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How Australia Is Stubbing Out Smoking

Peer Review Has Its Shortcomings, But AI Is A Risky Fix

Heart Disease Prevention Works, Even If You Have Bum Genes

Cotton Candy Machine Used To Regrow Human Tissue? - (Video)

Impact of natural and human-made nanomaterials on living things

Which Foods Can Improve Your Gut Bacteria?

AI Can Diagnose A Rare Eye Condition As Well As A Human Doctor

People Really Need To Know When They're Being Experimented On

Being ‘hangry’ exists: Why a lack of food can change your mood

What Is Your Snot Saying? - (Video)

This Mysterious Remedy Might Cure One Of The Deadliest Diseases

The Science Of Milk - (Video)

The Robots Are Coming For Your Heart

Scientists Convert Human Skin Cells Into Cancer Killers

The Science Behind Marijuana - (Video)

Is Political Difference Biological? - (Video)

5 Ways Restricting Calories Can Be Harmful




What Happens When You Stop Smoking? - (Video)

Feel The Noise: Are Backwoods Beats Really Harmless? - (Jan. 13, 2017 - By Chuck Thompson - Outside Magazine) - Around the world, studies are proliferating on the devastating effects ofelectrosmog,” the blanket of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that we’ve cast across the planet, which could be harmful to various wild species. For example, German scientist Ulrich Warnke has argued that there’s a link between colony collapse disorder in bees and our mania for cell phones, whose RF waves discombobulate bees’ orientation and navigation mechanisms.

Then there’s FirstNet, a nationwide wireless-broadband network for emergency communications that was approved by federal law in 2012. Backed by numerous studies, the Department of the Interior has raised concerns about the harmful effects it may have on migratory birds. In a dramatically titled 2014 book, An Electronic Silent Spring, Katie Singer reports on a Spanish study of a frog habitat located near a cell tower. Researchers found that frogs artificially shielded from the antennae’s waves had a mortality rate of 4.2 percent. Frogs left exposed to the waves reportedly suffered a whopping 90 percent mortality rate.


The FCC hasn’t updated its guidelines for power-density exposure to humans since the passage of the Telecommunications Act in 1996. Singer points out that section 704 of the act includes a clause that forbids state and local governments from regulating “wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions.” According to critics like Singer, this verbiage means that even if everyone in your town agrees that a proposed new cell tower is going to kill all the birds, bees, and frogs, your city council is legally prohibited from denying a permit based on emissions. In effect, telecom profits trump environmental health.  -

How Cannabinoids Work At The Cellular Level To Keep You Healthy - (Dec. 15, 2016 - by Adrian Devitt-Lee - Project CBD) - Both CBD and THC affect mitochondrial activity, which is critical to how cells function. There are implications for a number of conditions and diseases.


THC and CBD are both potent antioxidants, according to the U.S. government, which filed a patent on the antioxidant and neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids based on research from 1998. This patent underscores one of the great hypocrisies of federal drug policy, which disingenuously maintains that cannabis has no medical value.


According to a 2016 report in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (London): “Cannabinoids as regulators of mitochondrial activity, as anti-oxidants and as modulators of clearance processes protect neurons on the molecular level . . . Neuroinflammatory processes contributing to the progression of normal brain ageing and to the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases are suppressed by cannabinoids, suggesting that they may also influence the aging process on the system level.

Ageing, neurodegeneration, metabolic disorders, and cancers are all linked to mitochondrial activity — or lack thereof. .... Preclinical studies indicate that THC can inhibit the formation of amyloid plaque in the brain (a hallmark of Alzheimer’s dementia) by enhancing mitochondrial function. And CBD has been shown to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis and reverse symptoms of memory loss….  -

Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at highest level since 2011 meltdown

Many With Employer Insurance Still Need CHIP To Insure Their Kids

New Technology 'Reads' The Thoughts Of ALS Patients

Is Microdosing Marijuana The Next New Thing?




5 Benefits Of Farro, A Healthy And Nutritious Ancient Grain




Virtual Reality Game Could Help Detect Schizophrenia




Do Certain Sounds Enrage You? Neurologists May Know Why

Climate Change Is Giving Us 'Pre-Traumatic Stress'

Republicans Using Big Tobacco’s Secret Science Playbook To Gut Health Rules

How Super Glue Was Invented

9 Groundbreaking Discoveries About Sleep - (Video)

The Real Reason Vegetarians Tend To Live Longer Than Carnivores

Medical And Bank iOS Apps Are Exposing Sensitive User Data To Hackers

Injection Could Permanently Lower Cholesterol By Changing DNA




Blood Test Could Catch Pancreatic Cancer Before It’s Too Late




Flies Are Spreading Antibiotic Resistance From Farms To People

Why Scientists Are Surprised By Astronaut Scott Kelly’s ‘Space Genes’

15 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar

Transhumanism & Digital Immortality: Will We Be Able To Live Forever?

24 Scientific Studies About Food - (Video)

Printed ‘lab on a chip’ costs a penny and catches disease early

Do I Have ADHD? - (Video)

You Aren't Supposed To Watch This

9 Megalomaniacal Facts About Narcissism

The Cannabis-Growing Colonel Of Italy

Could The Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Cure Depression?

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

The Darkest Town In America

Fukushima Is Still Melting Down - (Video)

Cell Death Might Be Reversible

A Study On Fish Oil Supplements!

Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You're Hungry?




Stinky armpits? Bacteria from a less smelly person can fix them

Science Finally Says We Should Never Work 40 Hours A Week

How Your Blood Type Protects And Hurts You - (Video)

Healthcare Triage: What We Know About Pot In 2017 - (Video)

Banned Chemicals Persist In Deep Ocean

Metabolic Switch May Bring On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Trump Vows "Ruthless" War On Drugs - (Video)

What Happens During A Heart Attack?

Gene-Editing Report Says We Shouldn't Create Enhanced Humans

Toxic Liquid Nuclear Waste Headed For U.S. Roadways

Spotting The Illness That Can Cause Sudden Blindness




Vitamin D Pills 'Could Stop Colds Or Flu'

Is Silicon Valley Onto Something With Its LSD Microdosing?


WIRED Takes A Trip Inside The World Of Microdosing

Full Moon Could Be To Blame For A Poor Night’s Sleep

Nanosilver Products Are Hazardous To Your Health & The Environment

Why Lead Used To Be Added To Gasoline - (Video)

Senior Moments by Golf Brooks - (Video)

Trump's Mental Health Debate: What Is It About?

Could You Survive A Falling Elevator? - (Video)

Riverkeeper Marty Baum Is Out To Stop Florida's Algae Apocalypse

Inside The Tech Industry's Obsession With Immortality

Do You Have The Right Personality For Long-Term Space Travel?

Good News! We Can Have Successes In Population Health!

