorities Shift

Senator: 'Looming' Trump Impeachment Reason To Filibuster Gorsuch

Inventor Of The Web, Plots A Radical Overhaul Of His Creation

The Amazing And Appalling Story Of DARPA

Companies Implanting Workers With Microchip Trackers!

Encryption Policy And Freedom Of The Press

Ex-Trump Adviser Met With Russian Spy, Passed Documents

How Trump's Policies Literally Kill Women! - (Video)

Republicans Plotting To End Preexisting Condition Protections!

Trump Voters Angry He Sold Them Out!

Why Would Trump Send Erik Prince To Secret Russian Meetings?

Calls For Investigation Into Trump’s Ties To Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

Trump’s Secret Little Prince

Bernie Sanders Breaks Down His Opposition To Judge Gorsuch

How Humans Will Lose Control Of Artificial Intelligence

Chlorpyrifos: The Toxic Pesticide Now Harming Our Children & Environment

Dylan Ratigan On America's Communism Hypocrisy - (Video)

Robert Reich: 5 Reasons Trump Should Be Impeached! - (Video)

Uruguay first country to legally sell cannabis over the counter for recreational use

Trump & Co. Just Picked The Wrong Fight With Twitter

Don't Let Establishment Tell You Medicare For All Is Crazy - (Video)

How To Use The Tea Party's Tactics Against Them - (Video)

Trump says he has the ‘best words.’ Merriam-Webster disagrees.

Donald Trump's War Crimes

How Ayn Rand's 'Elitism' Lives On In the Trump Administration

No, Trump Doesn’t Care About National Park Service

Trump To Axe Amtrak Federal Funding For 220 Cities

Common Cause Fighting FOR Money In Politics! - (Video)

Dylan Ratigan: Is "Breaking Up The Banks" Enough? - (Video)

How To Quantify (And Fight) Gerrymandering

Why It’s So Hard To Wipe Out All Of Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Kentucky Coal Museum Switches To Solar

Tennessee U. Fires NPR Reporter After Politicians Complain

The REAL Reason Why Evangelicals Support Trump - (Video)

We Are Already At War With China

Marijuana Legalization Grows Closer With Senate Tax Proposal

Many Doctors Prefer Single-Payer Health Care

Trump Opening Door To Let 'Geoengineers' Hijack Earth's Weather Systems

Consumer Lawyers Are Now Targeted For Prosecution - (Video)

Is Single-Payer Health Care Inevitable In America? - (Video)

John Oliver: Gerrymandering - (Video)



The Algorithm That Could Help End Partisan Gerrymandering

Why The CIA Has Been Trying To Overthrow Syria Since The 50's

What is "brain hacking"? Tech insiders on why you should care

The Next Solar Energy Revolution Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Pricey Technology Is Keeping People Alive Who Don’t Want to Live

Standing Rock-Level Propaganda Begins For Keystone XL

Capitalism’s Invisible Hand Doesn’t Generate Public Good

Get Ready For Medicinal Mushrooms

Monsanto’s Toxic Soda Springs, Idaho Superfund Secret - (Photos)

The Real Reason The NYPD Won't Disclose Its Surveillance Technologies




How The Denver Police Crack And Search Cell Phones

These Four Cases Will Quickly Show Who Gorsuch Really Is

Senators Allege DAPL Builder Didn’t Have Permit To Build Under Lake Oahe

Chicago Will Make All City Buildings 100 Percent Renewable By 2025

Trump Considering 'Back-Door Way' To Cut Social Security

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Recommendations

The Media Fell For Trump’s Syria Stunt! - (Video)

Orphan Drugs: An Introduction - (Video)

Making The World's Largest Ball Of Paint - (Video)

Tennessee Could Give Taxpayers America's Fastest Internet For Free, But

The Global Methane Industry Long-term Fossil Fuels Threat

Why Bernie Sanders Has Risen To The Top Most Popular Senator

Stronger Privacy Laws Could Save Advertising From Itself

For White America, It's 'Happy Days' Again

Seaweed Could Revolutionize How We Power Our Devices

Bernie Sanders Has Good News For Democrats All Over The Country

Greediest Charter School Operators Looting Taxpayers Via Real Estate Deals

United Airlines Spent Million$ Lobbying Against Passenger Rights

Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Improves Hard-To-Treat Depression

