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UFOs Are Real!

Don’t believe in UFOs?  Neither do I!

Without provable facts to back it up,

belief” is hardly more than  a frivolously flighty factoid.

[IMPORTANT ALERT farther down this page

for any/all UFO Field Investigators!!!]

What we’re concerned with here are facts.

  And, the fact is that UFOs
 -- at least some (if not all) --
are physical “nuts & bolts” craft

Quoting (from p.p. 74-75, March-April, 2011, “FATE” magazine) well-known long-time “anomalist” researcher, Jerome Clark -- in his rebuttal to Jacques Vallee’s ill-informed contentions that such “wonders” are merely [paraphrasing] “all just strange long-standing weirdness.”  [Emphasis added.]:

      …“actual UFOs [are] those with which unexplainable traces and instrumented observations are linked…”

      Very well-documented hard-evidence cases have long lent plausibility to the notion that the core UFO phenomenon is the physical product of somebody else’s advanced technology.  Moreover, in our time astronomers discover ever more extrasolar planets and discuss openly the prospect of a densely populated galaxy.  One may reasonably deduce that if those much-vaunted potential millions of civilizations are out there, visitations from ETs are not just possible but predictable.”

As long-time UFO researcher, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is fond of saying in regards to the subject of UFOs:  “Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence!” ---  However, when making that point, Stanton Friedman never fails to additionally point out there IS plenty of physical-trace UFO evidencesuch as:



In fact, there are a few thousand hard-evidence, physical-trace UFO sightings reports.

  Ted Phillips, Director of The Center for Physical Trace Research (CPTR),

a long-time Missouri resident and former protégé of Dr. J. Allen Hynek

(an Illinois astronomer who worked on the Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” UFO cases)

has on file and has investigated a great many of these cases.


      Check out this URL for a partial list of some of these physical-trace cases:


  Also, be sure to check out these two interviews with Ted Phillips:


The Physical Evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects - (76 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (May 30, 2015 - by Ted Phillips / Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)) - This presentation is the result of a 38-year study of UFO landing reports involving the existence of physical evidence at the landing event. Statistically solid data involving definite patterns gleaned from the 3,000+ cases are presented. A close look at the most significant, well-documented, high strangeness events include witness testimony, photographs, on-site investigation and laboratory analysis of the resulting traces and residue found at the landing site. Included is a report on an area currently under investigation with activity has taken place over the past eight years. These sightings include close visual, photographic, video and physical evidence cases. Also presented is a detailed report on a project initiated 36 years ago by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Ted Phillips which involves an ancient structure deep in a cavern in the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia/Ukraine.  -

Before we go any further, it is highly recommend that you get Terry Hansen’s must-read book,

The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up.

Hansen’s book illustrates -- both historically and currently -- why (and how)

there truly is an orchestrated, ongoing disinformation campaign in regards to UFOs.   <==  (Also provides excerpts from the book.)


You can also watch Hansen give a talk  on the subject of his book

via this (Total time: 65 min.) YouTube video:


It really is no accident that, for the most part, nowdays when UFO sightings are reported in the media they almost always include ridiculing “giggle factor” comments near the end of the article. Don’t take my word for that though.  The CIA-funded “Robertson Panel in 1952, after studying "the UFO problem”, recommeded the "debunking" of all UFO sightings reports. The Robertson Panel recommendations resulted in much media coverage of UFO sightings ending up ridiculing people who reported seeing UFOs.  Thus was born the “giggle factor” that persists -- and is encouraged -- to this very day.

Now how are these facts known? Via the Freedom Of Information Act.  FOIA requests have uncovered the truth.

To see for yourself some of the results of those UFO FOIA requests, check out both

Grant Cameron's web site,

and John Greenwald’s The Black Vault web site.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs


Astronaut Edgar Mitchell says UFO's are Real


Stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives

“I Know What I Saw – Government and Military Officials reveal the truth about UFOs is a must-see DVD.  It’s 94-minutes long., and also has about an extra half-hour of additional interviews.  It includes some of the UFO Disclosure witness testimony given at National Press Club in Wash., D.C.  It also includes interviews with astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell confirming that UFOs are real physical craft.  --- [Note: You may have to check to see if your local library has it. ---  Alternately, you may want to check out the 1-1/2 hour YouTube History Channel version, which can be found at this URL]:

And don’t miss nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman’s UFO web site:

UFOs ‘On The Record: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Tell What They Know

  A very important book (2010)  written by journalist Leslie Kean

     It is recommended that  -- in addition to reading the book itself  -- you read the August 11, 2010, review of the book written by Antonio Huneeus.  His review can be found at this URL: .  Also be sure to read Leslie Kean’s rebuttal, “Skeptic misses point behind UFO book: Solid sightings cited in ‘UFOs’; serious investigation needed,” at this URL:

     Additionally, here are the “Editorial Reviews” for the book:

     (Which can be found at Amazon via this URL:  ):

 "At last, a serious and thoughtful book about this controversial subject. Skeptics and true believers will find a treasure trove of insightful and eye opening information. This book is bound to set the gold standard for UFO research."                    
Michio Kaku, Ph.DAuthor of Physics of the Impossible and host of Sci Fi Science on the Science Channel

“I was astonished by the care and precision of Leslie Kean’s research in this terrific book.  Her analysis is carefully reasoned and to the point; her craftsmanship in organization and writing are superb.    Her expose' raises important questions: Why does the US government create public distrust by neglecting this important topic? Why do its agencies avoid investigating cases of interference with flight operations and instead issue absurd cover-up stories?  This book is ultimately an appeal to all scholars for an "extraordinary investigation of an extraordinary phenomenon.” 
Rudy Schild, Ph.D., Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
“Like me, Leslie Kean is an agnostic on the issue of UFOs.  Her book is a fine piece of journalism - not about beliefs, but about facts.  Kean presents the most accurate, most credible reports on UFO's you will ever find.  She has fought long and hard to discover the facts and let the chips fall where they mayShe may not have the final smoking gun, but I smell the gunpowder.”
Miles O'Brien, former CNN space/science correspondent
“I find explanations offered by UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists to be implausible, but I also have little patience with "deniers" who ridicule credible reports.  Leslie Kean has found a thoughtful path between extreme views, documenting the UFO mystery with intelligence and insight. She makes a strong case for U.S. participation in official, international UFO investigations and for public dissemination of the results.  The fascinating first-hand accounts make this a thought-provoking book, even for those of us who don’t know much about UFOs.”    
Neal Lane, Ph.D., Rice University; former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
“If you don't know much about UFOs, you must read this book. If you think that UFO reports are nonsense, this book will disabuse you of that notion. Leslie Kean's UFOs informs readers at every level of knowledge and belief.  It could, and should, become the "tipping point" that leads to public acceptance of the reality of UFOs and all of its implications.”
Don Donderi, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, McGill University (Ret.)
“In an area of study where there aren’t many, this is a serious book.  It is credible, clear, and compelling, without any farfetched jumps in logic and assumption.  Its credibility begins on the first page with John Podesta and continues with case studies of extraordinary quality to the very end.  Leslie Kean not only makes the case for, but calls for, a whole new concrete and realistic perspective on UFOs that has more honesty and integrity than any other that I have read.  This is a book for anyone with an open mind.” 
John L. Petersen, Founder & President of The Arlington Institute
“In these pages we are confronted head-on by the UFO phenomenon as revealed firsthand by highly credible government officials and military aviation experts. Their credibility and integrity cannot be questioned, and their firsthand observations cannot be ignored.  Leslie Kean provides a challenging analysis and she writes with penetrating depth and insight. The revelations in this book constitute a watershed event in lifting the taboo against rational discourse about this controversial subject.”
Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director of The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
“When I started reading Leslie Kean’s UFOs, I found it very difficult to stop. This is an unprecedented assessment of what may be the greatest challenge ever presented to mankind. In an outstanding piece of investigative journalism, Kean provides a well-written and convincing appeal for change in dealing with a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored.”  
Jean-Claude Ribes, Ph.D., Paris Observatory (Ret.)
“For anyone who questions why - after more than fifty  years of denial, ridicule, and dismissal - many scientists, academics, political figures, and military personnel still insist that the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, this book provides the answer.  Leslie Kean offers compelling documentation that physical objects, with flight characteristics not yet achievable by known technology, are being routinely reported in our skies.  They represent a mystery that needs to be solved.” 
Stuart Appelle, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics, State University of New York, Brockport