How Sugar Is Killing Us And Who Is To Blame

DEA Quietly Removes Document About Marijuana Health Risks

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Mainstreams Marijuana

What Is Thirdhand Smoke And How Dangerous Is It? - (Video)

Here's What America Would Look Like Without The EPA

You Are What You Eat: Old Food Shortens Lifespan In Animals

Our Corrupt Politicians Are The REAL Paid Protestors! - (Video)

5 Medical Conditions & Illnesses We Can't Explain - (Video)

How Life Turns Asymmetric

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To Increase Social Security - (Video)

Bill Gates Warns Of Bioterror Doomsday

Why Does Hair Only Grow To A Certain Length? - (Video)

Trump Administration Moves To Block Access To Health Insurance




Two new drug therapies might cure every form of tuberculosis

Shredding Bacteria With Technology From Insect Wings - (Video)

Five GOP Health Care Buzz Phrases You Need To Inoculate Yourself Against

What’s The Healthiest Way To Cook Your Veggies? - (Video)

The Truth About Cranberry And UTIs - (Video)

Humanity’s Nearing An Upgrade To Irrelevance

If AI Can Fix Peer Review In Science, AI Can Do Anything

Pot Replaces Pain Pills For Relief For Your Grandparents

The Negative Effects Of Decaf Coffee

'Medicare For All' Only Way For Trump To Keep Healthcare Promises

Eating Fish? Then You’re Eating Plastic, Too!

Trump’s Plan To Defeat Mexican Cartels Is Doomed To Fail


Our Aggressive "War on Drugs" Is Not Actually About Drugs

Is Trump Anxiety Disorder The Newest Public Health Threat?

Indiana's Toxic Wasteland: Water, Air & Soil Poisoned - (Video)

Universal Health Care In California? Maybe Soon! - (Video)

Brain Imaging Identifies Different Types Of Depression




New Study: Psychedelics Help Reduce Opioid Addiction




Exercise reduces death from breast cancer relapse by 40 per cent

Getting An ID To Vote Is Not As Easy As Republicans Say It Is!

Will Your New Cell Phone Give You Cancer?

Miami: Radioactive Water Coming To Your Sink?

Bernie Sanders On "Skyrocketing" Price Of Insulin - (Video)

Republicans Were NOT Prepared For Town Hall Backlash - (Video)

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men? - (Video)

Here’s Why Doctors Are Refusing To Operate On Smokers

Fruit And Veg: For A Longer Life Eat 10-A-Day

For How Long Are You Contagious With A Cold Or Flu?

Desert people evolve to drink water poisoned with deadly arsenic

Republican Senator Gets Wrecked By His Constituents! - (Video)

Fasting Diet 'Regenerates Diabetic Pancreas'

The Secret History Of Botox

What Neanderthal DNA Is Doing To Your Genome

The Honest & True Story Behind Snake Oil - (Video)

Bruce Schneier: Who Controls Your Medical Data? - (Video)

How Attorney General Sessions Could Shut Down Legal Marijuana

Trump Gearing Up New War On Weed - (Video)

When Evidence Says No, But Doctors Say Yes

7 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil




Having A Cigarette May Make Your Body Crave Coffee Too

Police Floodlights Unlikely To Reduce Crime, But Could Harm Your Health

Is The Five-Second Rule Real?

GOP AdmitsNot Everybody Is Going To Have Healthcare

Scott Pruitt Vows Rapid, 'Aggressive' Attack On EPA Regulations

How Did The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Get So Polluted? - (Video)

How A Culture Of Overworking Leads To Environmental Destruction

John Oliver: Obamacare & The Republicans - (Video)

Radioactive Weapons Are Killing Innocent Civilians In Iraq

Can Cocaine Use Lead To Alzheimer's?

How Is Brain Surgery Performed? - (Video)

What Lies Ahead: WIRED's Big Predictions For 2017 - (Video)

How To Give Better Medical Advice - (Video)

The Scientists Who Created The First Human-Pig Hybrid - (Video)

UTIs Could Soon Be Life-Threatening Without New Antibiotics

Big Pharma Recruiting Professors To Justify $1,000-Per-Day Pills

Fast Food Chicken Isn't 100% Chicken (Or Even Close)

Why Trump Should Rethink Starting A War Over Marijuana

7 Unexpected Ways Fire Changed The Course Of History

Buzzkill Jeff Sessions Goes On Anti-Weed Tirade - (Video)

Jeff Sessions’Alternative FactsAbout Marijuana

Bernie Sanders' Brilliant Response To Trump's Speech To Congress

How To Practice Effectively...For Just About Anything - (Video)

Why We Should Say 'Protections' And Not 'Regulations'

EPA Official's 'Highly Suspicious' Role In Monsanto Cancer Lawsuits

Only The Rich Will Get Richer From Trump’s New Water Rules

The Rogue Neuroscientist On A Mission To Hack Peer Review

New Nanotech To Detect Cancer Early - (Video)




How Smart Is A Supercomputer? - (Video)




Here's How DNA Testing Actually Works - (Video)

Autoimmune Disorders Linked To An Increased Risk Of Dementia

Medical Devices Are The Next Security Nightmare

One Paragraph Of Obamacare Saved This Boy’s Life - (Video)

Teenager's Sickle-Cell Reversed With World-First Therapy

Artificial 'Embryos' Created In The Lab

The EPA Just Gave Fossil Fuel Companies More Freedom To Pollute

You’re Overpaying For Drugs And Your Pharmacist Can’t Tell You

Buffalo River Hog CAFO Threatens America’s First National River

The CAFO Industry's Devastating Impact On Environment & Public Health

Bill McKibben: Fighting Back On Climate Change - (Video)

Are Beta-Blockers Useful In The Elderly After A Heart Attack?

Susan La Flesche, The First Native American To Earn A Medical Degree

Can Tilapia Skin Be Used To Bandage Burns? - (Video)

Is It A Mistake Focusing So Much Attention On Russia? - (Video)

Bicycle Safety: How To Not Get Hit By Cars

TrulyWeird& Disturbing!

[Note: This intriguing tidbit is highly illustrative of typical Republican misinformation/propaganda.  (Actually, it’s obviously out-and-out disinformation, which is not out of the norm for Repugs!)  It was excerpted from Chuck Shepherd’s “News of the Weird” column which was published in the weekly “St. Louis Riverfront Times.”  -- Bike Bob]:

     A parental pamphlet on coping with marijuana use by kids, written by a Utah criminology professor and recommended by U.S. Sen. Orin Hatch (R-Utah), identifies as a warning sign of dope useexcessive preoccupation with social issues, race relations, environmental issues, etc.

Republicans Plan Attack On Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security!

Graphic Warning Labels Show The Sinister Side Of Products

Healthcare Triage’s Dr. Aaron Carroll At Nerdcon 2017 - (Video)

Do You Need To Wash Food Before Eating It? - (Video)

Repealing The Affordable Care Act Would Jeopardize Women’s Health




Why You're Probably Better Off Eating Regular Vegetables Than Juicing




Zika Is Hitting Some Travellers Harder Than Expected

Diagnosing Donald Trump - (Video)

Wearable Tech Probably Won't Help You Lose Weight - (Video)

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? - (Video)

WikiLeaks Show That Cannabis Kills Cancer - (Video)

9 Little-Known Contributions To Medicine

Why We Need A Strong EPA

Can Hanging Upside Down Kill You?

Is There A Constitutional Basis For Health Care As A Right? YES!

Should Receipts Be Recycled?

Republicans To The Poor: iPhones Or Healthcare - (Video)

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized In The U.S. - (Infographic)

Google's Algorithms Are Already Outperforming Pathologists




Best anti-ageing exercise is high intensity interval training

TrumpCare Loaded With Tax Cuts For The Rich… - (Video)

SuperPACs Pay Repug Jason Chaffetz's Phone Bills - (Video)

Medical Cannabis For Ailing Pets Gaining More Advocates




14 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate, According To Science

AARP Tears Apart New GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan

What Gov’t. By Billionaires & Special Interests Looks Like - (Video)

These 4 Arguments For Legal Pot Are Swaying American Voters

The Men Who Volunteered To Be Poisoned By The Government

Proof That The Pharma Business Model Actually Wants People Sick

A New Lab-Built Fungus Eats Sugar And Burps Out Drugs

Babies In Prams Are Exposed To High Levels Of Air Pollution




Mystery Brain Particles May Link Head Injuries To Dementia

Is Japan's Rejected Radioactive Food Ending Up At Your Grocery Store?

