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Crop Circles

Truely anomalous (
non-hoax) crop circles have downed plant stalks
 with extruded -- or elongated and thinned -- and angularly bent nodes (joints).

  Some of these plant stalks also contain
pitted and desiccated expulsion-cavity holes.

These holes
are frequently referred to as "blown" nodes,
 as they are NOT the result of
external punctures

These expulsion cavities are the direct result of internal pressure.
They are likely the result of some type of microwave-like heating effect.

In 1996 a HUGE crop circle -- the “Julia Set” formation, consisting of 149 circles in total -- appeared
 in broad daylight in a documented period of less than 45 minutes within sight of Stonehenge!

 (The following paragraph excerpt is taken from this URL  where a photo of the crop circle can also be seen.):

     “A few weeks later pilot Rod Taylor was ferrying a passenger in his tiny Cessna. The route would entail flying over one of the world's most visited Neolithic monuments, Stonehenge. At 5 PM on a clear sunny day nothing unusual was seen 500 ft above the Wiltshire countryside. Forty five minutes later his passenger drove past Stonehenge and noticed that cars had come to a standstill, with people getting out to look at something spectacular now lying in the field next door. It was a representation of the computer-generated Julia Set, a mathematical design which is used to calculate complex measurements dealing with chaos theory. And now here it was, embedded in a pristine sea of wheat without a mark- 149 circles, aligned to the same magnetic flux points as the prehistoric monument across the road. A guard and a second pilot would later shrink its time of creation down to just fifteen minutes.”

Another VERY impressive photo of this Stonehenge "Julia Set" crop circle, along with this 2009 report:

 "Taxi driver witnesses crop circle appearing opposite Stonehenge.  Dramatic story behind this event."

can been seen and read at this URL:

Additonal photos of the 1996 Stonehenge "Julia Set" crop circle, as well as other crop circles, can be found at this URL:

  For some very well done crop circle YouTube videos, be sure to check out:

The 2-minute "Crop Circle Complexity" at this URL:
The 10-minute
"The Science of Crop Circles" at this URL:

One of the best (if not the best) books on the subject:

     The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends, by Eltjo Haselhoff, Ph.D.

  Haselhoff is a former laser physicist who worked at Los Alamos Labs, among others.

In the “About the Author” section in back of the 2001 edition of the book, The Deepening Complexity of CROP CIRCLES -- Scientific Research & Urban Legends, by Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D., (ISBN 1-58394-046-4 ; published in 2001 by Frog, Ltd., and distributed by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA)  it mentions that:


      Eltjo Haselhof began his study of physics at Twente University, one of three Dutch technical universities.  After finishing the 5 1/2-year program in 1987, specializing in high-power gas lasers, nonlinear optics, and ultrashort optical pulse detection, he worked at several Dutch research institutes and at Los Alamos National Laboratories, USA. His main activities were in the fields of free-electron laser research, accelerator technology, ultrahigh vacuum technology, semiconductor photoemission cathodes for high-current electron beam accelerators, and ultrafast optical infrared optical switches.  In 1993 he obtained his Ph.D. in experimental and theoretical physics after successfully defending his thesis, "Aspects of a Compton Free-Electron Laser.  Today he works in industry as senior clinical scientist in the magnetic resonance marketing department of a leading provider of medical imaging equipment.

     In the strictly scientific period of his professional life (1985-1994) the author published several dozen articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals on (electro-) optics, lasers, and general matters.  Since the start of his industrial career in 1995 he has been more dedicated to executive tasks.  Nevertheless, he has published some scientific papers since then, one of which was related to the crop circle phenomenon.


The crop circle paper is:  “Dispersion of Energies in Worldwide Crop Formation” (Opinions and Comments), and was published in the journal “Physiologia Plantarum III, vol. I (2000): 124.”

The book can be gotten from via this URL:

For more crop circle photos and articles, you might like to check out this site, Crop Circles Secrets, too:

Additionally, occasional coverage -- with photos and eye-witness investigative interviews -- of crop circles

(along with UFOs, cattle mutilations, and more)

can be found at Linda Moulton Howe's "Earthfiles" web site at this URL:

For those who wish to delve even further in to the scientific reasearch and investigation of crop circles, then the BLT Reseach Team site is where youl find it:

Eyewitness Report

of a Crop Circle Forming

(10-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)


Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association [ICCRA]

Comparison of two leading crop circle formation theories

Colin Andrews  -  An electrical engineer from the U.K., has been researching the crop circle phenomenon since 1983. Colin, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor, and Terence Meaden formed the original investigative team. Today Colin provides continuity between the past research era and the present. He has the largest continuous data base in the world on the subject and coined the term ‘crop circle, now included in the English Webster dictionary.  His long view of both the genuine phenomenon and the human-made phenomenon provides unique insight into the subject.  -

Mystery of 200ft crop circle within yards of Stonehenge

What on Earth?’ Probes Mysteries of Crop Circles

Suzanne Taylor


Crop Circles

(1 hr. + 30 min. - Open Minds Radio)

Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth - (Trailer) - (4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (w/additional 6-parts Total time: 60 min.) - Richard D. Hall's no nonsense expose of the facts behind the modern day crop circle phenomenon cuts through the pseudo science, the rumours and the disinformation leaving the viewer with a clear picture of the true situation. The film features the most objective British crop circle researchers in the business: David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton. Until now, their work has been kept largely out of the public eye, and is unleashed in this extremely telling and poignant documentary which leaves no stone unturned. The evidence presented will leave you in no doubt that there are two entirely exclusive instigators of the modern day crop circle phenomenon, one of which is non human. The results are chilling and could change your view of the way you see the world's media organisations and the powers that control them.  -