"Leslie Kean’s astonishing book is the finest piece of investigative journalism ever written on this subject.  She has an incomparable ability to ‘give voice’ to a constituency of exceptionally qualified and unbiased first-hand observers. They are not from the fringe, not groupies, and not delusional.  Rather, they are high-level military, intelligence, aerospace, and government officials who speak with authority while providing reports that document actual, physical craft. Kean’s book represents the first important step toward a new U.S. government openness about UFOs.  It brings forward a reality otherwise buried for far too long inside official mystery, and elevates the discourse above that of small-minded public discussions."
Christopher C. Green, MD, Ph.D., Harper University Hospital, Wayne State University School of Medicine 


Now if, for some reason, you need further convincing, take note of the statements made by a leading atmospheric physicist, Dr. James McDonald, during his testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Science and Astronautics as to the physical reality of UFOs, via this URL:

A very good book, Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald’s Fight for UFO Science,

was written by Ann Druffell about MacDonald’s investigations into UFO phenomena.

     Also be sure to  read this article, which was published on June 6, 2006, in the Southeast Missourian newspaper, about “UFO expert”, Dr. Harley Rutledge, Ph.D., in notice of his demise. He was the head of the Physics Dept. at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO. --- (Important Note:  The article states that, “His fame as a passionate investigator of the unexplained led him to be a featured expert on CNN and quoted in a Time-Life book on UFOs and an astrology textbook.”  In a later addition of the newspaper they printed a correction note that word “astrology should have, of course, been astronomy.”) --- Here's the text of a letter of response I received (after a query to see if he would give a UFO talk in the St. Louis area.) from Dr. Rutledge.:

July 7, 1997           

Dear Bob:

     I am reluctant to inform you that I discontinued my UFO presentations several years ago, though I did contemplate a presentation at the 34th National UFO Convention in Springfield, Ohio, on September 6, 1997.  I was offered a nice sum of money but I declined because my wife wants to be in Washington, D.C. for several weeks where two of our three grandsons live; the other in Boulder, CO.

     I suspect most of the world will focus their eyes (via TV) on the MARS device.  It should sustain our interest for a long, long time.


[signed]  Harley Rutledge

Dr. Rutledge wrote the book, Project Identification: The First Scientitific Field Study of UFO Phenomena(Unfortunately, the book is long out of print. I have a hardcover copy, which I bought at a book fair for less than $10. If your lucky enough to find a copy, then grab it while you can!)  The book came about as a result of Rutledge's -- and his team of gradute and undergradute students from SEMO -- 10-year investigation of a major flap, of UFO sightings in southeast Missouri. --- By the way, in his book, Dr. Rutledge mentioned that both he and his family had close-encounter UFO sightings right in Cape Giradeau: near his home and also on the university campus!

That UFO flap began, and was centered around, the Piedmont, Missouri area.  The follow-on wave of UFO sightings proceeded eastward across the U.S., but continued during that entire decade in southeast Missouri area.  It was also known as “THE BRUSHY CREEK UFO SCARE” in reference to the Piedmont, Missouri, UFO flap. A excellent article about it can be read via this URL:

To whet your appetite for more,

you might want to start with this Sept. 27, 2010, 3-1/2 minute YouTube clip

which provides military witness testimony of UFO incursions at U.S. nuclear missle facilities. :


There have been a couple of UFO public press conferences

held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.,

at which numerous military (some high-ranking)

and commercial pilots and personnel

have recounted their personal encounters with UFOs.

(It is highly recommended that watch them on YouTube.):


February 11, 2006; National Press Club - (2 hrs.) :

September 27, 2010; National Press Club - (71 min.) :

There are quite a few “high strangenessUFO case reports that defy logic and explanation.  In these cases, and all-things UFO, it is wise to keep in mind noted author Arthur C. Clarke’s (“2001: A Space Odyssey”; he’s also the person who first proposed geosynchronous-orbit communications satellites) “Three Laws”:

(1)   “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right; when he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong.”


(2)    “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”


                   (3)    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings­­

by Budd Hopkins and coauthor Carol Rainey

(Shows how fascinating discoveries in modern science

support the plausibility of the UFO phenomenon.)

'Exploding UFOs and alien landings' in secret FBI files - Secret FBI files have been released detailing how US officials saw a UFO explode over Utah – and aliens land near Roswell in New Mexico. - (April 11, 2011 - - The Telegraph/UK)  -


If any (or all) the above has intrigued you enough to want to find out more for yourself...
then, by all means, do proceed on for more info below.  -- Bike Bob

"Space Case - Witnesses testify in the mystery of the Metro East UFO"   -   April 05, 2000, article (published in the St. Louis [Missouri] "Riverfront Times") -  Most of the witnesses in this case were on-duty police officers!

Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting (by multiple police officers)  -   -  Includes the original report file by Dave Marler (who was the state director of Illinois MUFON at that time) on the January 5, 2000 Metro St. Louis (East) UFO case.

Also be sure to check out Darryl Barker’s excellent report “JANUARY 5, 2000, ST. CLAIR CO., ILLINOIS FLYING TRIANGLE CASE ANALYS” -- which (at least check) was updated on Friday, September 10, 2010 -- via this URL:

A Report (Highlights) On The 1998 Show-Me UFO Conference  -  by Bob Soetebier -[Link]

A Non-Comprehensive Report On The MUFON July 2000 Symposium  - by Bob Soetebier  -  [ Link ]

The Antigravity Underground

The fantastic floating device called a lifter has no moving parts,

no onboard fuel, and no shortage of wide-eyed admirers.

Even inside NASA.

New technology from ‘black world’

  By Nick Easen for CNN

(CNN) -- ‘What ground-breaking new technology is kept so secret by the authorities

that even to comment on its existence would be to reveal too much?’


‘ “GRASP,” or Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion,

was only recently reported in Jane’s Defence Weekly,

but the U.S. military may have had the technology for years.

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), based in Nevada,

say that mysterious U.S. military craft using this kind of technology have been skirting the skies since the 1980s.

And NIDS is now calling for the military to unveil its secrets for commercial benefit.’

"Unidentified" no longer!

Aerospace technology

has come a lot farther

than you are aware.





  (2005) book by Michael Luckman

In August 1974, John Lennon spied a UFO

from the window of the penthouse he shared with then-girlfriend, May Pang.

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful

encountered a luminous cigar-shaped mothership

while camping in the English countryside in 1968.

Jimi Hendrix told a friend,

"I am a spiritual messenger, sent here from another place."

Whether you're a UFO skeptic or a true believer,

ALIEN ROCK provides a fascinating new perspective on the long,

strange trip that is rock 'n' roll history,

and suggests that, wherever the road takes us,

we may not be travelling alone.

  The Joplin ‘Spooklight

The Orb Phenomenon

by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D.



"Orb Lore" has developed over the last few years

about the nature of these strange orb images,

with some people attributing them to

"creatures" or intelligent entities

from some other reality

that are penetrating our reality.

This interpretation has resulted from

the failure of the initial "orbists"

to find reasonable explanations for the images.

Of course, I cannot state positively that

every anomalous image of the orb type considered here

(non-self-luminous so that nothing was seen before or after

the flash photo was taken and the image is

a small, "transparent" circle or disc or an elongated "tube")

was caused by a reflection of light from a tiny object close to the camera.

However, it seems to be a "good guess" that many or most of them are.

(Note: the above discussion does not apply to

self-luminous orbs seen without the aid of a flash,

light beam or any source of light.

There are such orbs... example:

see the Oregon Red Ball report.)


National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)  -  -  UFO report site aggregator...searchable by type, date and location state-by-state.