Bernie Sanders On Trump And The Resistance

The Skyrocketing Price Of Tetracycline Is Shocking!

Why Do We Have Such Crooked Teeth?

16 Warning Signs Of Cancer You Should Never Ignore




Diabetes That Sets In During Pregnancy




Study Links Depression With Gut Bacteria Imbalance

Biotyranny And Its Resistance: Who Owns Your Body? - (March 11, 2017 - By Andrew Smart - Motherboard) - Inspired by Foucault, Chelsea Manning and techniques like gene editing, artists and activists are taking back power over our bodies from governments and corporations.


The ideology of management and control is already expressed in DNA databases, surveillance cameras, drones, and the mobile devices that surround and watch us via web tracking and targeted ads. There are fewer and fewer physical and virtual spaces in which we can hide our bodies from the endless need of corporate and state institutions to monitor us and influence our behavior. Simply by using the internet, we inadvertently give enormous amounts of data to corporations that collude with state actors who desire to attain a kind of omniscience about our individual lives and intentions. Algorithms now secretly monitor the sentiments in our emails at work and then send that data to our bosses.

Meanwhile, biotechnology has become increasingly invasive. The day is not far off when tiny implantable sensors, ostensibly implanted to protect our health by collecting data, will become commonplace.

Biotechnology driven by power enhances the ability of institutions to conduct politics as a continuation of war. But it is more insidious because it is often presented to us as "caring surveillance" or "protective surveillance." Clinical trials will soon involve continuous monitoring of patients through the use of thousands of sensors in the home and on the body. The fundamental need for us to form a critical perspective on biopower is brought into sharp relief by this tension: biotechnology offers the promise to cure disease, improve healthcare and help the weak. But
this technology will also give the state, the corporation and the military ever more sophisticated tools with which to track, monitor and control us.  -

The Dog That Has Saved Its Owner's Life 3,500 Times

Doctors See Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Treatments For Seniors

10 Things Seniors Should Know About Medical Marijuana

American Health Care Act (aka: TrumpCare) - John Oliver - (Video)

23 States Where You Can Get Medical Marijuana For PTSD




We Should Be Talking About Human Gene Editing At The Dinner Table

Republicans Give Employers Right To Genetically Test Workers

Canadians With Cystic Fibrosis Live 10 Years Longer Than Americans

Republicans Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans! - (Video)

Could Brain Imaging Reveal Your Mental State During A Crime?

The Moment A Trump Supporter Feels The Bern - (Video)

Scientists Are Conspicuously Missing From Trump’s Government

More Than Half Of Mexican Rivers Severely Contaminated

Why Do Workout Drinks Make My Skin Tingle?

The Science Of Sleep

Radioactive Wild Boars Are Taking Over Towns In Japan! - (Video)

The GOP Heath Care Plan: The more you need, the less you get!

EPA deputy accused of working with Monsanto to kill cancer study

Biodegradable Organic Robots That Can Eat Pollution - (Video)

Meet Your Microbiome! - (Video)

Toxic Brain Cells May Drive Many Neurodegenerative Disorders - (Jan. 18, 3017 - By Bruce Goldman - Stanford Medicine)  - Astrocytes, star-shaped cells in the central nervous system, are essential to the survival and healthy function of brain neurons. But aberrant astrocytes may be driving neurodegenerative disorders.

While most of us haven’t heard of astrocytes, these cells are four times as plentiful in the human brain as nerve cells. Now, a team led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that astrocytes, which perform many indispensable functions in the brain, can take on a villainous character, destroying nerve cells and likely driving many neurodegenerative diseases.

A study describing the findings was published online Jan. 18 in Nature.

“We’ve learned astrocytes aren’t always the good guys,” said the study’s senior author, Ben Barres, MD, PhD, professor of neurobiology, of developmental biology and of neurology and neurological sciences. “An aberrant version of them turns up in suspicious abundance in all the wrong places in brain-tissue samples from patients with brain injuries and major neurological disorders from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to multiple sclerosis. The implications for treating these diseases are profound.


….  “We’re very excited by the discovery of neurotoxic reactive astrocytes,” [Barnes]  said, “because our findings imply that acute injuries of the retina, brain and spinal cord and neurodegenerative diseases may all be much more highly treatable than has been thought.”  -

Transporting A Beating Heart For Transplant - (Video)

Will Humans Ever Be Able To Hibernate? - (Video)

Scientists Find Physiological Markers For Depression And Schizophrenia




Paper Strip Test Determines Blood Type In Just 30 Seconds




A Robot Ear Surgeon Drills Into The Future Of Medicine




Vision Saved By First Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Treatment

Has Monsanto Orchestrated A Massive Cancer Coverup?

Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It - (Video)

Trump's Budget Explained - (Video)

Trump Already Bought By Big Pharma - (Video)

NBC/ABC/MSNBC Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations

A QUARTER Of Beer Drinkers Have Switched To Weed! - (Video)

GMO, Chemicals Boosters Funded By Climate Change Deniers

Why Bernie Is The Most Popular Politician In America

Spider Venom May Offer Stroke Therapy

Losing weight won’t make you happierbut eating a balanced diet will

The 5 Biggest Lies About PotAnd How To Rebut Them

Repugs Are Racing To Make Workplaces More Dangerous And Unhealthy

Deadly, drug-resistant Candida yeast infection spreads in the U.S.

Erin Brockovich On Water Crisis: "It's Everywhere" - (Video)

What Nuclear War Would Look Like - (Video)

Soviet Cover-up Of Nuclear Fallout Worse Than Chernobyl

Repugs Know The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing!

U.S. Regional Differences In Healthcare Procedures And Prices - (Video)

Tracking Space Station Bacteria To Help Us Survive Beyond Earth

Where To Hide If A Nuclear Bomb Goes Off In Your Area

How Much The Social Safety Net Costs Us

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Questions Labor Secretary Nominee Acosta

Getting A DNA Test Could Keep You From Your Dream Job

"Dr. Fraud" Sting Nabs Dozens Of Phony Scientific Journals




Study Explains Why Some Flu Vaccines Work Better Than Others




Old blood can be made young again and it might fight ageing

Best Recipe For Maximizing The Medical Effects Of Marijuana

How The Food You Eat Affects Your Gut

Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

Life (and Near Death) In Space

Mesothelioma Patients Turn To Cannabis

A Look At The DASH Diet 20 Years Later

National Noise Map Charts Americans’ Aural Misery

9 Health Benefits Of Brown Rice According To Science

Legal Marijuana: Despite Scary Noises From D.C., The Sky Is Not Falling

Bernie Sanders Says He'll Introduce 'Medicare For All' Bill

Harvard Scientists Reverse Aging In Mice. People Next... - (Video)

Stentors: Tiny Giants That Ink Like Squid & Regenerate Like Wolverine

Scientists Hack A Human Cell And Reprogram It Like A Computer

Monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen To Consumers!

