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Mina Sauk Falls Trail

Hughes Mountain Missouri

[Excerpt from the website…]:  FLORA by MAX is a plant database that is being constructed for educational purposes and to help me remember the plants that I have identified.  I am a professional geologist (retired from the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio in 2008) and an amateur botanist (began studying plants in 2004 as a retirement hobby).  The site is under constant editing and revision - it will never be finished.  -



7 Caves (Ohio)

Hiking The KATY Trail and Rocheport MO

Castlewood State Park River Bluff Trail

St. Francis State Park Hikes

Sam A. Baker State Park

Busch Wildlife & Weldon Springs Trails

"Missouri Resources" (FREE MO DNR publication for MO residents)

"Missouri Conservationist" (FREE MO Conservation Dept publication for MO residents)

Missouri State Parks & Historic Sites

Missouri Sierra Club

Missouri Hiking Trails - GORP

National Park Service

10 Best National Parks for Hiking - Planet Green

Top 5 Hiking Spots in the U.S. - Planet Green

Desert Southwest Hiking Trip

The Natural Resources Defense Council works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth.  -

Walking Your Way To A Bigger Brain

  (audio - NPR - Science Friday - 2-4-11)

A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

shows that adults who walked for 40 minutes, three times a week, for a year,

had brain growth in a region of the hippocampus -- an of the brain associated with spatial memory.

Study author Arthur Kramer and psychologist Margaret Gatz

discuss the research, and other ways to keep aging brains healthy.

Death-Defying El Camino del Rey

Easy Wind-Speed Calculation

"Space Blankets"

The Old Farmer's Almanac

Mountain Lions Confirmed in Missouri!

Snake-bites: a growing, global threat

"Nature's Way"

Video: Hike the 2,200-Mile Appalachian Trail in 4 Minutes

Weather Forecast via the Old Farmer’s Almanac

Arizona Hiking Trails

The Nature Principle - A Prescription for Adults

Piedmont, Missouri Trip

12 things you may not have known about the Appalachian Trail

What's in an Appalachian Trail hiker's backpack?

A walk in the park: Hiking Yosemite's North Rim

Wisconsin’s Ice Age National Scenic Trail

TopoQuest - Your ultimate resource for USGS topographic map viewing, and free downloads of USGS DRG (GeoTIFF) digital map files.  If you're into hiking, camping, fishing, prospecting or just a GIS enthusiast, TopoQuest has the USGS topographic maps you need available for online viewing.  -

Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park in S.E. Missouri


(4 min. - Time-lapse video)




Finding Oregon

(4 min. - Time-lapse YouTube audio/video)

Using a Gun in Bear Encounters Doesn't Make You Safer

A Field Guide to Radiation

Birds, Poop and Roadkill: A Field Guide to Field Guides

Breaking Up With The Sierra Club - (by Sandra Steingraber - …executive director, Michael Brune, admitted in Time magazine that the Sierra Club had, between 2007 and 2010, clandestinely accepted $25 million from the fracking industry, with most of the donations coming from Chesapeake Energy. Corporate Crime Reporter was hot on the trail of the story when it broke in Time.

From the start, Brune’s declaration seemed less an acknowledgement of wrongdoing than an attempt to minister to a looming public relations problem. Would someone truly interested in atonement seek credit for choosing not to take additional millions of gas industry dollars (“Why the Sierra Club Turned Down $26 Million in Contributions from Natural Gas Interests”)?  -

Alpha-gal Allergy:

It's so peculiar that even many doctors

Don't know much about it.

The condition is triggered by

The bite of a lone-star tick,

And it results in a delayed but

Potentially very serious reaction to eating meat.

Some sufferers experience digestive distress, hives,

Difficulty breathing or anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylaxis can be lethal.

Once a person has been sensitized,
the only solution is to avoid beef, pork, lamb
and any other sort of mammalian meat.
Chicken and fish are fine.

Some people carry prescription epinephrine (EpiPen)
in case of accidental exposure.