UFO Caseboook  -  -  Breaking UFO Reports & News  -  Also offers free online UFO Casebook Magazine -

National UFO Center -  -  Administered by [ret. U.S.A.F.] Major George A. Filer.  He is the Eastern Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and a member of the Disclosure Project, which is a coalition of military and government insiders dedicated to exposing the secret that UFOs are realWebsite features the weekly "Filer's Files" UFO reports updates.

Earthfiles  -   -  Linda Moulton Howe's web site with detailed UFO (and more) reports and interviews

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)  -   -  National/Internationl UFO Investigative organization with chapters in all 50 states.  Annual membership dues includes a subscription the monthly MUFON UFO Journal

Missouri MUFON  -   -  Current Missouri MUFON State Director, Debbie Ziegelmeyer (a SCUBA diving instructor) is the co-founder of the MUFON Dive Team; she is also a MUFON National Rapid-Response Team Field Investigtor.  MO MUFON holds monthly meetings in St. Louis (and other areas around the state.)  The meetings highlight recent and active UFO case investigations, in addition to UFO-video viewings, with occasional guest speakers. Meetings are open to the general public; however, meeting-cost donations are accepted  MO MUFON website posts UFO case updates, meeting scedules and changes, and more.

Missouri [UFO] Investigators Group (MIG)  -  -  Founded in  2000, MIG, the Missouri Investigators Group, researches and investigators  UFO reports  in Missouri and surrounding states.  Their website has contains some rather interesting UFO case investigation reports.

Open Minds Magazine  -  -  Bi-monthly glossy UFO magazine published by a group of well-known veteran UFO journalists and investigators.

Open Minds TV  -  -  The online outlet for Open Minds [UFO] magazine

UFO Midwest News Magazine  -  -  An online magazine for the Midwest United States.

The Truth Behind “Fire In The Sky”:

The Travis Walton UFO Abduction Story

(5-1/2 min. - NBC Today Show - audio/video)


The High Probability Of Finding 'Life Beyond Earth' - (37- min. audio - April 4, 2011 - Fresh Air - WHYY/NPR) - Scientific interest in extraterrestrial life has grown in the past 20 years. The field of astrobiology now includes researchers from a wide variety of disciplines — microbiologists studying bacteria that survive in the most extreme conditions on Earth; astronomers who believe there may be billions of planets with conditions hospitable to life; chemists investigating how amino acids and living organisms first appeared on Earth; and scientists studying rocks from Mars are seeing convincing evidence that microbial life existed on the Red Planet.

In First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth, Marc Kaufman, a science writer and national editor at The Washington Post, explains how microbes found in some of Earth's most inhospitable environments may hold the key to unlocking mysteries throughout the solar system.

Kaufman talks with Fresh Air's Dave Davies about the ongoing search for life in the universe — from current research, to the unknowns in the field.

"There are undoubtedly billions or trillions of planets out there and there are most likely billions in the Milky Way itself — just one of billions of galaxies," Kaufman says. "There are billions of planets in habitable zones in relation to their stars that would allow for water to be liquid and for other important conditions for life."  -

Peter Davenport Believes in UFOs - The respected rural researcher claims the government does too.   -  (Wednesday, Feb 9 2011 - By Ellis E. Conklin - Seattle Weekly)    -  Davenport is the longtime director of the National UFO Reporting Center, an independently operated 24-hour hotline for UFO sightings, which he's run in Washington since 1994. Each year he posts on his website ( as many as 5,000 sightings, taping callers and making written reports. He figures he has 70,000 sightings on file….

On April 21, 1997, five weeks after the Phoenix Lights, a special agent in the FBI's New York office named Steve Bongardt called and left Davenport a message. "He said, 'We know who you are. We have seen [the sightings] you have posted on your website and we have found them very interesting, and we would like to meet you.'"

Davenport says he met with two agents a month later, for four hours, at a home in Rutherford, N.J. "[Bongardt] said UFOs are for real," Davenport remembers. "Number two, he said, 'We know what UFOs are and what they appear to be, namely sophisticated craft under intelligent control,' and number three, 'The people in government are a bit worried.' I was stunned to silence."

Two weeks ago, on January 27, Bongardt e-mailed Seattle Weekly to say that he could confirm only that he was and remains a special agent with the FBI, and that he and the other agent(s), whose names cannot be disclosed, did meet with Davenport in May 1997. Bongardt would not divulge anything further.

Davenport has had no correspondence since that meeting with either agent… -

The Fundamental UFO Threat:

In issue #154  (Vol. 24, No. 1) of UFO Magazine,

Drs. Bob & Zoh Hieronimus

-- in their monthly "21st Century News" column --

highlight Peter Robbins

(of Bentwaters UFO investigations)

attempt to delve into the

threat of Christian fundamentalism

("UFOs, Intolerance, and Beliefs") to UFOers.

They start their column (on p. 20) noting that:

     Televangelist Pat Robertson

made headlines in 1997

for claiming that people like us

-- readers of UFO Magazine

who are interested in UFOs --

should be stoned to death.”


The gist of Peter Robbins' conclusions

is quoted on the column's jump page (68):

     Fundamentalist thinkers are by nature

convinced that their views and beliefs

are the correct and true ones,” he said.

They leave no room for doubt

in their convictions and are not open

to any sort of modulation in their thinking.

When applied to the sweeping questions

we find ourselves facing in UFO studies,

this kind of inflexibility can be problematic, but

when religious fundamentalist thinking is involved,

it has the potential to be positively dangerous.”

Comet Elenin spawned mass hysteria on the Internet

'Mass cow sacrifices by aliens' sent White House into panic, FBI records reveal

The Unreal World Of UFOs - “As I have seen it through the eyes of hundreds of people in a dozen countries --Bob Pratt, reporter  -

The Real Story of the FBI UFOX-Files”



The JFK-UFO Connection: Bogus Documents or Unanswered Questions?


Star Wars - Claim:   During a 1955 speech at West Point, General Douglas MacArthur told assembled cadets: "The next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets."  -  (Mixture of True & False Information)  -

IF you have made any FOIA

(Freedom Of Information Requests)

-- or, are considering doing so --

then BE SURE to check this out!:

The New Face of Big Brother?


[Particularly Important to any/all UFO Field Investigators!] :

MIKE GERMAN is a former FBI agent specializing in domestic counterterrorism for many years.

  (He currently is the National Security Policy Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.)

[In a December 24, 2010 Democracy Now! / Amy Goodman interview he said]  :

"And the FBI appears to be at the center of one of these expansive collection programs

called eGuardian, is the new one.

Guardian is one that’s been around for a while.

But now there’s a new one, eGuardian,

that’s part of a nationwide suspicious activity reporting program

that encourages state and local law enforcement agencies,

as well as the general public, to report

behaviors that they describe as inherently suspicious,

and these include things like

taking notes or drawing diagrams,

taking measurements,

taking photographs or video.

…. this sort of reduction in standards allows the collection of material

against people who are not even suspected of being involved in wrongdoing.

And that is really an open door to abuse."

[He further noted that]:

"…after 9/11, those standards have been diluted significantly to where

now the FBI literally requires no factual predicate to start an investigation."

[And he followed up by saying that] :

"...your innocence doesn’t protect you anymore,

that they can literally start collecting information on anyone."

[Read further important excerpts from that interview at this link.]

The FBI Deputizes Business

  By Matthew Rothschild  -  (February 7, 2008)

Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry

are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

The members of this rapidly growing group,

called InfraGard,

receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does --

and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials.

In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU.

But there may be more to it than that.

One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card,

told me they have permission to "shoot to kill" in the event of martial law.

Hacking collective targets FBI affiliate InfraGard

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says - (May 25, 2011 - by Spencer Ackerman - Wired)  -  You may think you understand how the Patriot Act allows the government to spy on its citizens. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) says it’s worse than you’ve heard.

Congress is set to reauthorize three controversial provisions of the surveillance law as early as Thursday. But Wyden says that what Congress will renew is a mere fig leaf for a far broader legal interpretation of the Patriot Act that the government keeps to itself — entirely in secret. Worse, there are hints that the government uses this secret interpretation to gather what one Patriot-watcher calls a “dragnet” for massive amounts of information on private citizens; the government portrays its data-collection efforts much differently.