Canada To Legalize Marijuana 'By 2018'

Diabetes Drug Could Be The First To Reverse The Disease

Going Paleo: Diet & The Endocannabinoid System

Scientists Grow Human Heart Cells In Spinach Leaves

Big Pharma Company Lobbies Against Legal WeedSo It Could Market Its Own Synthetic Version - (March 28, 2017 - By K.J. McElrath - Ring of Fire) - Insys Therapeutics gave $500,000 to help defeat an Arizona legalization initiative last year. Now, the FDA has just approved its marijuana-based drug.  -

Implants let quadriplegic man drink from mug and feed himself

Why Can't America Have A Grown-Up Healthcare Conversation?

What Happens If You Don't Take Out A Splinter?

ALS Linked To Occupational Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields




7 Common Symptoms That Can Be Signs Of Depression




10 Of The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

Nuclear Waste Smolders In Sites Across The U.S.

Argentina Approves Medicinal Use Of Marijuana

Maryland Bans Fracking

Single-Payer Healthcare: Pros & Cons Exposed - (Video)

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Rolls Out "Path To Marijuana Reform"

R.F.K., Jr. Makes You Hate Monsanto More Than You Already Do!

This That - (Video)

Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All - (Video)

Everything Scientists Could Learn By Looking At Your Skull

DEA Greenlights Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana - (Video)

There Are 30,000 Particle Accelerators In The World! - (Video)

Republicans Flipping On Legal Weed?

Meet The DEMOCRAT Who Killed The Healthcare Public Option!

The Secret Monopoly Behind America's Outrageous Drug Prices

10 First-Hand Facts About Being A Climate Scientist

Computer Program Detects Cancer Earlier Than EverWithout Surgery

NY's Single-Payer Healthcare Fight Has National Implications

John OliverOnMarijuana - (Video)

Why ThisZero Calorie SweetenerIsn’t Zero Calories - (Video)

Felony Charges For 2 Who Secretly Filmed Planned Parenthood

Young Docs Are Now Allowed To Work Up To 28 Hours Straight

California Wants To Become A Marijuana Sanctuary State

Neural LacePromises To Connect Our Brains To The Internet

Why Do Animals Have Such Different Lifespans?

The Amazing And Appalling Story Of DARPA

Firefighters Have Higher Heart Attack Risk 'Because Of Heat'




The One Simple Trick That Might Help You Lose Weight




Did William Henry Harrison Really Die Of Pneumonia?

The Brains Of Anxious People May Perceive The World Differently

How Do You Get Rid Of A Canker Sore? - (Video)

How Trump's Policies Literally Kill Women! - (Video)

Republicans Plotting To End Preexisting Condition Protections!

The World's Deadliest Venom Could Save Your Life - (Video)

Chlorpyrifos: The Toxic Pesticide Now Harming Our Children & Environment

India’s Most Polluted River Actually Bubbles With Toxic Foam

Chernobyl's Massive Radiation Shield Is Preventing Nuclear Fallout

Uruguay first country to legally sell cannabis over the counter for recreational use

Don't Let Establishment Tell You Medicare For All Is Crazy - (Video)

Scientists Find A Virus That Can Cause Celiac Disease




Scientists Say They've Identified A Gene Linked To Anorexia

Rules Of Memory 'Beautifully' Rewritten

Destroying Cancer Using Your Own Genetically Modified Cells

Why It’s So Hard To Wipe Out All Of Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Can Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight?

E-Cigarettes: Firebombs In Your Face! - (Video)

Why Does Skipping Coffee Give Me Headaches?




Oldest Tooth Filling Was Made By An Ice Age Dentist In Italy

This Is How Your Brain Powers Your Thoughts - (Video)

Marijuana Legalization Grows Closer With Senate Tax Proposal

Anxiety Attack? Don't PanicTry CBD Instead




Brain-Invading Parasite Is Believed To Be Spreading Because Of Humans




Many Doctors Prefer Single-Payer Health Care

Farms Could Slash Pesticide Use Without Crop Losses, Research Reveals

Consumer Lawyers Are Now Targeted For Prosecution - (Video)

Is Single-Payer Health Care Inevitable In America? - (Video)

3 Diseases That Make You Stink

Pricey Technology Is Keeping People Alive Who Don’t Want to Live

6 Important Things Your Body Might Be Trying To Tell You

23andMe DNA test for Alzheimer’s risk approved for sale in U.S.




Cancer-Causing HPV Virus Affects 25 Percent Of U.S. Men

Why French Fries Are More Of A "Superfood" Than Kale

Get Ready For Medicinal Mushrooms

Monsanto’s Toxic Soda Springs, Idaho Superfund Secret - (Photos)

Melting City Snow Unleashes Toxic Pollutants

Mutation In Clock Gene Explains Why Some Night Owls Stay Up Late

Anti-Stress Maximum Relaxation Breathing Pacer - (Animation)

Can Danger Give You Super Strength?

We Can Now Grow Human Bones From Stem Cells! - (Video)

Orphan Drugs: An Introduction - (Video)

Orphan Drugs: Costs - (Video)

Gaming The System: Orphan Drugs - (Video)

Orphan Drugs: Fixing The System - (Video)

The Global Methane Industry Long-term Fossil Fuels Threat

Blinded By Contact Lens!

4-D printing makes objects that assemble themselves when heated

Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body - (Video)

How To Stop Knee Pain!

Fast CRISPR Test Easily Detects Zika And Antibiotic Resistance

Facebook Use Could Damage Your Health, Study Suggests

Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Improves Hard-To-Treat Depression

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Slapped With Over A Dozen Food Violations

How Does Icing An Injury Help?

The Dangers Of Invokana: A Diabetes Drug - (Video)

Single-Payer Health Care Is Seeing Record Support In Congress

Legacy Of Monsanto's PCBs: Oozing Pus, Birth Defects & Immune Problems

Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Policies Are The Most Popular In U.S.

Trump White House Taking 'Marching Orders' From Hundreds Of CEOs

Do The Terminally Ill Have A Right To Experimental Drugs?

Why Should We Worry More About Drug Prices… - (Video)

Who's Behind Opposition To Lowering Drug Prices? - (Video)

A Horrifying Number Of People Use Their Phones While Driving

How A Single Gene Could Become A Volume Knob For Pain

The Science Of The Teenage Brain

Can Marijuana Cure America’s Opioid Epidemic?

Is Being Double-Jointed Bad For You?

The Happiest And Greenest Country Might Surprise You - (Video)

Factory Farming Is Killing The Planet, And Us! - (Video)

Psychedelic Drugs Push The Brain To A State Never Seen Before

Secrets Of The X Chromosome - (Video)

Weed Strains Are Mostly Bullshit

Facebook’s War On Weed Is Totally Legal, But

The Decline In Drug Research - (Video)

Marijuana-Induced Anxiety Is Weed Culture's Bigfoot

Trump Inauguration Bankrolled By Firms Seeking Government Favor

Why Some Molecules Have Evil Twins - (Video)

Why Are You Always Tired?

How Early Life Experience Is Written Into DNA - (Video)

This Frog’s Slime Fights The Flu!