There's more information
about alpha-gal allergy at

Cindy & Mike’s
Backpack Hiking
Tips & Tricks

(5 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Garfield County, Utah

Scenic Byway 12

(11-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Bryce Canyon

National Park


(2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Upper And Lower

Antelope Canyon


(5-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)




The Wave: Coyote Buttes North - Sandstone rock formation near the Arizona and Utah border on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes, in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, on the Colorado Plateau. - (5-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video) -




Arches National Park


(5-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Fiery Furnace
Arches N.P.
(3 min. -  video)

Getting Fit: Why More People Are Walking The Walk - (17 min. - audio) - (Aug. 20, 2012 - Talk of the Nation/NPR) - More people are getting their exercise by walking, according to a new study by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The health benefits are clear: Walkers generally have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.  - [Includes complete written transcript.]:  -

Avoid Watershed Bottomlands! Persistent Radioactive Fallout In Rainfall




Jet Stream Primary Conduit For Long Half Life Radioactive Particulate

Great Walks Of The World





Natural Areas

(2 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Pickle Springs

Natural Area

(2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

(Located east of Farmington, MO.)




Hughes Mountain

Natural Area

(1-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

(Located south of Potosi, MO.)




Burr Oak Woods

Nature Center

(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

(Located east of Kansas City in Blue Springs, MO.)

“The Nature Cure” Sheds Light On The Emerging Field Of Forest Medicine - (Nov. 14, 2012 - Hiking Research) - Outside Magazine’s December 2012 issue includes an in-depth article by Florence Williams entitled “The nature cure: Take two hours of pine forest and call me in the morning.”  Williams describes the emerging focus on the connection between nature and health.  ….

Williams visited Japan to learn firsthand about the practice of…forest bathing, which is walking in nature to obtain the health benefits.  ….

…..  During her visit to Japan, Williams also talks with Dr. Qing Li, Senior Assistant Professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo who has done extensive research on how spending time in forests impacts the immune system.

Dr. Li is asked how he utilizes nature for health and describes using cypress oils for aromatherapy nightly. He also suggests  taking a vacation to nature, not the city; at least one weekend a month visiting a natural area; visiting a park at least once a week; trying to walk under trees when walking in urban areas; and going to quiet places, preferably near water.

recent research linking time in nature to improved health…. This article is an excellent overview of where the emerging field of forest medicine is headed.  …. 

(Article sidebar note:  Five minutes is all that’s required to achieve the minimum effective dose of nature immersion to raise your spirits.  ….  The first five minutes have the greatest impact…. )  -

Less Than 25 Percent Of Americans Walk For More Than Ten Minutes Continuously In A Typical Week - ScienceDaily (Nov. 30, 2012) — Many people in the U.S. do not walk, bike or engage in other forms of active transportation, missing an important opportunity to improve their cardiovascular health, concludes a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered transportation, most commonly walking and cycling, but also using a wheelchair, in-line skating or skateboarding. The study's researchers suggest active transportation is "an untapped reservoir of opportunity for physical activity for many U.S. adults."

"We knew that many studies have demonstrated that physical activity can help prevent a variety of conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and serum lipid abnormalities -- all risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease," said lead study author Gregg Furie, M.D. of the Yale School of Medicine, who specializes in adult primary care medicine. However, the majority of previous studies done on physical activity primarily focused on its use in recreational activity or leisure time activity, he noted.


The U.S. has one of the lowest rates of active transportation in the world, said James F. Sallis, Ph.D., chief of the division of behavioral medicine at the University of California, San Diego."This is not an accident. U.S. transportation policies and funding prioritize travel by car, unwittingly discouraging active travel," said Sallis, who is also director of active living research at UCSD. "This situation is made worse by land use and zoning policies that separate residential and commercial zones to the extent that it is not feasible to walk for daily needs. These new findings point out how transportation policy is health policy."

He called the study "powerful evidence from a large national sample that active transportation is just as beneficial to health as leisure-time physical activity. Not surprisingly, the findings highlight that transportation policies that essentially ignore walking and cycling appear to be contributing to the major chronic diseases that account for 80 percent of healthcare costs."