Crop Circle Secrets

English Crop Circle

Located just w. of A6195 and s. of A635, east of Darfield

Google Earth (Dec. 31, 2001):  53°31'54.09"N 1°21'22.76"W




Another English Crop Circle

Located just w. of Abberton Resevoir in Essex

Google Earth (Dec. 31, 1999):  51°50'2.17"N 0°50'55.51"E

Crop Circles: Considering Possibilities

Witnesses Describe

UFOs Over

Crop Circle Field

(10 min. - YouTube audio/video)




UFO Involvement In Crop Circle Study - UFO Involvement In BLT’s XRD Study (1) - (March 23, 2012 - by Nancy Talbot - BLT Research Team) - In 2004 the BLT (John Burke, Wm.C. Levengood, Nancy Talbott) Research Team posted the most comprehensive scientific study carried out to-date on a single crop circle, a 191-foot long, 7-circle formation in thistle-invested barley in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. [diagram]

Although the field was planted in barley, it was also infested with Canadian thistle, a tough & very prickly plant which is extremely difficult to flatten: [photo]

In spite of this the 7 circles were found to be intricately flattened, with a narrow counter-clockwise band around the perimeter of each circle which was underneath a radially-laid second layer, topped off with a totally chaotic third layer on top: [diagram]

With financial support from Laurance Rockefeller we were able to carry out a thorough examination of the plants, as well as testing of the surface soils for the presence of magnetic spheres and an x-ray diffraction analysis of specific heat-sensitive clay minerals in these surface soils.  The results were as strong as any we have seen.

The plants showed massive node elongation and presence of multiple expulsion cavities and the magnetic spheres were also present.   Most stunning was the discovery of an increase in the crystalline structure of the clay minerals in the surface soils, a change previously known by geologists to occur only in sedimentary rock -- never in surface soils before.

During the study neither I nor any of the four BLT scientific consultants involved in this study were aware that another highly anomalous situation was related to this crop formation--that there were at least 4 eyewitnesses to UFOs over the study field shortly before the crop circle was discovered.  The TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" did, in fact, document these sightings and we've now posted an edited version of that show at the beginning of our "XRD Clay Mineral Study" Report, just below the diagram of the Edmonton, Alberta crop circle:  -

Crop Circles:

Crossover From

Another Dimension

(2006) - (Part 1 of 6)

(15 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Weird Missouri - (51 min. - audio / mp3 download) - (April 20, 2012 - The Kate Valentine UFO Show/WVNJ radio) - Jim Strait the author of Weird Missouri , spent eight weeks, drove 8500 miles, visited several hundred venues, spoke with hundreds of Missourians, and took 2700 photos in an effort to find odd, strange, outrageous and extraordinary people, places and things in the Show-Me State. Jim will talk extensively about all things paranormal, ghostly, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and UFO based stories and incidents to include a UFO incident in 1941...six years before Roswell.  -  [To download the mp3 audio file, copy & paste the following into your Internet browser’s address bar]:

True Believers Beware of the Snake Oil Salesmen!

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? - (2 hrs. + 12 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (Highlights crop circles.) - Film Synopsis: THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.  -

Holland’s Media Celebrity

Robbert van den Boerke’s

Fake Photos Of

Crop Circle Researcher

Pat Delgado


Crop Circle Hoaxer

Dave Chorley

(7 min. - YouTube audio/video)

[Note: Detailed related articles about this controversy

can be found on the website of well-known

crop circle researcher, Colin Andrews,

at these two additional URLs.]:

Google News: Crop Circles

Historian: Old English Crop Circles Prove No Hoaxing Involved

Crop Circles Quest For Truth - (115 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Academy Award (R) nominated documentary filmmaker William Gazecki (Waco: "Rules of Engagement") offers a compelling and provocative look at the mysterious phenomenon of Crop Circles.  Full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circle researchers and scientists….  -

Mid-Season 2013 Crop Circles - (Photos)

2013 Crop Circles - Part 2 - (Photos)

W.C. Levengood Discusses Crop Circles (July 20, 2010)

The Baffling and Beautiful Wormhole Between Branches of Math - (Nov. 20, 2014 - by Lee Simmons - Wired) - Math Geeks extol its beauty, even finding in it hints of a mysterious connected­ness in the universe. It’s on tank tops and coffee mugs. Aliens, apparently, carve it into crop circles (in 8-bit binary code).

What’s the deal with Euler’s identity? Basically, it’s an equation about numbers….


But the weirdest thing about Euler’s formula—given that it relies on imaginary numbers—is that it’s so immensely useful in the real world. By translating one type of motion into another, it lets engineers convert messy trig problems (you know, sines, secants, and so on) into more tractable algebra—like a wormhole between separate branches of math. It’s the secret sauce in Fourier transforms used to digitize music, and it tames all manner of wavy things in quantum mechanics, electronics, and signal processing; without it, computers might not exist.

The takeaway? Those crop-circle aliens were trying to tell us something!  -

2015 Crop Circle Gallery - (Photos)

MI5 'paid people to fake crop circles' to discredit UFO research

Crop Circle Mystery with A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS

2016 Crop Circle Gallery - (Photos)