Machine learning shows exactly when to zap brain to boost memory

Tracing Spam: Diet Pills From Beltway Bandits

Thank Trump If You're Bathing In Raw Sewage At The Beach

Why An American Went To Cuba For Cancer Care




Experts Excited By Brain 'Wonder-Drug'




Blood from human babies make brains of elderly mice young again




Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show The Value Of Studying Both Sexes

Study: Bicycling To Work Can Cut Cancer And Heart Disease

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Science In America - (Video)

The Bayesian Trap - (Video)

A Doctor's Case For Medical Marijuana - (Video)

The Toxic Effects Of Public-PrivatePartnerships’ - (Video)

5 Simple Ways To Tell If An Egg Is Good Or Bad

Feinstein: I Won't Support Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All Bill

Public Enemy #1 - (Video)



Your Brain On Drug Policy - (Video)

Trevor Noah: Trump Administration's Reefer Madness - (Video)

Exercise, Weight Loss, And Big Soda - (Video)

Why Beans Give You Gas - (Video)

Opioids Work Really, Really Well... But We Don't Know Why

Here's What You Can Do To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri

Scientists Explain Why They're Running For Office

Italian Court Rules Mobile Phone Use Caused Brain Tumor

Dow Chemical urges Trump administration to ignore pesticide findings

Nationwide medical marijuana program would save more than $1B in tax money

Why Some Old People Act Half Their Age: It's In The Brain

Just Because The Label Says 'Organic' Doesn't Make It So!

3 Deadly Diseases You've Probably Never Heard Of - (Video)

Feinstein Will Take Health Insurance Companies Over Voters

Exercise 'Keeps The Mind Sharp' In Over-50s, Study Finds




Why Walking Makes Us Feel Good




Iris Scans Come To Nursing Homes. Next Stop, Your Phone




Houston District Attorney’s Bold Move To Decriminalize Marijuana

Trump's 100 Days Of Harm: Enough Is Enough!

What Do Electrolytes Actually Do? - (Video)

The Robot Will See You NowAI And Your Health Care - (Video)

Pollution Nanoparticles May Enter Your Blood And Cause Disease

Scientists Successfully Test An Artificial Womb




Scientists Develop Germ-Fighting Fake Mucus




Scientists Grow Working Human Brain Circuits - (Photos)




How Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar And Fights Diabetes

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The Heroin Business Is Booming In America - (May 11, 2017 - by Jeanna Smialek - BloombergBusinessweek) - The bottom line: As states and doctors make it tougher to get prescription opioids, drug cartels are making big profits selling heroin to addicts.  -

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Digital Imaging & AI Mean Fewer Surgeries For Breast Cancer Patients

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A Partner's Touch Could Ease Our Pain

Public Support ForSingle PayerHealth Coverage Grows

Heart Surgery Patients Face Creepy New Strain Of Bacteria - (Video)

Surgeons transplant hep C-infected kidneys, then cure the virus



Hepatitis C Eradicated In 20 Patients Who Received Infected Kidney Transplants

Toxicity Comparison (This little will KILL you!) - (Video)

Vaccines - (27 min. - video) - (June 25, 2017 - John Oliver/LastWeekTonight) - The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety.  -

From The Ashes - (79 min. - YouTube) - (June 26, 2017 - National Geographic) - Captures Americans in communities across the country as they wrestle with the legacy of the coal industry and what its future should be in the current political climate.  -

Deprescribing: Sometimes Taking Fewer Medication Is Better

Dennis Kucinich And James Cromwell Team Up To Fight Fracking

Fast, Precise Cancer Care Is Coming To A Hospital Near You

Monsanto Rebuked: California Adds Roundup To Cancer Watchlist

The Secret Republican Plan To Unravel Medicaid

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 'The Next Step Is Single-Payer Healthcare'

Tick Saliva 'Gold Mine' Blocks Killer Heart Condition

Why Exercise Is So Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

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Should You Pass The Pink Salt?

How San Francisco is leading the way out of bottled water culture

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How Do Drugs Affect The Brain? - (Video)

Do You Have What It Takes To Live On Mars? - (Video)

4 Hidden Dangers Of Pork




More People Than Ever Are Taking Way Too Much Vitamin D

Navy SEAL Shreds Trump Team For Using Vets As Props - (Video)

History Has Already Prepared Us For Resistance, If Only We'd Listen

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Study: Marijuana Beats Opioids For Pain - (Video)

We Need Helium More Than Ever (And We're Running Out)

How A Squishy Worm Robot Could Improve Colonoscopies

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Staggering Hospital Bill Shows What's At Stake! - (Video)

The Best Invention You Don't Know Exists: Toilet Paper Tablets

This Pill Promises To Extend Life For A Nickel A Pop

Why Do Your Eyes Get Red In The Pool? - (Video)

The U.S. Drug Companies Completely Own Our Mainstream Media

Sanders: 'Medicare for All' proposal coming after ObamaCare debate

Courting Catastrophe: Nuclear Waste On Highways

What Causes Kidney Stones? - (Video)

How The Large Hadron Collider Almost Didn't Work - (July 5, 2017 - by Emma Grey Ellis - Wired) - “The basic science we are doing here drives applied science, which spins off into industry. As one example, the technology the LHC uses to accelerate protons is now being used to advance proton-beam therapy, a treatment for cancer patients. If you stop doing basic science, at some point you will have no more science to apply and no innovative technologies. This is an important message to all politicians: Never break the virtuous circle.  -

‘Safe’ Helmets Can’t Fix Football’s Concussion Problem

Children Who Sleep Less May Age Faster At A Cellular Level

Serious Head Injuries Nearly Double Your Risk Of Dementia

Why You Will One Day Have A Chip In Your Brain

8 Surprising Facts About The Stomach

Having Trouble Sleeping? Try A Mediterranean-Style Diet

CRISPR gene editing technique is probably safe, study confirms

Marijauana patents could plant the seeds of future lawsuits

Oregon Approves Measure Requiring Insurers To Cover Abortion

Your Brain On Fentanyl - The New Deadly Drug - (Video)

Are Drugs Good For You? - (Video)

Miami Beach Doctor Files Lawsuit To Stop Mosquito Spraying

This Vaccine Could Treat Heroin Addiction - (Video)

Does Drinking Gasoline Cause You To Go Blind? - (Video)

Poor Diet, Plus Alzheimer's Gene, May Fuel Disease




10 Scientific Benefits Of Kissing

Biology's Roiling Debate Over Publishing Research Early

Bernie Sanders Takes The Healthcare Fight To Trump Country

Democrats Pretend To Support Single-Payer Healthcare - (Video)

This creature has 10 eyes, legs that chew and blood that saved your life - (July 4, 2017 - by Sarah Kaplan - The Washington Post) - First of all, there’s their blood. The stuff that runs in horseshoe crabs’ veins is copper-based, and it gleams pale blue when exposed to oxygen. (Iron makes humans’ blood look red.) But the true marvel of horseshoe blood lies with specialized immune cells called amebocytes, which clump up and form a gel on contact with a bacterial invader.

An extract from these cells, limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL), has been used to test for contamination in every vaccine, surgical tool and medical device that’s been inside a human body in the past 47 years, saving untold numbers from dying of infections like pneumonia and E. coli. No other animal’s blood has such powerful antimicrobial properties, and scientists still aren’t able to reproduce it in a lab.

A vampiric biomedical industry has sprung up to harvest horseshoe blood. Crabbers catch the animals and send them to labs, where about 30 percent of their blood is drawn. The amebocytes are then turned into LAL — $50 million of it every year. And the crabs are dropped back into the ocean, preferably in the same water where they were found.  -

List Of All The Terrible Things Trump Has Done To Mother Earth

When Will Climate Change Make The Earth Too Hot For Humans?