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Slapped With Over A Dozen Food Violations

A Law School Is Preparing Its Students To Compete Against AI

Former Neo-Nazi: Ignoring White Extremists Is A Mistake! - (Video)

British Spies Were First To Spot Trump Team's Links With Russia

Targeting WikiLeaks Explicitly Threatens Speech & Press Freedoms

Nationwide #TaxMarch Rallies Planned To Demand Trump 'Stops Hiding'

Trump Supporters Realizing They Were HOODWINKED!

Princeton’s Ad-Blocking Superweapon

Trump To Keep White House Visitor Logs Secret

Abrupt Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Before

Trump Now Allowing Hedge Funds Their $180 Billion Tax Dodge



The $180 Billion Tax Dodge Carried Interest Loophole - (Video)

What Does An 'America-First' Foreign Policy Actually Mean?




Gerrymandering Is Illegal, But Only Mathematicians Can Prove It




The Feisty Group That Exposed Wells Fargo’s Wrongdoing




Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives

St. Louis, you may be recycling wrong. Here's what to do about it

Single-Payer Health Care Is Seeing Record Support In Congress




Trump's Ignorance On Clean Energy Jobs Exposed

Legacy Of Monsanto's PCBs: Oozing Pus, Birth Defects & Immune Problems

Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Policies Are The Most Popular In U.S.

Hoh River Valley’s One Square Inch Of Silence In Washinton State

Berniecrat Overperforms HUGE In Deep Red State! - (Video)

PowerfulBabel XSocial Media Surveillance Used By Police

McKibben: Canada's Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster For The Planet

How Corporations Plan To Screw You Over With Taxes

Trump White House Taking 'Marching Orders' From Hundreds Of CEOs

North Korea: ‘Thermonuclear war may break out at any minute'




Donald Trump Has Deep Links To Organized Crime

Is There An Actual Tape Of Trump’s Russia Collusion? - (Video)

DNC Announces Unity Commission - TYT’s Nomiki Konst Explains

Do The Terminally Ill Have A Right To Experimental Drugs?

Why Should We Worry More About Drug Prices… - (Video)

Who's Behind Opposition To Lowering Drug Prices? - (Video)

Courts Are Using AI To Sentence Criminals. That Must Stop Now!

Big Brother Surveillance And Our Insecure Infrastructure

Kids React To AC/DC - (Video)

CIA Great At Overthrowing Democracies... Dictators Less So!

3 Ways To Spot A Bad Statistic - (Video)

Alex Jones's Lawyer: "He's Playing A Character"

Tax Reform Should Begin With Making Polluters Pay

Connected Car Data Is The New Oil

20 Popular Foods We May Lose If Bee Populations Continue To Decline

Why Water Privatization Is A Bad Idea For People And The Planet

Can Marijuana Cure America’s Opioid Epidemic?

Creative People Physically See And Process The World Differently

Psychedelic Drugs Push The Brain To A State Never Seen Before

The Threat Of ‘The Far Left’! Oh Wait, There Isn't One - (Video)

13 Questions That Scare Charter School Advocates

The Most Important Separation Of Church & State Case In Years

Meet The Watchdogs Building A Better Media Thanks To YOU

Extremists’ Meme Armies Are Turning Into Militias

How To Change Privacy Settings In Windows 10 (Creators Update)

How To Get Google To Quit Tracking You

Weed Strains Are Mostly Bullshit

Facebook’s War On Weed Is Totally Legal, But

The Decline In Drug Research - (Video)

Marijuana-Induced Anxiety Is Weed Culture's Bigfoot

New Jersey Locals Stopped A Multi-Million Dollar Pipeline In Its Tracks

Trump Inauguration Bankrolled By Firms Seeking Government Favor

Republicans Sell Access To Congressional Staffers, Flouting Cardinal Ethics Rule

Trump Expected To PickShadow BankerFor Key Position At The Fed

The History Of The Internet - (3-part Video)

Environment Chief Says U.S. Should Exit Paris Climate Agreement

Lawsuit Claims Bose Wireless Headphones Are Spying On You!