“We’re getting to a gap between what the public thinks the law says and what the American government secretly thinks the law says,” Wyden tells Danger Room in an interview in his Senate office. “When you’ve got that kind of a gap, you’re going to have a problem on your hands.”

What exactly does Wyden mean by that? As a member of the intelligence committee, he laments that he can’t precisely explain without disclosing classified information. But one component of the Patriot Act in particular gives him immense pause: the so-called “business-records provision,” which empowers the FBI to get businesses, medical offices, banks and other organizations to turn over any “tangible things” it deems relevant to a security investigation.  -

Is Alien Intrigue

Really a Soviet-Era Psyop?

(4 min. video)

(May 27, 2011 - By Hugh Hart - Wired)

Former Los Angeles Times Magazine reporter Annie Jacobsen

argues in a new book that Nazi Josef Mengele

went to Russia after World War II and, under Stalin’s direction,

surgically deformed children so they’d look like aliens.

According to Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,

the Russians then supposedly built a craft in the shape of a flying saucer

and arranged for the “UFO” to crash in the Nevada desert

in order to create panic in the United States.

The book tells a gripping story

about the possible roots of alien intrigue,

but ABC’s Bill Weir didn’t buy it

during Thursday’s Nightline broadcast.

In the clip embedded above,

Weir blasts Jacobsen

for relying on an octogenarian

as a primary source for the weird story.

Watch the clip...


First Annual

UFO Revival


the 1973 UFO Flap

in southeast Missouri

Friday & Saturday:

June 17 & 18, 2011 

10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Patterson Community Center

Patterson, Missouri

Admission  Adults: $2.00  Children: $1.00

(For list of scheduled speakers, presentations and activities):!__events

Report on the 20111st Annual UFO Revival” Conference in Patterson, Missouri - by Bob Soetebier - [Link]

Bio Station Alpha

on Mars

Discovery (via Google Mars)

by David Martines 2011

Original Video

This could be the most important discovery on Mars yet! 

This structure is 700' x 150',

and is colored white with blue and red stripes

 against the red Martian soil.

This is not a rock or mountain.

It is a manufactured structure.

This is not something that I [David Martines] created,

this is something that is currently on Google Mars.

NASA wont talk to me [David Martines] about it.

I've [David Martines] sent them a few emails, and no reply.


Go see for yourself.

The coordinates are:

71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W

(3-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone

Living St. Louis  Space Museum

(10-1/2 min. video)

First 5 min. covers the

Space Museum

in Bonne Terre, Missouri;

next 3 min. covers the

Planet Walk

in University City, MO;

last 2 min. covers the

St. Louis Forest Park


The Space Museum

116 School Street

Bonne Terre, Missouri

Huge UFO Sighted Near Nuclear Missiles During October 2010 Launch System Disruption - (June 19, 2011 - By Robert Hastings -  -  October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III nuclear missiles. The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs in time of war—Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron—would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption.

This dramatic story was leaked to Mark Ambinder, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, which published it three days later.1 The Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up system could have launched the missiles and claiming that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes.

However, the latter statement was untrue, according to two missile technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, who say that the communications problem, while intermittent, actually persisted over several hours.

Significantly, these same individuals report multiple sightings by “numerous [Air Force] teams” of an enormous cigar-shaped craft maneuvering high above the missile field on the day of the disruption, as well as the following day. The huge UFO was described as appearing similar to a World War I German Zeppelin, but had no passenger gondola or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp.  -



Military Witnesses

of UFOs at

Nuclear Sites

National Press Club 

Washington, DC 

Sept. 27, 2010

(1 hr. & 27 mins. - YouTube audio/video)

"A Plea for UFO-E.T. Cover-up Deathbed Confessions

Millions of Archived Films and TV Footage Now Accessible to All - ScienceDaily (June 21, 2011) — More than 13 million film, television and radio records are now available thanks to a pioneering new search engine developed by Royal Holloway, University of London and the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC).

The BUFVC federated search environment is an innovative 'all-in-one' search engine that allows users to access nine online databases, containing records, relating to film, television and radio content.

Increasing quantities of archive film, television and radio content are available, but the content is usually delivered as stand-alone collections, with users needing to know where to look before they begin their research. This new search environment will allow researchers to browse all collections using the one search engine and provides results in an easy-to-view format with clean design and user-friendly icons. It also generates 'related records & searches', and has a detailed user history and export function.  -

Water Can Flow Below -130°C ScienceDaily (June 27, 2011) — When water is cooled below zero degrees, it usually crystallizes directly into ice. Ove Andersson, a physicist at Umeå University, has now managed to produce sluggishly flowing water at 130 degree below zero under high pressure -- 10,000 times higher than normal pressure. It is possible that this sluggishly fluid and cold water exists on other heavenly bodies.  -

1941 UFO Crash Retrieval - Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Why 'Event Cloaks' Could Be the Key to the Ultimate Bank Heist - ScienceDaily (June 30, 2011) — In this month's special issue of Physics World, which examines the science and applications of invisibility, Martin McCall and Paul Kinsler of Imperial College London describe a new type of invisibility cloak that does not just hide objects -- but events.

Using the ultimate bank heist as an example, McCall and Kinsler explain how a thief could, in principle, use an "event cloak" to steal money from a safe, without even the CCTV surveillance cameras being aware.  -

Easy Rider

Jack Nicholson

talks about


(4-1/2 min. ­- YouTube audio/video)

The Contemporary Influence

of the Alien film

"They Live"

(3-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)


UFO Researcher Claims Air Force Not Revealing Truth About Communication Outage At F.E. Warren Missile Site - (July 7, 2011 - by Lee Speigel - AOL News) - In Washington last September, six former Air Force officers and a former enlisted man stepped forward to say that they'd seen or had been directly involved with UFO sightings at nuclear missile sites.

These sightings began at the dawn of the Cold War and continued through the 1970s.

At this press conference, organized by UFO researcher Robert Hastings, these men told the media that they were encouraged not to speak of these sightings by their superiors, and in some cases, were required to sign secrecy oaths.

Now, Hastings is saying three more witnesses are speaking to him about a more recent UFO sighting -- and it revolves around a serious communications scare at F. E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming last October, when the military acknowledged that it had lost contact with 50 of its nuclear Minuteman III missiles.

"We've never had something as big as this happen," said a military officer who had been briefed on the event, according to the The Atlantic. "We can deal with maybe 5, 6 or 7 at a time, but we've never lost complete command and control and functionality of 50 ICBMs."  -

UFO Cover-up - Two-Page Summary of the Book  Disclosure - Government & Military Witnesses Testify on Major UFO Cover-up  -

MUFON Under Siege?":

"40-Year Organization Object of Dirty Tricks

from USG [United States Government]?”

Richard Lang (former MUFON Star Team Coordinator) Goes On The Record

[Be sure to read both his Sunday, March 27, 2011

What we learned and what we lost! BAASS - MUFON SIP Program”,

and his Sunday, March 6, 2011

What caused the Failure of the BAASS - MUFON SIP Program ?”]

MUFON Under Seige continues

Chase Kloetzke was given the job as

Star Team [Fast Response group] Manager

after the contract with Bigelow Aero Space expired.

Chase was a happy camper then things started to crumble before her eyes.

In an effort to find out why she was so up beat in a previous interview with Jerry

and then abruptly left MUFON, Jerry [Pippin] does this probing interview

where she reveals a strange series of events with upper level managers

of the UFO organization that resulted in her complete disillusionment.

Is there an effort by some inside the world's leading UFO investigative organization

to disrupt and stop the admirable work of MUFON investigations?

Listen and make up your own mind.  -

[The following URLs are for Part 1 (27-1/2 min.) & Part 2 (34-1/4 min.)

of the Jerry Pippin Show July 10, 2001, interview with Chase Kloetzke.  