There's a need for better understanding of the overall benefits of active transportation, Furie said. "This information adds to the weight of evidence that suggests more work is necessary to develop environmental policies that make it safer, easier, and more desirable for people to walk and bike for transportation."  -

Redwood National Park

Ranger Talk

(3 min. - YouTube audio/video)





Your Yosemite

(15-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)





Yosemite Valley

Day Hikes

(4-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)





Yosemite Valley

Day Hikes

(6-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)





Yosemite Valley

Day Hikes

(7-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)


Machu Picchu Hike

(34-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Walking Can Lower Risk Of Heart-Related Conditions As Much As Running - Apr. 4, 2013 — Walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running can, according to surprising findings reported in the American Heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.  -

Hikers Often Underprepared - (May 28, 2013 - ScienceDaily) - HikeSafe's list of 10 essential items, which are needed on any hike of any duration, are a map, a compass, extra clothes, rain gear, a fire starter, a flashlight, extra food and water, a knife, a first aid kit, and a whistle.  -

Continental Divide

Trail Thru-Hike:

Mexico To Canada

(8-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Pacific Crest

Trail Thru-Hike:

Mexico To Canada

(7-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Foot Bones Explained

(3 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Monarch Butterfly

Migration To Mexico

(9 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Black Bears Return To Missouri Indicates Healthy Forests - July 19, 2013 — For nearly a century, the only bears known to reside in Missouri were on the state flag or in captivity. Unregulated hunting and habitat loss had wiped out most black bears in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma by the 1920s. Now, thanks to a reintroduction program in Arkansas during the 50s and 60s, hundreds of bears amble through the forests of southern Missouri, according to a joint study by University of Missouri, Mississippi State University, and Missouri Department of Conservation biologists, who warn that although the bear population is still small, outdoor recreationists and homeowners should take precautions in the Ozark forest to avoid attracting bears.

"Black bears normally do not attack humans, but they will ransack picnic baskets, tear through garbage bags or even enter buildings looking for food," said Lori Eggert, associate professor of biological sciences in MU's College of Arts and Science. "Although some Missourians may be concerned, the return of black bears to Missouri is actually a good sign. It means parts of the state's forests are returning to a healthy biological balance after nearly two centuries of intensive logging and exploitation."  -

How To Remove A Tick
(2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Gila Cliff Dwellings

Silver City, New Mexico

(3-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Sandia Peak Tramway

Albuquerque, New Mexico

(2-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Missing People - (5-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (July 10, 2013 - KLAS-TV) - A former cop has put together hundreds of case files regarding clusters of missing persons in national parks where the circumstances are strange.  -

Unregulated, Agricultural Ammonia Threatens U.S. National Parks' Ecology - Oct. 10, 2013 — Thirty-eight U.S. national parks are experiencing "accidental fertilization" at or above a critical threshold for ecological damage, according to a study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physicsand led by Harvard University researchers. Unless significant controls on ammonia emissions are introduced at a national level, they say, little improvement is likely between now and 2050.

The environmental scientists, experts in air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and ecology, have been studying the fate of nitrogen-based compounds that are blown into natural areas from power plants, automobile exhaust, and -- increasingly -- industrial agriculture. Nitrogen that finds its way into natural ecosystems can disrupt the cycling of nutrients in soil, promote algal overgrowth and lower the pH of water in aquatic environments, and ultimately decrease the number of species that can survive.

"The vast majority, 85 percent, of nitrogen deposition originates with human activities," explains principal investigator Daniel J. Jacob, Vasco McCoy Family Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). "It is fully within our power as a nation to reduce our impact."  -

Congress Wants To Sell
National Parks!

(4-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

What Happens

If You Go

Without Water?

(4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

The Appalachian Trail - (Photos)

Why Walking Is A Wonder Drug For Your Health - (December 12, 2013 - by Jay Walljasper - AlterNet) - It’s been proven to help treat or prevent diabetes, depression, breast and colon cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety and osteoporosis.  -

Test 'May Predict Altitude Sickness'




Can You Drink
Too Much Water?

(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Need A Water Filter? Peel A Tree Branch - (February 26, 2014 - by Jennifer Chu - MIT News Office) - MIT group shows xylem tissue in sapwood can filter bacteria from contaminated water.  -

Why Do Bug Bites Itch?

(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Congress Approves First New Wilderness Area In 5 Years - (March 07, 2014 - by Russell Mclendon - MNN.COM) - The measure protects 32,500 acres of Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore  -

Cases Of New Tick-Borne Illness, Heartland Virus, Grow - (April 2, 2014 - by Kent Sepkowitz - TheDailyBeast) - Five new cases of Heartland Virus hit Missouri this week. Is it time to start worrying?  -

Man Trying To Outrun

An Attacking Bear!