Jim Hightower: Is A New Populist Movement Stirring?

Trump's Secret Service Permanently Ends White House Sidewalk Access

Julian Assange Strikes Back At CIA Director And Talks Trump

U.S. Charging Julian Assange Could Put Press Freedom On Trial

The Unintended Side-Effect Of Self-Checkout Lanes

Canada Just Ruled To Uphold Net Neutrality

PEER Calling The EPA Chief's Bluff On Climate Change Denial

Why An American Went To Cuba For Cancer Care

The DEA Is Buying Cyberweapons From Hacking Team

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Science In America - (Video)

A Doctor's Case For Medical Marijuana - (Video)

The Toxic Effects Of Public-PrivatePartnerships’ - (Video)

The Real Reason The Online Uprising Against Bill O’Reilly Worked

Ditching O’Reilly Is Not Enough!

The Shocking Reality Of A Future Of Shrinking Jobs

Feinstein: I Won't Support Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All Bill

Public Enemy #1 - (Video)



Your Brain On Drug Policy - (Video)

Trevor Noah: Trump Administration's Reefer Madness - (Video)

Alejandro Rojas: Official Government UFO Agencies - (Video)

Mental Health Professionals Warn Trump's State 'Putting Country In Danger'

Exercise, Weight Loss, And Big Soda - (Video)

Are Right Wing Agitators Infiltrating The Left? - (Video)

Here's What You Can Do To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri

Scientists Explain Why They're Running For Office

Italian Court Rules Mobile Phone Use Caused Brain Tumor

Donald Trump Is F***ing Our Planet, Happy Earth Day! - (Video)

Republicans Tout Financial Crash Architect As Regulation Expert

The Bernie TV Show: He Doesn't Need Corporate Media

Concerned About Climate Change? Change Where You Bank!

Why They March: “Science and Scientists Are Now Under Attack

A Founder Of Earth Day Looks Back On How It Began

TYT: Trump Works For Blackstone Now - (Video)

Trump’s Organized Crime Ties Bring Blackmail To The White House

The Lost Tapes: The 1992 LA Riots (Full Episode) - (Video)

We Found All Of Those Paid ProtestorsThey Work For The GOP!

Trump's Inaugural Donor List Contains Massive Evidence Of Fraud




Dow Chemical urges Trump administration to ignore pesticide findings




Here Comes The Big Assault On Workers' Rights

Democrats Taking BIG Money From Trump's Business Buddies!

Republicans Can Only Win By Using Voter Suppression! - (Video)

Trickle-Down Economics Has Never Worked And Will Never Work!

Nationwide medical marijuana program would save more than $1B in tax money

Coal Miners’ Futures In Renewable Energy



Renewable Energy: Sun Rises Over The Bluegrass State

We Just Breached The 410 Parts Per Million Threshold

Japan’s Secret NSA Deal That Expanded Global Surveillance




NSA Kept Watch Over Democratic And Republican Conventions

John Oliver: MeetThe RealIvanka & Jared - (Video)

There's Something For Everyone At The World's Largest Library

Just Because The Label Says 'Organic' Doesn't Make It So!

CEOs Are Getting Rich By Destroying The Planet! - (Video)

Fossil Fuel Companies Pay To Keep Corporate Media Quiet On Earth Day

Feinstein Will Take Health Insurance Companies Over Voters

Merkel Had To Explain EU Trade To Trump ELEVEN TIMES!

U.F.O. Sightings Have Tripled Since 2001

Houston District Attorney’s Bold Move To Decriminalize Marijuana

Trump's 100 Days Of Harm: Enough Is Enough!

Nearly Half Of Americans Want To Impeach Donald Trump

Are Neoconservatives Marching The U.S. Into A Fresh New Hell?




Activists Prepare For Epic Fight Over Trump FCC's Plan To Kill Net Neutrality




The Washington Post Has A Lobbyist As A Writer

Jimmy Wales Launches Wikitribune To Fight Fake News

Would You Read A Crowdsourced Unbiased News Site? - (Video)

Republicans Change Mind About Pentagon Slush Fund - (Video)

Record Number Of Americans: GovernmentShould Do More!