In particular, be sure not to miss listening to Part 2

in which Kloetzkeoutsa possible government mole!]:

[Alternately, audio files for Windows Media Player]:

MUFON: The Purge Continues

Another UFO Black Eye

UFO & MUFON History

(Sometimes Controversial)

Past and Present

Don Ecker

is the former Director of Research

for “UFO Magazine

and a retired police detective. 

He discusses

(in Feb. 2011, on his “Dark Matters” radio show)

some of his personal UFO investigative history

-- including purported

UFO-related human mutilations! 

He also interviews

former MUFON State Directors for

Texas (Ken Cherry)

and Utah (Elaine Douglass).

(2 hrs. - audio)


The Committee to Reform MUFON

E.P.I.C.Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council

The Incredible Things NASA Did to Train Apollo Astronauts

UFO Files

Alien Encounters

(42 min. - YouTube audio/video)



UFO Files

Britain's X-Files

Season 2 Ep 2 (FULL)

(45 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admits on Deathbed: ET UFO Are Real

Former Arizona Governor

Fife Symington

Admits Seeing

Phoenix LightsUFO

(3-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)



The Phoenix Lights UFO

TV documentary (2008)

(1 hr. + 24 min. - YouTube audio/video)


Phoenix Lights Network


I Know

What I Saw


(1 hr. + 30 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Roswell UFO Controversy: Former Air Force Officer Says Gen. Ramey Lied To Cover Up Space Ship Crash - (July 22, 2011 - Lee Speigel - Huffington Post)  -

An interactive map of 15 years of UFO sightings

UFO Photographs from Colfax, Wisconsin

Betty And Barney Hill UFO Abduction Story Commemorated On Official N.H. Highway Plaque

The White Mountain

Abduction Documentary

(Part 1 of 2)

(9-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)


(Part 2 of 2)

(10 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Dr. J Allen Hynek Admits Astronomers do see UFO's ! (1977) - (4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Dr. Josef Allen Hynek ( May 1, 1910 - April 27, 1986 ) was Chairman of Department of Astronomy Northwestern University , professor, and ufologist. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive names: Project Sign (1947-1949), Project Grudge (1949-1952), and Project Blue Book (1952 to 1969). For decades afterwards, he conducted his own independent UFO research, and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence purportedly left by UFOs. Also his book called The Ufo's Experience a Scientific Inquiry 1972  -



James E. Clarkson

Over a Quarter of a Century

of UFO Investigations

In Part One of this interview

James Clarkson talks about his 25 years of UFO investigations,

most of it with MUFON as Washington State Director.

Last January he was ordered around by one of the board of directors

and this was the "straw that broke the Camel's back" according to Clarkson.

The episode is explained in detail and Clarkson's views on UFOs

and governmental involvement is expressed by him in a direct manner.  

(This interview recorded July 19, 2011)

In Part Two -

the discussion goes to computer security at MUFON itself

and some interesting facts are revealed:

has MUFON become too much like a corporation

and not a volunteer organization?

Then James tells Jerry about some of the cases

he has covered over the past 25 years.

Google Earth
captures UFO
over South Africa

(1-1/2 min. - video)

New Invisibility Cloak Hides Objects from Human View - ScienceDaily (July 27, 2011) — For the first time, scientists have devised an invisibility cloak material that hides objects from detection using light that is visible to humans. The new device is a leap forward in cloaking materials, according to a report in the ACS journal Nano Letters.  -


UFO - Stanton T. Friedman IS Real! - (9-1/2 min. prelude - YouTube audio/video) - Stanton T. Friedman received BSc and MSc degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, classified, eventually cancelled, projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear powerplants for space.

Since 1967 he has lectured on the topic "Flying Saucers ARE Real!" at more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 provinces, 13 other countries. He has published more than 80 UFO papers and appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident." TOP SECRET/MAJIC, his explosive book about the Majestic 12 group established in 1947 to deal with crashed saucers, was published in 1996 and is in its 6th printing. ….

He has provided written testimony to Congressional Hearings, appeared twice at the UN, and been a pioneer in many aspects of Ufology...

Stanton Friedman takes a clear-cut unambiguous stand that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft, that the subject of flying saucers represents a Cosmic Watergate, that none of the anti-UFO arguments made by a variety of noisy negativists stand up to careful scrutiny, and that we are dealing with the biggest story of the past millennium: visits to Planet Earth by alien spacecraft and the successful coverup by governments of the best data: alien wreckage and bodies recovered in New Mexico, for 56 years. He has spent many weeks at a total of 20 document archives.
Stan has successfully taken on many critics of flying saucers, Roswell, Majestic 12, including winning a debate at Oxford University. -

MUFON Appoints Interim Board Members

MUFON Interim Board Members named - No vote allowed by members

(8:00 p.m. Irvine, California, July 30, 2011) -

Sources tell the Jerry Pippin Show that MUFON symposium in Irvine, California -

The board rejects the request for members to be able to vote on the Board of Directors -

Clifford Clift (MUFON International Director)

has made three placements on the board by new people,

serving an interim term of one year, they are:

Dave MacDonald, State Director of Kentucky, (,  

John Ventre, State Director of PA,WV, & DE (,

Debbie Ziegelmeyer, State Director of Missouri (

It should be noted that John Ventre

has publicly stated that it is his aspiration

to be International Director of MUFON. 

He has also stated --

in an attempt to avert contentions that

MUFON has either been infiltrated by government agents,

or is a willing useful tool of same --

that Clifford Clift,

the current (2011) International Director of MUFON,

is merely a Christmas tree farm grower

and is not working for any government agency. 

(What Ventre did not say is that Clifford Clift

was a member of the Army Security Agency;

as was the previous

MUFON International Director, James Carrion. 

The ASA is a military version of the NSA.) ---

You can hear Ventre make these statements

when he was an interviewed guest

(during the first 35 minutes)

on an online broadcast of

Visions Magazine Radio

via this URL:

[NOTE: When reading the following information, do keep in mind that, as of late July, 2011,
newly appointed MUFON “Interim Board Member” John Ventre
(MUFON State Director for PA, WV & DE) “…is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard group.”]:

(From Wikipedia )...

InfraGard is a private non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The organization describes itself as an information sharing and analysis effort serving the interests and combining the knowledge base of a wide range of members.[1] InfraGard states they are an association of businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States.[2]

Concerned about human rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warned that there "is evidence that InfraGard may be closer to a corporate TIPS program, turning private-sector corporations — some of which may be in a position to observe the activities of millions of individual customersinto surrogate eyes and ears for the FBI".[3] As of September, 2010, the organization reported membership at over 40,000 (including FBI).[4]


Home Visits

And Other

'Secrets Of The FBI'

(7-1/4 min. - audio)

(August 2, 2011 - Morning Editon/NPR)

Steve Inskeep talks with

author Ronald Kessler

about his new book,

The Secrets of the FBI

Major George Filer USAF (Ret)
discloses his own ET Contact

(10-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)


(December 15, 2010, update by Francis L. Ridge, NICAP Site Coordinator.):

This day marks the 13th year anniversary of the NICAP web site. In the next week we will present, in time-release fashion, a number of releases and special reports commemorating those years and the plans for the years ahead.

The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was formed 54 years ago in 1956 and flourished through about 1970, and, as an organization with field investigators and consultants, declined gradually thereafter. For a more detailed story about NICAP please check Richard Hall. What we have today,  many years later, is the existence of the NICAP web site, a tremendous repository of the evidence collected by NICAP and other sources to continue the goal of public information.


Five years ago, in 2005, delineated the beginning of a major project that to this day probably stands as the most important tool on the NICAP websiteThe UFO Chronologies. And in 2009 we began  the second major project, the new RADCAT, which is the re-issue and processing of all the radar cases in the Blue Book files and elsewhere. I am very pleased to announce the beginning of a new major project, AVCAT (Aviation Catalog), to update directories on old cases and create AVCAT dirs for new ones regarding sightings of UFOs from aircraft.

With the 13th anniversary we are proud to announce the addition of three new books to the online books page.  -

New type of aircraft flies like a UFO - (June 22, 2011 - by Emma Woollacott - TGDaily) - Austrian research firm IAT21 has unveiled a radically new type of aircraft that could render the helicopter obsolete.