(1-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest




What To Eat In The Wilderness - (Infographic)

How To Prevent Dangerous Bites - (Infographic)

Jennifer Pharr Davis: Triumph on The Appalachian Trail - (24 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (April 14, 2014 - NationalGeographic) - Each year, hundreds attempt to hike the 2,181 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis did it in 46 and a half days to become the overall speed record holder. Hear her tell the tale of her 3 complete AT through-hikes.  -

Let Hiking Be Your New Wellness Tool




Hiking In Rocky Mountain National Park




Tumalo Falls - Bend, Oregon




The Black Canyon - Colorado




Freedom Trail Boston - Virtual Tour in 5 Minutes




The Trails Just Aren't Big Enough For Both Mountain Bikers and Hikers - (May 12, 2015 - By: Joe Jackson - Outside Magazine) - Angry hikers are setting up booby traps on popular trails to scare off cyclists. Is segregation the answer?  -

Inactivity Reduces People's Muscle Strength - (June 26, 2015 - University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - ScienceDaily) - It only takes two weeks of not using their legs for young people to lose a third of their muscular strength, leaving them on par with a person who is 40-50 years their senior, new research shows.  -

Dangerous Hiking Trail In Hawaii



Lightning Reshapes Rocks At The Atomic Level - (August 5, 2015 - University of Pennsylvania - ScienceDaily) - At a rock outcropping in southern France, a jagged fracture runs along the granite. [See photo.] The surface in and around the crevice is discolored black, as if wet or covered in algae. But, according to a new paper coauthored by the University of Pennsylvania's Reto Gieré, the real explanation for the rock's unusual features is more dramatic: a powerful bolt of lightning.


Another takeaway for geologists, rock climbers and hikers who spend time on rocks in high, exposed places is to beware when they see the tell-tale shiny black glaze of a rock fulgurite, as it might indicate a site prone to lightning strikes.

"Once it was pointed out to me, I started seeing it again and again," he said. "I've had some close calls with thunderstorms in the field, where I've had to throw down my metal instruments and run."  -

Migrating Lone Star Tick Carrying Disease and Baffling Health Officials




Cougars likely to recolonize middle part of U.S. within the next 25 years - (November 6, 2015 - University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering - ScienceDaily) - New research shows that cougars may repopulate areas of Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska in the next two decades. ---- [Note: For additional info and articles (with photos) of documented mountain lion sightings in Missouri -- including in the St. Louis area! -- see:  -- Bike Bob ]:  -

Murder On The Appalachian Trail - (Sept. 2, 2015 - by Earl Swift - Outside Magazine) - Twenty-five years ago, a grisly double homicide on America’s most famous hiking route shocked the nation and forever changed our ideas about crime, violence, and safety in the outdoors  -

Explore Austria's Underwater Hiking Trails

Bitwalking Dollars: Digital Currency Pays People To Walk

Ticks That Can Make People Severely Allergic To Meat

Pinnacles National Park

North Face Founder Fought To Build A Park In Patagonia

Fit Legs May Be The Key To A Healthier Brain

Mt. Le Conte Lodge Llama Train, Great Smoky Mountains - (Video)

The Truth About Snakebites & Sucking Out The Venom - (Video)

What Dehydration Does To Your Body - (Infographic)

Lyme Disease-Spreading Ticks In Almost Half Of U.S. Counties

This Water Bottle Refills Itself From Moisture In The Air

Legendary Day Hikes In The U.S. National Parks




10 Best Backpacking Trips In U.S. Parks

Hiking To Machu Picchu - (Video)

The Iron RoadOn Italy’s Dolomite Mountains - (Video)

Scientists Say Walking Burns More Calories Than Previously Thought

Zika Virus May Now Be Tied To Another Brain Disease

CDC on Zika virus: It's 'scarier than we initially thought' - (Video)

Life On The Rim: Working As A Volcanologist - (Video)

The Chemistry Of Snake Venom - (Video)

Benefits Of Bicycling & Walking Outweigh Air Pollution Harms

Our National Parks Are The Latest Victim Of The GOP!