Establishment Attacks TYT, Now It's Cenk Uygur’s Turn! - (Video)

Trump Slashing Programs Linking Climate Change To U.S. National Security

Going Green Shouldn't Be This Hard! - (Video)

Sanders, Dems Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill



22 Dems Supporting Sanders' $15 Minimum Wage Bill... & 24 Who Aren't

TED Talk OnUniversal Basic IncomeGets Thunderous Applause!

How The Koch Brothers Killed Trump’s Job Plan

Amazon Wants To Put A Camera & Microphone In Your Bedroom!

Chinese Workers Paid $1/Hour To Make Ivanka Trump's Clothes

Meet David Sirota, TYT Contributor - (Video)

Authoritarians Like Trump Pushing Press Freedoms To 'Tipping Point'




Why The FCC’s Plans To Gut Net Neutrality Just Might Fail




Now Trump Is Going After America's National Monuments

Plan To Secure The Internet of Things Could Still Have Big Drawbacks

Brain Scans Show Psychedelic Drugs Induce "Heightened State of Consciousness"

Can Bill Nyeor any other science showreally save the world?

Majority Of House Dems Support 'Medicare-for-All' Bill

TheBrilliant EarthCanadian Diamond Scam - (Video)

Coral Reefs Are Dying Off At An Alarming Rate! - (Video)

Fox News' Problem Is A Lot Bigger Than Bill O'Reilly - (Video)

Amazon’sEcho LookCould Snoop A Lot More Than Just Your Clothes

California Police Using Controversial Facial Recognition Software

Senators & Movement Leaders Introduce 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill

The Top 10 Resistance Victories In Trump's First 100 Days

Sen. Elizabeth Warren On How To Fight Trump On Health Care

Single-Payer Is The Only Health-Care System That Makes Sense

Disasaster Looms If Democrats Don’t Support Progressives!!!

Data & Studies On Healthcare Malpractice Lawsuits - (Video)

SciShow Marches For Science - (Video)

1000 Protestors Stormed The Heritage Foundation… - (Video)

Meet Emma Vigeland, TYT Producer & Commentator - (Video)

Meet Jordan Chariton, TYT Investigative Reporter - (Video)

Meet TYT's New Reporter: Naomi LaChance - (Video)

Trump's First 100 Days: The Real Story - (Video)

What Would Trump’s Immigrant Ancestors Say? - (Video)

Trump Has Turned Gov. Into An ATM For The Super Rich - (Video)

The Climate Change Deniers In Congress

Free, Peer-To-Peer Seed Sharing Network Goes Online

Senator Elizabeth Warren: This Fight Is Our Fight! - (Video)

Taser Will Use Police Body Camera VideosTo Anticipate Criminal Activity

The Innovating, Creative Superpowers Of ADHD

The Curious Case Of The Claque

Why Launching A War Against North Korea Would Be Immoral

How To Keep Your Chats Truly Private With Signal

What Bullets Do To Bodies

Trump Will Try To Stage A Coup And Overthrow Democracy!?!

Trump White House Actively Planning Attack On Press Freedoms

TYT’s Wolf-PAC: The Logical Path To End Corruption



Why An Article V Convention Is A GOOD Thing - (Video)

Photos: Hundreds Of Thousands Mobilize For Climate Justice

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur On C-SPAN 4/30/17 - (Video)

TYT: Celebrating Ten Years Of Ana Kasparian! - (Video)

"Climate Agnostic" Columnist Pissing Off NY Times Readers

The Absurd Amount Of Entitlements That Go To Rich People

Former Professional Climate Change Denier Discovers The Truth

Mexican Congress Approves Use Of Medical Marijuana

Keith Olbermann: Trump’s New War On Free Speech! - (Video)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Earth's Smallness In Perspective - (Video)

Jared Kushner Tried To Hide His Financial Ties To George Soros

Trump Taps Anti-Birth Control Activist To Oversee Family Planning

Why Your Old Phones Collect In A Junk Drawer - (Video)

This Is How The Free Press Dies

The Ridiculous Grievances Of American Shareholders

The Consequences Of Amtrak Not Owning Its Own Tracks

Ways To Move Forward On Health Care Plan




Show the profits that pharmacies, insurers make on medications

TYT’s Cenk Uygur On "The Real Resistance" - (Video)

How The Ivy League Collaborates With Donald Trump

Who's Behind The Billionaire PAC Targeting Elizabeth Warren?