D-Dalus can 'approach as gently and silently as a hot air balloon', say its developers, hover, rotate in any direction and fly as fast as a jet.

Unlike VTOL aircraft or helicopters, it can easily cope with poor weather or the lurching deck of a ship.

The propulsion system consists essentially of four sets of contra-rotating disks, each driven at 2,200 rpm by a conventional aero-engine. The disks are surrounded by blades whose angle of attack can be altered using servos, allowing thrust in any direction.

This allows it to launch vertically, hover in a fixed position in the air and travel or rotate in any direction. It can even 'glue' itself to the deck of a ship by thrusting upwards.

Apparently, it's easier to fly than a helicopter, with a simple joystick control, and can be repaired by your average car mechanic. because there are no external moving parts such as rotor blades, it has 360 degree vision. A sense-and avoid system means it can fly through small spaces or hover right next to a rock face or wall.

Initially, the designers say they expect the propulsion system to be used for robot drones in search and rescue missions and the like.

But, they add, in trials it looks as if larger versions are actually more efficient and less complex, meaning there's no reason why it couldn't be used in passenger aircraft.

They also envisage it being used as a hovering platform to load and unload ships.

Right now, the biggest version can only lift a payload of 70kg, although IAT21 is now working with the UK's Cranfield University on a larger, more powerful version.  -


UFO Fleet Guadalajara Mexico - (1 min. - YouTube audio/video) - On June 10, 2004, the city of Guadalajara witnessed undoubtely the most spectacular UFO fleet sighting in known history. The sky over the city became filled with hundreds of sphere-shaped objects grouped together in a massive formation and all moving in unison - like a spectacle straight from a major Hollywood Sci-Fi film. The number of luminous spheres was in the hundreds, and among them, in a certain spot within the formation was a much bigger craft, disc-shaped, which might have been controlling the whole armada.  -

Starchild Skull

Lloyd Pye updates

DNA results

(10  min. - YouTube audio/video)




Alien Invasion:
Are We Ready?

(2-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Movie explores secret

NASA mission

(7min. - video)

(August 15, 2011 - Dylan Ratigan - MSNBC)

Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman

talks about conspiracy theories

and the Apollo 18 mission,

and UFOs



Nuclear Physicist
Stanton Friedman's
UFO Revelations

(7-1/4 - YouTube audio/video)


The Hutchison Effect:

Objects Levitate

& Metals Mutate

(3-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Aliens: They Come In Peace?

(6 min. video/2011)

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Inteviews

Physics Prof. Michio Kaku

UFOs Are Stalking and Intercepting Dummy Nuclear Warheads During Test Flights - (August 23, 2011 - by Robert Hastings - UFOs And Nukes) - Retired U.S. Air Force ICBM Targeting Team Chief Says The Big Sur Incident Was Not An Isolated Case

Thousands of declassified U.S. government documents and hundreds of military veterans have confirmed the reality of ongoing UFO activity at American nuclear weapons sites.  -

When algorithms control the world - (Aug. 22, 2011 - If you were expecting some kind warning when computers finally get smarter than us, then think again.  our electronic overlords are already taking control-

On A Chip

(7-1/2 min. - audio)
(Sept. 9, 2011 - Science Friday/NPR)

Invisible Universe
(3 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Former NASA employee and Apollo Mission team member Dr. Ken Johnston tells us his story of NASA fakery and image manipulation during the famed Apollo missions to the Moon. He then takes us on a whirl wind tour of the Apollo exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum is Washington DC. This is a once is a one in a lifetime interview with a top whistleblower from inside NASA! Don't miss it! - (YouTube audio/video) - (Part 1 - 8-1/2 min.)  -  -  (Part 2 - 8-3/4 min.)  -

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku - Alien Civilizations - (10-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York, talks about making contact with Extraterrestrials that could be millions years ahead of us in technology.  -




Physicist Michio Kaku: UFOs Are Real - MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show - (3-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discusses Leslie Kean's new book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record."  -




Dr. Michio Kaku & Stephen Hawking,

The Extraterrestrial Life Debate

(Part 1) - (7-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

(Part 2) - (8 min. - YouTube audio/video)

(Part 3) - (8-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry - (Oct. 19, 2011 - by Lee Speigel - The Huffington Post) - The military deleted a passage about unidentified flying objects from a 2008 Air Force personnel manual just days after The Huffington Post asked Pentagon officials about the purpose of the UFO section.

Before the recent revisions, the document -- Air Force Instruction 10-206 -- advised pilots, radar operators and other Air Force personnel on what to do when they encountered any unknown airborne objects. Now in the 2011 version, the reference to UFOs -- which simply means "unidentified flying objects," not necessarily spaceships with little green men -- has been eliminated.

What makes this so intriguing is that the U.S. government officially stopped investigating UFOs in 1969 with the termination of the Air Force's Project Blue Book.


The Journal of Scientific Exploration - The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is a professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, such as consciousness, unidentified aerial phenomena, and alternative medicine, yet often have profound implications for human knowledge and technology.

The SSE was founded in 1982 by Dr. Peter A. Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics at Stanford University and emeritus director of Stanford’s Center for Space Science and Astrophysics.   The SSE has approximately 800 members in 45 countries worldwide. The SSE publishes a peer-reviewed journal - [Browse the journal’s many UFO-related articles here.]:  -

21°31'03.97" S 41°56'31.80" W  -  MARS TRACK SYSTEM & WATER - Report #208 - (October 2, 2011 - by Joseph P. Skipper - Mars Anomaly Research) - [IMPORTANT NOTEYou can see the "track system" on Mars directly for yourself via a copy-&-paste of the initial coordinates into the Google Mars search bar; then zoom in farther down to the surface of Mars to see the evidence for yourself.  The straight-as-an-arrow tracks extend for a distance of 60 miles on the surface of Mars; each dual-set of tracks are are one-half mile apart from the next set!  Whoever -- OR, whatever -- made those tracks is uknownHOWEVER, they are DEFINITELY NOT the result of a natural geologic process! --- To use Google Mars...simply click on the Saturn-like icon in the top toolbar in Google Earth and then choose the "Mars" option from the resulting drop-down list.  -- Bike Bob-

NASA Considers Tractor Beams for Future Rovers



The Search for Alien Life Is On



Science? Fiction? - (Sept–Oct/2011 - by Lydialyle Gibson - The University of Chicago Magazine) - For 41 years Stanton Friedman, SB'55, SM'56, has traveled the world with a simple message: UFOs are real.  -

Strange Ancient skulls

of Aliens or Humans

(most coneheads)

(4 min. - YouTube audio/video)





Richard Dolan: UFOs & The Secret Space Program - (1-hr. & 45-min. - YouTube audio/video) - Topic: Worlds Above and Below: How A Secret Civilization Broke Away From Our Own

One thing that a study of the UFO makes abundantly clear: someone is operating technology that is not supposed to exist, and yet it does. Silent craft, for example, that can instantly accelerate, many of which are said to be of non-human origin, but others which are argued to be of classified manufacture. Is there a clandestine infrastructure that has made significant breakthroughs, but which has kept them secret from the rest of us? Richard Dolan answers in the affirmative. He argues that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex than many have previously suggested, and that human and non-human groups are behind what we call UFOs. Within the human, classified part, breakthroughs have leap-frogged over each other to produce a society with substantially more advanced scientific, technological, and cosmological ideas -- a society that can accurately be called a "breakaway civilization." This covert civilization has continued to interact with our own "official" society, but at the same time appears to have interactions or encounters with one or more of the non-human groups that are here on Planet Earth. The result is a clandestine cold war, very possibly with multiple human and non-human factions.  03 Apr 2011 (info blog),

Black budget projects, The World after disclosure, National security state, Breakaway civilization.

Bio: Richard Dolan was born in Brooklyn, New York, studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, a Rhodes scholarship finalist, and completed his graduate work in history at the University of Rochester. Prior to his interest in UFOs, Dolan studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy.