Is It 'Ludicrous' To Ban Climbers From Uluru?

A Week In The U.S. Desert Video

Your Legacy On Earth May Be A Plant

Appalachian Trail: U.S. hiker 'Lost For 26 Days Before Dying'

This Digital Library Contains 1000 National Park Maps

Flip-Flop Hikes On The Appalachian Trail - (Video)

Mossy Cave Trail Bryce Canyon NP - (Video)

Toadstools Trail Utah - (Video)




Pipiwai Trail To Wiamoku Falls Maui - (Video)



Hana Waioka Pond To Hamoa Beach Hike Maui - (Video)

Lyme Disease Symptoms & Causes To Watch Out For

Itching For SummerDealing With Chiggers!

The End Of Walking

199 Poisonous Plants - (Infographic)

How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again - (Video)

Where You Can See Wild Ponies On The Appalachian Trail

Walking Makes Strides In All Kinds Of Communities

Walking Your Blues Away

California’s Big Sur McWay Waterfall Trail - (Photos)

Paralyzed woman halfway through hiking Appalachian Trail - (Video)

Walking Can Boost Your Mood, Whether That's The Goal Or Not

What's Glacier National Park Without Glaciers? - (Video)

Travellers warned of fatal tick-borne disease in Western Europe

How To Survive A Mountain Lion Attack

What Stinging Nettles Really Do To Your Body - (Video)

A Walking Tour Of New York’s Massive Surveillance Network

Does physical activity lower the risk of bacterial infections?

Paris Plans To Convert Highway Into Seine River Walkway

Feeling itchy? Try as you mite, you can't escape these critters

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Just 2 Weeks In The Mountains Can Change Your Blood For Months

Optimal walking, bicycling speeds to reduce air pollution inhalation

What Trump Could Mean For America’s Public Lands

11 Skills You'll Need Before You Head Into The Wild

World-Class Walks

Is Your GPS Scrambling Your Brain?

Obama Designates New National Monuments In Nevada & Utah

This Wondrous National Park... Brought To You By McDonald's?

Republicans Planning Historic Sell-Off Of Federal Lands! - (Video)

The Upcoming War On Our Health And Environment

Fight For The Greater Grand Canyon National Monument

5 National Park Disappearances & Deaths That Remain Unsolved

Huge Aligator On Lakeland, Florida Trail - (Video)

Winter Hike In Croatia National Park - (Video)

The Woman So Homesick She Walked From New York To Alaska

Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Devastate Our National Parks!

5 Credible Sightings, Stories & Encounters With Bigfoot - (Video)

Confirmed Report Of Female Mountain LionIn Missouri

Epic Grand Canyon Hike: A 650-Mile Challenge - (3-Part Video)

The Ozark Trail Could Make Missouri A Hiking Destination

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah In 4K Ultra HD - (Video)

Arches National Park, Utah In 4K Ultra HD - (Video)

Zion National Park, Utah In 4K Ultra HD - (Video)

What The Diamond Patch On Your Backpack Is For

The Hunt For Forrest Fenn's $2 Million Hidden Treasure - (Video)

17 Senators Draw Progressive Outrage For Enabling Trump

The Fight For Funding In America’s State Parks

Repugs In 2 States Want Trump To Rescind National Monument Status

Bothy-Bagging: Scotland's Best-Kept Secrets Revealed - (Photos)

How 1,600 People Went Missing From Our Public Lands Without A Trace

Visiting The Anza Borrego Super Bloom

Death Valley Is Otherworldly

Scientists Have Solved Why Your Shoelaces Are Always Coming Undone

Hoh River Valley’s One Square Inch Of Silence In Washinton State

Following John Muir's Trail In Scotland

Exercise 'Keeps The Mind Sharp' In Over-50s, Study Finds




Why Walking Makes Us Feel Good

Now Trump Is Going After America's National Monuments

Japanese Island Volcano & Lava Hiking Adventure - (Video)

Tottori Japan's Sand Dunes & Sand Sculptures - (Video)

Hike In The Footsteps Of Teddy Roosevelt

Be Bear Aware




Never Too Young To Hike

Health Officials Warn Of Deadly Powassan Tick Virus - (Video)