FBI Director: A Law Against Encryption Is Possible Under Trump

Climate Change Is Getting Worse, And So Is Media's Coverage Of It

The Patients We Do Not See

Steve Bannon's Secret Planning WhiteboardAccidentallyRevealed

Steve Bannon Leaks His Own Master Plan - (Video)

Medical Weed Is Legal In Florida, But Smoking It Won’t Be!

Radium Was A Miracle Product, Until It Started Killing People

Excerpt: Kate Raworth’s BookDoughnut Economics’ - (Video)

The Future Of Trucking When Machines Take The Wheel - (Video)

California: Let’s End Unchecked Police Surveillance

The Shame AND Cruelty Of The GOP! - (Video)

7 Surprising Signs Of Marijuana's Normalization In America

Is Bernie Sanders Ready To Leave The Democratic Party? - (Video)

Biggest Potential Nuclear Crisis Nobody's Talking About - (Video)

Quebec Can Teach Us About Creating A More Equitable Economy

Elon Musk: Tunnel-Boring Transportation’s Future - (Video)

Scientology Facility Shut Down By Police - (Video)

Convicted For Laughing At Jeff Sessions!




U.S. Wind Energy Installations Surge

NY Times Lets A Charter School Propagandist Distort The Facts

Declining To Label Lies, NPR Picks Diplomacy Over Reality

Cinco de Mayo Is About Rich Countries Strangling Poor Ones

Buying A Congress Member’s Vote Is Cheaper Than You Think!

50 Preexisting Conditions That Can Make You Lose Your Insurance

Anti-Vaxxers Brought Their War To Minnesota—Then Came Measles

The Republican’s AHCA Is Even Worse Than You've Read!

America’s Biggest Corporations Are Quietly Boosting Trump's Hate Agenda

The Robot Economy: Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

EPA asks what rules to cut, gets earful about dirty water

Activism For The Environment: How To Build A Movement

Everyone Should Use A VPN To Protect Their Internet Privacy




Here Are 24 Of The Biggest Issues Facing The Country

Physicist Brian Greene On How Science Became A Political Prisoner

John Oliver: Net Neutrality II - (Video)



Net Neutrality Defenders Crash FCC Website. (Again.)

What’s Digitization Doing To Health Care?

Trump Threatens To Defy Congress To Go After Medical Marijuana

A Little Cannabis Every Day Might Keep Brain Ageing At Bay

Bernie Sanders Calls On California To Lead Nation On Single-Payer

Bad Report Card For Federal School Voucher Program

Chicago’s Disastrous Charter School Agenda

Donald Trump: Just Another Corrupt Republican? - (Video)

Trumps’ Spilled The Russian Beans Over Themselves! - (Video)

Kushners Caught Selling Golden Tickets To America - (Video)

"Corruption, Plain and Simple": Kushner Visa Scandal Snowballs

Sally Yates Hearing: Very Bad News For The Trump White House

Keith Olbermann: Sally Yates Is In American Hero! - (Video)

True Cost Of Nuclear Power In The U.S.: Accidents, Leaks & Spills

What Are The Challenges Of Nuclear Power? - (Video)

Anti-protest bills would 'attack right to speak out' under Donald Trump

Taxpayers Funding For Their Own Oppression! - (Video)

How India Is Embracing Solar Power

Congressman: 'Nobody DiesFrom Lack Of Healthcare - (Video)

Trump Misled Americans By Making False Claims About Paris Climate Agreement




Sally Yates Testimony Shows White House Lied About Michael Flynn

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The Heroin Business Is Booming In America - (May 11, 2017 - by Jeanna Smialek - BloombergBusinessweek) - The bottom line: As states and doctors make it tougher to get prescription opioids, drug cartels are making big profits selling heroin to addicts.  -