9 Damning Charts: The Senate GOP Health Care Bill’s Impact

Reduce Crime AND Save Money: Treat Addiction… - (Video)

Trump’s CDC Pick Peddled ‘Anti-Aging’ Medicine




Three New Marijuana Myth-Busting Studies




Marijuana vs. Methamphetamine: How To Best Treat ADHD?

The Healthiest Drink In The World - (Video)

Tests show radioactive contamination in stormwater at West Lake Landfill

Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Event Under Way, Scientists Warn

Meramec State Park employee Dies After Catching Mysterious Tick Illness

Nevada dispensaries running out of marijuana; governor steps in

Scientists Upload A Galloping Horse GIF Into Bacteria With CRISPR - (July 12, 2017 - by Megan Motleni - Wired) - E. coli might best be known for giving street food connoisseurs occasional bouts of gastric regret. But the humble microbial workhorse, with its easy-to-edit genome, has given humankind so much more—insulin, antibiotics, cancer drugs, biofuels, synthetic rubber, and now: a place to keep your selfies safe for the next millennium.

Scientists have already used plain old DNA to encode and store all 587,287 words of War and Peace, a list of all the plant material archived in the Svalbard Seed Vault, and an OK Go music video. But now, researchers have created for the first time a living library, embedded within, you guessed it: E. coli. In a paper published today in Nature, Harvard researchers1 describe using a Crispr system to insert bits of DNA encoded with photos and a GIF of a galloping horse into live bacteria. When the scientists retrieved and reconstructed the images by sequencing the bacterial genomes, they got back the same images they put in with about 90 percent accuracy.

The study is an interesting—if slightly gimmicky—way to show off Crispr's power to turn living cells into digital data warehouses.  -

New Technique Can Spot A Heart Attack In The Making

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Elbow

Navy Introduces Toxins To Drinking Water, Then Expands Operations

What Happens In Your Brain When You Pay Attention? - (Video)

Bet You Can't Guess Why Nevada Declared A State Of Emergency

Jeff Sessions Thinks D.A.R.E. Videos Kept Kids Off Drugs! - (Video)

4 Reasons Why The U.S. Needs To Decriminalize Drugs

Losing Net Neutrality Could Cripple Abortion Rights

How To Live To 100

Iowa U.S. Rep. Steve King: Build The Wall, Starve The Poor - (Video)

Mitch Meyers Went From Bud Light To (Legal) Bud (Marijuana)

Does Evolution Explain Why Our Sleep Habits Change With Age?

Defunding Planned Parenthood Actually Increases Abortion Rates

Among Wealthiest Nations, U.S. Healthcare System Comes In Dead Last

The First Totally Soft 3-D Printed Artificial Heart - (Video)

Aaahhhhhpocalypse Now!: 10 Dark Visions Headed Your Way

Uruguay, First Country In the World To Legally Regulate Marijuana - (July 14, 2017 - by Hannah Hetzer - AlterNet) - But the Uruguayan model is quite different from what's happening in the U.S.

The Uruguayan model allows four forms of access to marijuana: medical marijuana through the Ministry of Public Health; domestic cultivation of up to six plants per household; membership clubs where up to 45 members can collectively produce up to 99 plants; and licensed sale in pharmacies to adult residents. Regulation will be overseen by the government’s Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA). Sales to minors, driving under the influence of marijuana, and all forms of advertising are prohibited.  -

Oregon Just Moved Closer To Decriminalizing All Drugs

The Hunt For Patient Zero Is Important But Impossible - (Video)

The Devil We Know – How DuPont Poisoned The Ohio Valley

You Can't Even Text And Walk! - (Video)

Tom Price admits that the new Trumpcare is only repeal, no replace

West Lake Landfill & Coldwater Creek Radioactive Waste Documentary




Blowing The Lid Off Of The 'Marijuana Treatment' Racket

How Does Caffeine Keep Us Awake? - (Video)

Universal Healthcare's Been Working Great In Germany... - (Video)

St. Louis’ Nuclear History Leaching Into Streams & Bodies

Japan Plans To Expose Its People And 2020 Tokyo Olympians To Fukushima Radiation - (July 17, 2017 - by Dahr Jamail - Truthout) - Former nuclear industry senior vice president Arnie Gundersen, who managed and coordinated projects at 70 US atomic power plants, is appalled at how the Japanese government is handling the Fukushima nuclear crisis.


Officials from Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the company responsible for cleaning up the disaster, announced this February they were having difficulty locating nuclear fuel debris inside one of the reactors. Radiation inside the plant continues to skyrocket to the point of causing even robots to malfunction.

Cancer cases continue to crop up among children living in towns near Fukushima.

And it's not as if the danger is decreasing. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Earlier this year, radiation levels at the Fukushima plant were at their highest levels since the disaster began.

TEPCO said atmospheric readings of 530 sieverts an hour had been recorded in one of the reactors. The previous highest reading was 73 sieverts an hour back in 2012. A single dose of just one Sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea. Five sieverts would kill half of those exposed within one month, and a dose of 10 sieverts would be fatal to those exposed within weeks.


….  …as a result of its inaction in 2011 and 2012, the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful mountain ranges in Fukushima and surrounding prefectures are contaminated. 


Arnie Gundersen had even stronger words.

"The disaster at Fukushima Daiichi will continue for more than 100 years," he explained. "Other atomic power reactor disasters are bound to occur. Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi should have taught everyone around the world that nuclear power is a technology that can destroy the fabric of a society overnight."

According to him, the remains of the reactor containments at Units 1, 2 and 3 are highly susceptible to damage from another severe earthquake, and any earthquake of 7.0 or higher at the Fukushima site could provoke further severe radiation releases.  -

The Fog That Killed 12,000 People - (Video)

Doctors Explain Why U.S. Healthcare Is So Expensive - (Video)

Pot With Patents Could Plant The Seeds Of Future Lawsuits

Marijuana Works Better Than Sleeping Pills For Insomnia

The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life

Be Careful With Lime Juice And Sunshine Exposure!

This Is Why You Spend So Much Time Waiting At The ER

New Studies Adjust Our Thinking On Spinal Manipulation

Scientists Warn Climate Change Could Bring The Dust Bowl Back

How Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality - (Video)

Unable To Kill Obamacare, Republicans Plot To Kill Medicare!

The 18 Healthiest Fast Foods You Can Eat

Tobacco Firms 'Hamper Anti-Smoking Push'

Al Gore Calls For Single-Payer Health Care



Single Payer Is The Only Real Answer,” Says Medicare Architect

Medicare For All Litmus Test Time? - (Video)

Jeff Sessions Is Leading America Back Into Reefer Madness

Blood Test Detects Alzheimer’s Plaques Building Up In Brain

Is Microdosing The Future Of Marijuana? - (Video)

Parkinson's Disease: Cannabis Can Help

Trick Pharmaceutical Companies Use To Get You To Buy Drugs You Don't Need

Why Do We Die? - (Video)

All The Bad News You Need To Know About The ALEC Agenda - (July 20, 2017 - by Mary Bottari - Exposed by CMD) - Meeting in Denver, ALEC attendees are debating model bills related to college sexual assault, campus protest, private schools vouchers, renewable energy, the ACA and more.

Rolling Back Renewables on the Agenda in Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force

This ALEC draft resolution held over from the spring task force meeting opposes state funding for green energy projects on private buildings. In particular, this resolution opposes “government involvement in financing renewable and efficiency projects for private property owners.” It appears that conflicting industry interests are holding up this ALEC bill which attacks a wildly popular government program.

The Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program helps promote green energy and energy efficiency projects on private property. It pays for improvements to buildings, and the financing is repaid by an assessment on the building’s property taxes over a period of up to 20 years.

This attack on green energy is one in a long line of bills attempting to rollback renewables. Fossil fuel companies Koch Industries and ExxonMobil serve on the ALEC private sector board and major utilities such as Devon Energy, Peabody Energy are ALEC funders and participants. Measures like this one prompted dozens of major corporations such as Google, Facebook and AOL to drop ALEC in 2015. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt accused ALEC of “literally lying” about climate change on NPR.  -

Team Trump Unveils Anti-Planet, Anti-Worker Corporate Wish List

Trump’s EPAPollution BlessingChemical Safety Nominee

Why Can’t People Smell Themselves - (Video)

The Real Statistics On Condom Failure - (Video)

'Mind-blowing' Cows Hold Clue To Beating HIV

A bandagelike patch that could painlessly replace the flu shot

Is Marijuana A Secret Weapon Against The Opioid Epidemic?

Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter - (Video)

Pass The Salt: The Myth Of The Low-Salt Diet




Allergy Sprays Can Cause Cataracts!




Public OptionIn HealthcareDoomed From The Start

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Type 1 diabetes may be halted by experimental immunotherapy

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New Research Suggests That Medical Marijuana Can Treat Herpes - (August 10, 2017 - By Maria Loreto - The Fresh Toast) - Cannabis oil and topicals have been known to produce impressive results on skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, and different kinds of abrasions.  -

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Can Marijuana Reduce The Risk Of Strokes? - (August 17, 2017 - By Amruta Agnihotri - International Business Times) - Marijuana enhances blood and oxygen flow, reducing the risk of blood clots and stroke, researchers found.  -

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Third-hand tobacco smoke In furniture & clothes damages…organs




Why Bacteria In Space Are Surprisingly Tough To Kill




Robot made from a DNA strand could deliver cargo in your blood

Your Childhood Experiences Can Permanently Change Your DNA

New dental imaging method uses squid ink to fish for gum disease

Medicare-For-All Myths Debunked - (11-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (Sept. 15, 2017 - TYT Politics) - TYT Politics Reporter Nomiki Konst ( spoke with Dr. Danielle Martin, a physician and professor at the University of Toronto, about what Medicare-For-All would bring to the American healthcare system.  -

Where Do They Put All That Toxic Hurricane Debris?




New Hampshire Just Decriminalized Marijuana Possession

Beware: St. Louis Area Taxicabs May Be Uninsured!

There Are Treatment Options For Diabetic Neuropathy - (Sept. 18, 2017 - By Dr. Keith Roach - To Your Good Health/St. Louis Post-Dispatch) - I have been asked recently on my Facebook page ( about using cannibinoids (marijuana extracts) as a topical treatment for painful neuropathy. I found one paper in German that showed promise, and have heard several anecdotal stories of success….  -

Shrooms, LSD, And Legit Uses Of Psychedelics In Treatments

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Corporations Inside The Federal Gov’t. Regulate Themselves!

New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains




7 Essential Facts About The Pelvis




Walking to work or doing the vacuuming can extend your life

Why We Need A Universal Basic Income - (September 19, 2017 - by Keri Lee Merritt - - America is in desperate need of both a universal basic income and a federal jobs guarantee.

In addition to standard social safety nets such as single-payer universal health care, America is in desperate need of both a universal basic income (UBI) and a federal and a federal jobs guarantee (FJG).

The UBI would be for those who truly needed it – those who could not endure traditional full-time employment, either because of age, illness, disability, care-taking or student-status. As baby boomers grow old and need care, as students struggle to earn an education without becoming hideously indebted, and as parents yearn to stay home with infants and very young children, a UBI would truly revolutionize society.

Proposals vary, with costs depending on whether or not UBI would be paired with other social programs, like universal health care. Karl Widerquist, a Georgetown professor of political philosophy, estimated that at $6000 per child and $12,000 per adult, the net cost of UBI would be $539 billion per year.

This number may sound astronomical, but to put it into perspective, Widerquist writes, a UBI would cost “less than 25 percent of the cost of current US entitlement spending, less than 15 percent of overall federal spending, and about 2.95 percent of Gross Domestic Product.” It would immediately lift more than 43 million people out of poverty, including 14.5 million children.

But as basic income advocate Scott Santens points out, for the cost of UBI to truly be accurate, economists need to deduct the cost of all the social safety-net programs and tax credits that UBI would replace. Depending on the other choices that we, as a country, make, the total cost of UBI would be somewhere in the “hundreds of billions of dollars range.” The cost of not eliminating poverty? It’s over $3 trillion a year.

UBI would work best if paired with a federal jobs guarantee. The vast majority of Americans want to work; they derive a sense of pride and fulfilment and identity from their jobs.  -

Republicans Apologize To Donors For Not Killing Obamacare

Alarm As 'Super Malaria' Spreads In South East Asia

Gene Editing Of Embryos Gives Insight Into Basic Human Biology

Corporate Media Fails To Report On Deadly Pesticide! - (Video)




Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare-For-All - (Video)

Arkansas Plant Board Backs Ban On Monsanto’s Dicamba Weedkiller

Actually, We Do Have To Politicize. Lives Depend On It! - (Video)

The Post-Antibiotic Era Is Here. Now What?

Murder Machines: Why Cars Will Kill 30,000 Americans This Year

Trump DOJ Nominee Pushed Scientology-Based Detox Program

During fever, why do we feel cold when our body temperature rises?

The Dark Side Of Synthetic Fleece - (Video)

Hundreds Of Radioactive Puppies…At Chernobyl Disaster Site

Psychiatrist Says Trump Is 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Researcher: Legal Marijuana Saves Nearly 50,000 Lives A Year



1 Out Of 4 Cancer Patients Are Turning To Cannabis

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Bernie Sanders Is A Healthcare Radical, Says MSNBC! - (Video)

Shape-shifting origami robot swaps bodies to roll, swim or walk

9 Interesting Facts About The Ribs




DNA Surgery On Embryos Removes Disease




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Patient SeventeenExposes The Truth Behind Alien Abductions

How We Heal - (Video)

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What Might Actually Happen During A Nuclear War?

Reprogramming Skin To Grow New Organs Is Now Possible - (Video)

Record High STDs In United States - (Video)

Centers For Disease Control Budget Slashed… - (Video)

Nurses Holding Democrats Feet To Fire On Medicare For All

We’re nearly ready to use CRISPR to target far more diseases

Diary Of A Concussion

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Rhabdomyolysis is an uncommon peril of extreme workouts




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Popular Drug Abilify Seriously Harms Your Impulse Control Center

The REAL Reasons Why Women Get Late Term Abortions

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One Shot Could Provide All The Vaccines You'll Ever Need - (Video)

Controversial Association Health Plans: A Favorite GOP Approach

Skipping Breakfast Could Be Bad For Your Heart

Medicaid And The Opioid Epidemic: Correlation Is Not Causation

Human hearts keptasleepin a box can survive outside the body




This New Alzheimer’s Test Looks Beyond A Single Problem Gene




How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Why Is It So Hard To Cure Cancer? - (Video)

Plan To Clean Air With Smog-Sucking Bicycles - (Video)

Crimescene Microbiome Science - (Video)

Pain For Women, Pain For Men - (Aug. 10, 2017 - by Bob Roehr - Proto Magazine) - Males and females experience pain differentlyand appear to process it differently, too. Why has it taken so long for science to find out?  -

Thailand Bans Smoking On Popular Tourist Beaches

Scientists Have Found Some Of The Genes That Make Us So Complex

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Does Trump Have Alzheimer's? - (Video)

TYT: Trump Guts Obamacare With Executive Order - (Video)

17 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Funeral Directors

You're Probably Consuming This 'Probable Carcinogen' Every Single Day

Magic mushroom extract changes brains of people with depression

Multi-State Suit Targets Trump's "Reckless Assault" On Healthcare



Trump's Latest Attack On Obamacare Violates Oath To Uphold Constitution

Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress

5 Dubious Historical Antidotes For Poison (& What Actually Works)

Guns Before Country

California Legally Recognizes Third Gender Option

Four Brain Genes Help Explain Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Huge Amounts Of Radiation Won't Harm You, Pruitt's EPA Claims!