In 2000, he published UFOs and the National Security State: An Unclassified History, 1941-1973 (republished in 2002 with the subtitle Chronology of a Cover-Up, 1941-1973). This 500-page history provides clear detail on the major UFO cases of the early Cold War era, the attitudes and policies toward UFOs by the military and intelligence community, and the fascinating development of the citizen movements to end UFO secrecy.

In 2009, Richard completed Volume Two of his historical study, subtitled The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991, and is now at work on the final volume of his historical trilogy.

Richard has also published articles and spoken at conferences around the world. Among his main themes are the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up. He has also speculated on the possible nature of the non-humans themselves and what their presence here means for our civilization. This has led him to take a fresh approach to the topic of "Exopolitics" and to develop unique insights into the practical challenges and opportunities for a true disclosure of the UFO phenomenon.

Richard has done a great deal of television work, having appeared on many documentaries for the History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, BBC, and elsewhere. In 2006 he was host to a six-episode series for the Sci Fi Channel, called SciFi Investigates. Richard Dolan lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife and 2 children.

Scientific UFO Evidence in Norway - (6 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Hessdalen, Norway has had a UFO Observatory since 1988.

The 'Fully Automatic UFO Observatory' records UFO activity 24-7 from the early 80s: A government funded and public UFO research project done by scientists and students. They also caught "UFO"s on video.

They say they don't know what they are, but they can say it's here and real.

UFO navigates Kansas streets?
(1-1/2 min. - video)

It’s Not a UFO, Just a Killer Drone for an Aircraft Carrier - (December 21, 2011 - by Spencer Ackerman - Wired) - Note to the Navy: When trucking a giant flying robot with a rounded fuselage across the country, people are going to think they’re looking at an artifact from Area 51.

As the local news coverage above shows, residents of Cowley County, Kansas, were freaked out to see a truck rumbling down U.S. 77 towing what looks a whole lot like a 32-foot spaceship. “People were calling in saying, ‘Oh they think they found a flying saucer,’” Donetta Godsey of the Winfield Daily Courier told the ABC News affiliate.

Alas, the cargo wasn’t anything otherworldly. Just a trussed-up, wingless version of the Navy’s futuristic killer drone, the X-47B, which the Navy hopes will one day be the world’s first robot capable of landing on an aircraft carrier. For the past few days, it’s hitched a rather terrestrial ride from California’s Edwards Air Force Base to Patuxent River, Maryland.

“Oh, you mean the UFO?” Brooks McKinney, a spokesman for X-47B manufacturer Northrop Grumman, told Danger Room.

McKinney’s both embarrassed and amused by the UFO confusion. “They effectively shrink-wrapped the rest of the fuselage after taking the wings off the drone for the cross-country trek,” he said. “Because it was 32 feet wide, it could only travel certain hours of the day because we blocked off the road. That led to lots of weird stories, like we had abandoned [the X-47B] on the side of the road.”

The X-47B arrived safely at Pax River, the Navy’s big aviation testbed, on Tuesday. There, it’ll undergo tests to ensure it can perform its signature intended maneuver: taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier — and with those complex maneuvers eventually directed by a mere mouse click.  -

Spherical Flying Machine
Developed by Japan
Ministry Of Defense

(2-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)



Parrot AR.Drone


(2-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version - (43-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video) - Rare Disney UFO documentary, this documentary was only broadcast once in five US states, then it was shelved and never broadcast again. This version is the complete uncut feature, recorded to VHS video when it was first broadcast on celestial tv.  -

Space Travel: The Interplanetary Tours Reservation Desk

We should scour the moon for ancient traces of aliens, say scientists

ParanormalPhotography Goes Digital

Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters

Mutilated Cow Found Near Kansas City Airport

Billions of habitable planets in Milky Way

Revealed: The FBI's Secretive Practice of "Blackballing" Files

Ilkley Moor and the Men in Black: Follow-up to the Ilkley Moor Alien Case - (January 12, 2012 - By Billy Booth - -

David MacDonald Replacing Clifford Clift as MUFON's International Director

UFO Documentary:

It Has Begun

Narrated by

Rod Serling


(1-1/2 hrs. - YouTube audio/video)

'Cloaking' a 3-D object from all angles demonstrated

Baltic Sea



(4-1/2 min. video)

(Jan. 27, 2012 - CNN)


(4-1/2 min. - video)

X-47B: New Autonomous Drone Has No Pilot Anywhere, So Who's Accountable?

Mysterious Lights

Over Utah County

Jan. 27, 2012


(3-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Paradigm Research Group

This website is run by lawyer Stephen Bassett. 

Bassett is the only officially registered

UFO lobbyist in Wash., D.C. 

Bassett is active in placing

UFO Disclosure initiative petitions

on the

We the People: Your Voice in Our Government” website.



LTP: The Tracie Austin Peters Show - UFOs and more…

Indian Petroglyphs DepictingSpacemenConfirmed

Time in Space May Alter Astronauts’ Genes


Flying People

In New York City

(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

A Swarm Of
Nano Quadrotors

(1-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

David MacDonald Replaces Clifford Clift As MUFON Exec. Dir. - [The following April 30, 2010, “UFO Chronicles” information is very similar to David McDonald's (MUFON's new Exec. Dir.; officially replacing Clifford Clift, as of Feb. 1, 2012) self-bio info on page 2 of the February 2012, MUFON UFO Journal.  In the MUFON UFO Journal MacDonald also notes that he "...served eight years as a County Peace Officer in Kentucky."  -- Bike Bob]:

MacDonald is the State Director of Kentucky’s MUFON, National Exam Administrator, Certified Field Investigator, and Member STAR Team/SIP.

His varied background includes being the president and chief pilot of Flamingo Air and owner of the Flamingo Bay Resort in The Bahamas. He is also the president of MacDonald Defense Company, the largest security and surveillance company in the region.

Heller Audio/Visual Company is owned by MacDonald which is the manufacturer of security, covert and wireless surveillance equipment. And, he was formerly employed as a chemist for The Drackett Company and on the team that developed such products as Windex, Endust and Behold furniture polish.

Dave does have time for recreational entertainment. He is a certified Dive Master and a professional photographer, specializing in underwater photography, and is a former member of a local underwater recovery team.

Hanging With A UFO Group; Or, What Did You Just Say?

The UFO Trail

The Leah HaleyAlien Abduction’ Case

Strange Bedfellows: MUFON & Bigelow

Vance Davis & The Gulf Breeze Six

President Eisenhower Had Three Secret Meetings With Aliens, Former Pentagon Consultant Claims

Lyn Buchanan: Military Intel and 'Alien Abductee'

The Real Deal on Supposed Government Insiders

Truth and Accuracy 101

The Leah Haley Case: John Carpenter (Controversy Or Conspiracy?)

The Spiritual Propeller Head Blues - (Feb. 23, 2012 - by by: Søren Dreier - Zen-Haven) - On top of this encounter, I met: Shipwrecked star people, people from 20.Dimension, overseen Buddha’s and cosmic consciousness expanded, and the ones with great effing healing powers and a nasty cold look in their eyes. Send shivers down me spine.  -  [Unfortunately, more and more these days this type of person -- the “love and lightproponents ( who depend upon their “feelings” and “beliefs”, as opposed to reliable facts!) are an increasing portion of those who attend many of the UFO group meetings and conferences around the U.S.!  -- Bike Bob]  -

The Tardigrade: Tiny, Cute, and Indestructible - (March/April 2012 - by William R. Miller - Sierra Magazine/Sierra Club) - The microscopic tardigrade -- which is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence -- surely qualifies as charismatic microfauna. It trundles about its moss, lichen, or leaf-litter habitat on stubby limbs like an eight-legged panda. The tardigrade (whose name means "slow walker") may be the only invertebrate universally regarded as "cute."

Tardigrades also may be the toughest creatures on the planet. When the habitat they favor dries up, so do they, through a process of cryptobiosis, into dustlike specks called tuns. In a desiccated state of suspended animation, they can be blown by the wind until they encounter a moist, hospitable location, whereupon they rehydrate and resume their active lives.