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That's one of the eyebrow-raising takeaways from a 45-minutedocumentary that aired last week, titled The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians ( ). The first installment of the investigative reporting series, produced by Zembla, does what no American TV network has yet dared to do—take a deep look at the organized crime links and corrupt international business strategies used by Trump and his partners in his properties.  -

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Betsy DeVos’ Top Adviser Led A For-Profit University That Defrauded Students And Hoovered Up Federal Student Aid - (May 24, 2017 - By Jennifer Berkshire - Have You Heard) - Now Robert Eitel is tasked with "right-sizing" the Department of Education. What could possibly go wrong?  -

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EFF Suing FBI For Records About Best BuyGeek SquadInformants

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ALEC Prevents Minimum Wage Increases In Missouri & Iowa

How The U.S.'s History Of Stolen Elections Demands Systemic Change - (June 1, 2017 - By Robert C. Koehler - Truthout) - The wound burst open in November. History, suddenly, could no longer be avoided. Reality could no longer be avoided. American democracy is flawed, polluted, gamed by the oligarchs. It always has been.

But not until the election process whelped Donald Trump did it become so unbearably obvious.

Welcome to The Strip and Flip Disaster of America's Stolen Elections, by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, which was released last year and has been newly updated. What I find invaluable about the book is that, while it meticulously pries open the current election process with all its warts and flaws -- the voter suppression games those in power continue to play, the unverifiability of electronic voting machines….


Fitrakis and Wasserman make the following recommendations: "We need to win universal automatic voter registration; transparent voter rolls; a four-day national holiday for voting; ample locations for all citizens to conveniently cast ballots; universal hand-counted paper ballots; automatic recounts free to all candidates; abolition of the Electoral College; an end to gerrymandering; a ban on corporate money in our campaigns."  -

Trump Bypasses Senate To Appoint Wall Street-Friendly U.S. Comptroller

TYT: Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Deal - (Video)

Trump Is Wrong: Most Americans Support The Paris Climate Agreement

No, Republicans... God Won't "Take Care Of" Global Warming!

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UFOs Today: 70 Years Of Lies, Misinformation & Government Cover-Up

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Man Fined $4K For 'Liking' Facebook Comments

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Tech Leaders Defy Trump On Climate Deal

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Renewable Energy For The PeopleIn Texas! - (Video)

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How Bicycles Boosted The Women's Rights Movement - (Video)

The Threat Nobody Wants To Name, The White Terrorist - (Video)

The Lotto & The Surprisingly Common Sad Aftermath Of Winning

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Join DeVos Watch - (Video)

Trump Team: We Lied About Coal Jobs Coming Back - (Video)

Republicans Are Suing Big Pharma Over Opiod Epidemic - (Video)

Nuclear regulators' flawed analysis leaves millions at risk from radioactive fires

Inner Workings OfSurveillance-Industrial ComplexExposed

[Note: When reading the following excerpt, as a reminder, keep in mind the now-ubiquitous network of those 24/7, 360-degreee, inverted-black-dome digital surveillance cameras that are located every mile or two along the roads and highways throughout the area that are directly tied into the very same "Fusion Centers" which are the focus of the excerpted info below.  Those digital surveillance cameras utilize Perceptrak software ( )Also keep in mind that the constant digital video images (with both real-time and after-the-fact zoom-in resolution, from a mile-distant, capable of being able to tell whether or not someone has shaved that day!) are permanently computer-archived. ---  And, to give you an idea how of extensive this digital-camera surveillance network has become, for example, in addition to their being located at almost all major (and many minor) municipal roadway intersections and along all county and state roadways of note, they are on all the Interstate highways, too...including the entire length of I-44 from St. Louis to Springfield, MO.  ---  Big Brother is now watching -- and, recording -- all...all the time!  --Bike Bob]:


Fusion Centers And The “Surveillance-Industrial Complex”- (June 3, 2017 - The Intercept) - ….  In 2007, President George W. Bush signed the 9/11 Commission Act, which allocated $300 million to the Department of Homeland Security for the establishment of fusion centers, originally intended to facilitate sharing of anti-terrorism intelligence among different state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. According to the DHS website, there are currently 77 fusion centers nationwide, with every state home to at least one.