Soft Artificial Heart May One Day Shorten Heart Transplant List

eBay Laser Pointers Are DANGEROUS!!! - (Video)

How Often Do You Really Need To Shower?

How Does Chemotherapy Treat Breast Cancer? - (Video)

Sandfly Bites Can Cause Big Trouble

The Hunt For The Brain-Eating Amoebas Of Yellowstone

The $95,000 Fake Corpse Training A Generation Of Doctors

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A Common Herbal Medicine May Cause Liver Cancer Mutations




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One In Six Global Deaths Linked To Pollution



This Is How Legal Cannabis Is Improving Public Health



Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Fatty Liver Disease

The Antidote To Health Care Chaos Is A Single-Payer System

Letter About Medicare Plans Is Misleading




Who Profits From The Opioid Crisis?


Opioid Lobbyist Left Digital Fingerprint On Campaign ByPatient Advocates



Trying Not To Get Sick? Science Says You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Mindful Meditation: Miracle Cure Or Media Hype? - (Video)

California's Accidental Sea Is Shrinking & Exposing Toxic Dust

Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids

Patrick S. Tomlinson's question that "pro-life" zealots cannot answer

Playing a puzzle video game could help improve your hearing




What Are The Carbohydrates Used For In Our Body?

What Would Happen If You Never Brushed Your Teeth? - (Video)

Is The Worst Gas Leak In U.S. History Causing Health Problems?

New Poll: Record-Breaking Support For Marijuana Legalization

Poll: Majority Of Democrats Want Bold Leftward Shift

Democrats Introduce Public Option Health Care Bill

'Incredible' Editing Of Life's Building Blocks




A Breakthrough Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis?

Could The Toxins Your Grandmother Inhaled Affect You? - (Video)

How Killer Cone Snails Kill - (Video)

Ship Cancer-causing Nuclear Waste Away From St. Louis Metro Area

Heart Surgery Survival Chances 'Better In The Afternoon'




Medicare For All: A Win-Win Issue For 2018 Midterms Candidates

Water’s Amazing Properties That Make Life Possible! - (Video)

Space changes how your brain thinks and it starts right away




Which Is Better For Health: Brown Rice Or White Rice?

How Blood-Curdling Screams Affect Your Brain - (Video)




Monsanto Continues To Poison & Victimize America - (Video)




Inside Colorado's Rocky Flats Nuclear Waste Superfund Site

What Happens If You Leave Stitches In For Too Long? - (Video)

Is It Time For CRISPR 2.0? - (Audio)

What Causes Near-Death Experiences? - (Video)

After The Napa (CA) Fires, A Disaster-in-Waiting: Toxic Ash

Is Breakfast Really The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

What's The Safest Place On Earth? - (Video)

Medical Breakthroughs: Save Your Eyes And Ears - (AARP)



Medical Breakthroughs: Keep Your Brain Healthy - (AARP)



Medical Breakthroughs: Cancer - (AARP)

Missouri groups try again to get medical marijuana on the ballot

Embracing Pot's Potential - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - (Editorial)

In Canada, 1 in 5 of MS patients currently use medical marijuana

Bernie Sanders compares U.S. health-care struggles to rights movements




Why Clocks 'Falling Back' Are Good For Your Brain

Why Should Taxpayers Pay For The Opioid Crisis When Pharma Caused It?

Alzheimer’s May Be Able To Spread Through Blood Transfusions




Donor Organs Created By Dissolving And Rebuilding Pig Livers

Fears Of Radiation Leak Soar After N. Korea Nuclear Site Collapse

What Canada Taught Bernie Sanders About Health Care

There's No Pot In Your Kid's Candy! - Healthcare Triage - (Video)

Trump To Reconsider Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban




Why Congress Believes Marijuana Is The Same As Heroin & Meth

Malaria parasite makes mosquitoes more likely to suck your blood

8 Little Known Facts About The Temple

Could Cigarettes And Booze Be The Real "Gateway Drugs"?

Stopping The Aging Process May Be Mathematically Impossible

Why Do Nails On Your Fingers & Toes Grow At Different Rates?

Will Milk Of Magnesia Help Rosacea?



If You Stop Aspirin Suddenly Could You Trigger A Heart Attack?




Chiropractic Is A Valid Form Of Therapy For Low-back Pain

Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers

EPA cuts would leave dirty brownfield sites in black communities

Dr. Helen Caldicott On Our Denial Of Threat Of Nuclear Armageddon

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Eat Carbs If You Have Diabetes?

Why Detox Cleanses Are A Rip-Off - (Video)

Your brain signals weaken and slow down when you’re really tired




Blood cells in chronic fatigue syndrome are drained of energy

Goldberg Gets It Wrong On Bernie Sanders

Real Drug Education: "Just Say Know"




Artificial Intelligence Is Putting Ultrasound On Your Phone

We Can Hack Our Immune Cells To Fight Cancer - (Video)

Kids Sue Trump Over Climate Rollbacks And Reliance On "Junk Science"

5 Scary Diseases Climate Change May Awaken From Melting Permafrost

Rolla Public Library Gives Access To Marijuana Advocacy Group

A Tale Of Two Cancers: Canada vs. The U.S. - (Video)

Daytime injuries heal twice as fast as wounds sustained at night

Gluten-sensitive? It May Actually Be A Carb Making You Ill




16 Health Problems Possibly Linked To GMOs




We Know Terrifyingly Little About How Our Bodies Respond To Pollutants, But That's Changing - (November 9, 2017 - By Anna Robuck - Massive) - Fish DNA can change in response to pollution. What about the rest of us?  -

EPA Approves Release Of Mosquito-Killing Mosquitoes In 20 States

The Surprising Effects Of A Basic Income Supplied By Government

Governor Lied About Knowledge Of Legionnaires' Disease - (Video)

12-Yr-Old Sues U.S. A.G. To Legalize Medical Marijuana Nationwide

Coffee And Plant-based Diets Linked To Lower Heart Failure Risk

CRISPR Can Now Edit Genes Using Nanoparticles Instead Of Viruses

Ray Kurzweil On Turing Tests, Brain Extenders, And AI Ethics

FDA Approves 'Trackable' Pill

Healthiest Countries In The World: Italy, Iceland And Switzerland

Testing your tap water for contamination is way easier than you think

The Largest Nuclear Disaster You've Never Heard Of

CBO: GOP Tax Bill Would Trigger $25 Billion In Cuts To Medicare

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