Missouri’s Widespread Birding Trail

Iceland Travel Guide: Tips And Road Trip Itinerary

15 Useful Facts About Lyme Disease

Your Guide To St. Louis Hiking

Tylenol Could Help Prevent Altitude Sickness

Lincoln’s Signature Laid The Groundwork For The National Park System

The Best Invention You Don't Know Exists: Toilet Paper Tablets

Meramec State Park employee Dies After Catching Mysterious Tick Illness

Opposition Grows To Creve Coeur Lake Park Iceplex

Why An Ice Rink Is A Bad Idea For Creve Coeur Lake Park

On The Trail: Grand Canyon Architecture - (Video)

In The Grand Canyon, Uranium Mining Threatens A Tribe's Survival

Missouri Has One Of The Best State Parks Systems In The Country

An Animated Guide To Nature’s Best Wayfinding Secrets

'Longest' hanging pedestrian bridge opens in Switzerland - (Photo)

Mountain Lion On High Sierra Hiking Trail, CA - (Video)

Canada’sGreat TrailIs Finally Connected

Patagonia’s Mirador Las Torres Trail - (Video)

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind At Echo Bluff

Sandfly Bites Can Cause Big Trouble

11 Scientific Reasons Why Being In Nature Is Relaxing

The 46High PeaksOf The Adirondacks

Is Congress About To Wreck America's Natural Treasures?

7 Of the World's Most Terrifying Ladders

Australia Will Ban Climbing UluruIn 2019

Top 5 Must-See Attractions In Yosemite - (Video)

The 3,000-Mile Hiking Trip For Mental Health - (Video)

Climb To The Top Of Sri Lanka’s Fortress In The Sky - (Video)

Trump Administration’s Plan To Sell Off Our Public Lands

Rotting Cabins, Closed Trails In U.S. National Parks - (Photos)

7 Science-Approved Tips For Walking Across Ice

10 Things You Might Not Know About Grizzly Bears

Protecting North Carolina’s Pisgah-Nantahala Forests - (Video)

Distracted Walking Is Now Illegal In One California Town

Drilling/Mining Interests Pushed To Shrink Utah National Monuments

Brazilian Hiking Trails Submerged In Crystal Clear Waters - (Video)

Walking Your Blues Away Is A Simple, Effective Therapy

How Was Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon Formed? - (Video)

How Ticks Dig In With A Mouth Full Of Hooks - (Video)

Misestimating travel times may stop people from walking or biking to work

Two Friends In Their 70s Return To The Arctic - (Video)

U.S. College Says Outdoors Too Risky For Outdoors Club

Like The Appalachian Trail, But With More Stoplights

Insect-Borne Diseases Have Tripled. Here's Why.

Zinke & Alexander's Plan: Kill The Planet To Save The National Parks

9 Pioneering African American Outdoorspeople

Leg Exercise Is Critical To Brain And Nervous System Health

The 62-Mile MacLehose Trail Is Hong Kong's Great Escape

Don't Touch! A Scientist's Advice For Spotting Poison Ivy

Lyme Disease Is Spreading Because Of Climate Change - (Map)

11 Myths About Ticks, Debunked

This Self-Cloning Tick is Terrorizing More States

Tickborne Diseases Are Likely To Increase, Say NIAID Officials

Invasive, Blinding, Giant Hogweed Spreads To More U.S. States

Surviving A Rattle(snake) With Death In Yosemite - (Photos)

7 Of Australia's Most Terrifying Inhabitants - (Video)

Banning The Uluru (Ayers Rock) Climb In Australia

The Hiker's Guide To Trail Etiquette

5 Amazing State Parks That Las Vegas Visitors Often Miss

Trekking To Everest: 'Challenging But Rewarding!' - (Video)

Hiking The Sinai Trail - (Photos)

Aggressive Blood-Sucking Invasive Tick Species Spreading Across U.S.

How A Nature Lover Spends 3 Days In Asheville, NC - (Photos)

Trekking through fire & ice on Greenland’s 102-mi. Arctic Circle Trail

Trump’s Interior Sec. Zinke caught red-handed trying to sell off public lands

The Abandoned Settlements Inside National Parks - (Photos)

Stickeen: John Muir’s True Story Of A Dog And A Glacier