Brendan McQuade, an assistant professor of sociology at the State University of New York, Cortland, who is working on a book on fusion centers, said the records pertaining to the North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center’s monitoring and repression of Standing Rock demonstrations offer unique insight into how fusion centers are used for political repression. “We’ve seen hints of this monitoring of the online presence of Black Lives Matter and Occupy protests, but never such explicit evidence of it as in the documents you’ve collected,” he told The Intercept after reviewing a selection of the documents.

According to former FBI Special Agent Michael German, who is now with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, fusion centers have become part of a broader “surveillance-industrial complex” in which security agencies and the corporate sector merge together in a frenzy of mass information gathering, tracking, and surveillance. Federal support for fusion centers is predicated on increased government access to “non-traditional information sources,” he notes. And one of the goals of fusion centers is to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure, 85 percent of which is owned by private interests.

“The insidious thing is that the role of private-sector entities in fusion centers has grown up without any specific legislation authorizing it,” said German, who co-authored a 2007 report on behalf of the ACLU called “What’s Wrong with Fusion Centers?” “Instead, the development of these techniques and relationships, such as the one involving TigerSwan and North Dakota law enforcement, has occurred within the closed-off world of law enforcement.”  -

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Comey: Trump White House 'Lied' About The FBI




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Bernie Sanders Urged By Many To Launch People’s Party

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Congressman Unveils Draft Article Of Impeachment Against Trump

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California Has Added Jobs And Cut EmissionsAt The Same Time

Real Talk On Reality: Leaking Is High Risk…(And Not Always A Winner)

Single-Payer Healthcare Is The Alternative To Dying Under Austerity

Deputy AG: Marijuana Is Federally Illegal And Has No Medical Use

Trump's Energy Secretary Orders Dubious Study Against Wind & Solar

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Senate Judiciary Committee Opens Investigation Into Trump

Nearly 200 Lawmakers Sue Trump For Corruption - (Video)

The Last Library Just Closed In Douglas County, Oregon - (Video)

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“Pro-Life” Repug Missouri State Rep. Slaughters A Chicken - (Video)

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ONE Solution To D.C. Corruption: Campaign Spending Limits

Michigan Repug Officials Criminally Charged In Flint H2O Crisis

Is The 2nd Amendment Another Antiquated Vestige Of Slavery?

With Sleazy Innuendo, NYT Lays Virginia Attack At Bernie Sanders’ Feet

Bernie Sanders’ Brief Speech On Alexandria Shooting - (Video)

Betsy DeVos Protects Predatory For-Profit Colleges - (Video)

Judge Rules Dakota Access Pipeline Broke The Law - (Video)

The Black Legend, Native Americans, And Spaniards - (Video)

WikiLeaks Reveals How The CIA Could Hack Your Router

Special Counsel Examining Whether Trump Obstructed Justice



Pence Hires Outside Counsel To Deal With Russia Probe Inquiries



Special Counsel Investigating PossibleMoney Laundering By Trump Associates



Trump Challenged In The Courts For Profiteering Off Of The Presidency

Special Counsel Is Investigating Jared Kushner’s Business Dealings

Corporations Infiltrating PBS, Indoctrinating Kids In Our Schools!

PBS Runs A Three-Hour Series Glorifying The Anti-Public School DeVos Education Agenda - (June 15, 2017 - By Diane Ravitch - The Huffington Post) - Funded by conservative foundations devoted to privatization, this program is the definition of paid propaganda.  -

Millionaire Tells Millennials To Get Off Their Lazy Asses! - (Video)

Georgia Sec. of State Purges Minority Voters & Runs For Congress



Georgia 6th District Special Election Report By Greg Palast

Sony IsSanitizingFilms!

(TYT): Is Elizabeth Warren A True Progressive? - (Video)

Is It So Bad If The World Gets A Little Hotter? Uh, Yeah

Al Gore: Despite Paris Pull-Out, Trump Can't Derail Clean Energy Revolution

Evidence That The U.S. Is Directly Backing Al Qaeda-Linked Groups

Fueling 'Perpetual War,' Trump To Send 4,000 Troops To Afghanistan

Greg Palast: Covering Up New Jim Crow Voter Suppression

Trump's EPA Blocks Obama's Methane Regulations - (Video)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on middle class challenges, health care - (Video)

Ayahuasca: Coming To A Clinic Near You?

History Channel: The Stunning Secret Story Of The War On Drugs

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John Oliver: The Real Issues Surrounding Coal - (Video)

Republican Data-Mining Exposed Personal Info For Every American Voter

A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping The Country

Lessons From The Charter School Disaster In Indianapolis

We Will Soon Be Using More Than The Earth Can Provide

Russia's Cyberwar On Ukraine Is A Blueprint For What's To Come

Since Trump's Election, 20 States Have Moved To Criminalize Dissent

Canada’s Police & Border Agents Are Quietly Coordinating On Biometrics

U.S. Quietly Removes 17 Sites From U.N. Biosphere Reserve Network

Science Says Summer Is Going To Be Ruined For Many Years To Come

Don't Be Fooled, Industry-Backed Carbon Tax Just Latest Scam

How North Korea Became A Crisis - (Video)

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Stephen Hawking calls for a return to the moon as Earth’s clock runs out

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(TYT): WhyDemocrats Can't Seem To Win! - (Video)

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Jeffrey Sterling: A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced

Pentagon Wasted $28 Million On Uniforms For Afghan soldiers

Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US

Big PhilanthropyIs Underming Democracy! - (Video)

Attempt To Smear Sen. Bernie Sanders Ignores The Facts!

Behind The Media Surge Against Bernie Sanders

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How U.S. Gun Control Compares To The Rest Of The World

TigerSwan Surveillance Tactics Target Progressive Causes

Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think




South Korea To Scrap Coal And Nuclear Power

'Internet' or 'internet'? The Supreme Court Weighs In

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What The Heck Is A Russian 'Crown Prosecutor'? - (July 11, 2017 - by Julie Ioffe - The Atlantic) - [Note: When reading this article, also keep in mind this May 8, 2017, Vanity Fair article ( ) Eric Trump Reportedly Bragged About Access to $100 Million in Russian Money” in which Eric Trump is quoted as having said: “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.  Also keep in mind that, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, many Russian state-owned business enterprises were sold at fire-sale bargain prices to corrupt (Mafia-like criminal) cartels who now make up the Russian oligarchy and are best buds -- and, business partners -- with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Also, that they likely are the Russian financiers that are now financially backing the Trump family enterprises.  --- Additionally, if you have three-fourths of an hour to spare, consider watching this 'Anti-Corruption Foundation' documentary which exposes the corrupt criminal cartel run by the Chaika family (see article excerpt below) in Russia ( ).  It's well worth the time to watch the video since it readily illustrates the massive corruption that is now ubiquitous in Russia.  --Bike Bob]:

Technically, there's no such position. But the man who holds the office's nearest equivalent in Russia is a Putin loyalist of long standing.

In emails he released on Tuesday by Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son and former campaign surrogate, Rob Goldstone, a former British tabloid journalist, told Trump Jr. that “the Crown prosecutor of Russia met with … Aras [Agalarov] this morning and in their meeting offered to provide some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.” Which raises the question, who is “the Crown prosecutor of Russia”?


....  ...the analogue would be the top federal prosecutor of Russia, and that is Yury Chaika, the prosecutor-general of the Russian Federation. ....  Translated into American titles, Chaika could be referred to as Russia’s attorney general.

Like the U.S. attorney general, the Russian prosecutor general is a figure politically close to the president. In Russia, that is especially true.  Chaika has been extremely loyal to Putin....  ....

That loyalty has been rewarded amply. Chaika is part of the bloc of siloviki -- or people allied with security services, literally the people who settle disputes through force -- inside the Kremlin, as is Putin himself. Chaika has been protected from being pushed out by more powerful members of the clan, and Putin has willfully turned a blind eye as Chaika’s two adult sons have made a killing, accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars in business and choice government contracts.  -

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