During their dehydrated period, tardigrades can tolerate nearly anything. They've been exposed to temperatures of minus 272.95 degrees Celsius (functional absolute zero) and 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit) and survived, none the worse for wear. They've even been exposed to solar heat and radiation in the vacuum of space and returned home to Earth to move, eat, grow, and reproduce. The latter isn't hard, since many are also parthenogenetic (i.e., they can give birth without the bother of sex).  -  [NOTE: Tardigrades are a perfect example of the type of "extremophile" ( ) life that may possibly be found on Mars, Venus, Europa (a Jovian moon), etc.  -- Bike Bob]:  -

Sixth Man
On The Moon
Edgar Mitchell
Ends UFO Cover-Up

(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Oxygen Envelops Saturn's Icy Moon - (March 2, 2012 - A NASA spacecraft has detected oxygen around one of Saturn's icy moons, Dione.

The discovery supports a theory that suggests all of the moons near Saturn and Jupiter might have oxygen around them.

Researchers say that their finding increases the likelihood of finding the ingredients for life on one of the moons orbiting gas giants.

The study has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.

According to co-author Andrew Coates of University College London, Dione has no liquid water and so does not have the conditions to support life. But it is possible that other moons of Jupiter and Saturn do.

"Some of the other moons have liquid oceans and so it is worth looking more closely at them for signs of life," Prof Coates said.  -

The UFO Disclosure
Petition II:

The Rockefeller Initiative?

(2-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Senator Barry Goldwater

Goes Into Detail About

General Curtis Lemay

Wright-Patterson AFB

And UFOs

(1 min. - YouTube audio/video)




UFO Disclosure Chilean Style

The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed - (March 5, 2012 - By Anthony Bragalia - The UFO Chronicles)  -

THE PHOENIX LIGHTS 15th ANNIVERSARY: Veteran Airline Pilot Recounts Witnessing "The Huge Massat Least a Mile Wide" - By Captain Trig Johnston, NWA (Ret.) - Former 727 airline pilot and “Phoneix Lightswitness -

Best Picture Ever Of UFO Was Taken Over Perthshire…But Government Officials Shredded It, Claims Expert - (March 13, 2012 - The Daily Record/UK) - A FORMER Government UFO investigator has revealed how officials shredded the most compelling evidence for aliens that he has ever seen.

Nick Pope claimed a photograph of a metallic spacecraft in the sky over Calvine in Perthshire mysteriously disappeared after the Ministry of Defence got their hands on it.

He added: “This was easily the most compelling UFO photo I’ve ever seen in my life.

It went to the technical specialists at the Defence Intelligence Staff and elsewhere. Their results of the analysis were that this was a real thing – it wasn’t a faked photo.

Pope, who ran the Government’s UFO project from 1991 to 1994, said he had the image in his office but it was removed and later disappeared.

He said that when he challenged officials about the photo, they claimed there was no record of it.

Speaking about the spacecraft on BBC Radio Scotland’s Tales of the Unexplained, Pope added: “It was a diamond-shaped metallic craft about 25 metres in diameter and there seemed to be military jets in the background.

“It wasn’t clear whether they were escorting this thing or even maybe chasing it.

I actually had a copy of this. It was one of the things blown up on my office wall when I was at the UFO project.

One day, my head of division took it down and locked it in a drawer because he didn’t think we should be displaying something like that.

When the Ministry of Defence declassified and released its UFO files, which is an ongoing process, those photos and the copies that had been on my wall had mysteriously disappeared.  -

Science and UFOs: Part 1—The Condon Committee Con Job - (March 13, 2012 - by Robert Hastings - The UFO Chronicles) -

Russia Plans Moon Base, Mars Network by 2030 - (March 14, 2012 - by Mark Brown - Wired UK) - Russia plans to send probes to Jupiter and Venus, land a network of unmanned stations on Mars and ferry Russian cosmonauts to the surface of the Moon — all by 2030. That’s according to a leaked document from the country’s space agency.

The cosmically ambitious plans were submitted to the government by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) this month, according to a report in the Kommersant, Russia’s business-focused daily newspaper.

The document lays out a blueprint for the country’s space industry to follow in the next 18 years, up to 2030. It’s rare for Russia to set a deadline for its future space plans.

By 2020, the six-seater Angara rocket will replace the Soyuz as the spaceship of choice for launching Russian payloads. It will launch from the new Vostochny cosmodrome in the east of Russia, which will replace the outdated Baikonur facility. Construction on Vostochny started in 2011, and is scheduled for completion in 2018.

By 2030, Russia will send robots to the Moon to collect samples. The program will be punctuated with a manned Moon landing — 60 years after Neil Armstrong’s Apollo mission. Payback, perhaps, for losing out on the major leg of the U.S. and Soviet space race.

The optimistic program also lays out plans for active exploration of other planets in the solar system, and ideas for a follow-up to the International Space Station: The ISS is only funded until 2020.  -

UFOs And Mass Media
(8-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video)


UFO Case

(5 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Sarasota-Herald Columnist Billy Cox Tells Media To Take Heed Of UFOs - (March 20, 2012 - by Billy Cox - Sarasota Herald-Tribune) - [Ecuador’s President] Correa also decided to declassify the military’s stash of UFO data. Don’t retch – hang with this. Correa did it by ordering his generals to give a veteran TV journo all the resources he needed to find it. And Jaime Rodriguez has been reporting on the results via Ecuavision in Quito ever since. Rodriguez alleges that at least some of the financial and career incentives offered by Uncle Sam to Ecuador’s military were contingent upon keeping its UFO material classified. Is this true? Obviously no one in these parts can say, because we don’t cover UFOs. But what anyone can confirm, with just a few strokes of the keyboard, and without having to expend any resources, is that today in Ecuador, active duty pilots and officers are talking freely about near collisions in the skies. Some of those events are hair-raising.

What we also know is that democracy has swept military dictatorships out of South America for the first time in decades. And that perhaps as a consequence, at least six of those nations, including Ecuador, have, with full military support, been emptying their UFO case files into the public domain. One of those countries, Chile, has entered into a formal data-analysis partnership with an American non-profit directed by a former NASA scientist.  -




Area 51 Exhibit To Feature 'Russian Roswell' UFO Artifact At National Atomic Testing Museum




The Face On Mars

(4-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)




The Monuments Of Mars - (9-1/4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - (Part 1 of 11) - Richard Hoagland’s official presentation at the United Nations about the “Face on Mars” and the other geometrically related formations (pyramids, etc.) on in the Cydonia region of Mars.  -

UFO’s Above The Law - (Feb. 7, 2012 - A book review by former Deputy Sheriff, Chuck Zukowski) - UFOs Above The Law is a collection of UFO reports from law enforcement officers and other government officials that prove that UFOs are not only real, but that they are here en masse. Those people who serve and protect the public tend to be the most credible witnesses and investigators when it comes to bringing forth the truth. When public servants see UFOs and are willing to stand up and testify about those sightings, their words are no less credible. In fact, with so many questions surrounding UFOs, there is great controversy that puts these respected men and women's reputations, families, and careers on the line with every report. Still, in the name of truth, they step forth. Here, experience abductions, learn investigative procedures, read transcripts of radio chases, track strange lights, and investigate things that most people would run from! Join law enforcement officers from around the world in a pursuit for UFO disclosure.  -

Thousands Of Historic UFO Audio Recordings Destroyed!

AuthenticAlien Material Highlights New Area 51 Exhibit - (March 2012 - JD Journal) - The exhibit’s description is as follows:Three Soviet academic centers and 11 research institutes analyzed the objects from this UFO crash. The distance between atoms is different from ordinary iron. Radar cannot be reflected from the material. Elements in the material may disappear and new ones appear after heating. One piece disappeared completely in front of four witnesses. The core of the material is composed of a substance with anti-gravitational properties.

According to George Knapp, a Las Vegas KLAS-TV news reporter, “Valerie Dvuzhilini of the Academy of Sciences was the first to arrive on the scene two days later. He collected samples of strange metallic mesh scattered at the site and samples of rocks and vegetation which had been scorched at the crash.”

Knapp claims that Russian scientists scrutinized the samples, and in the days that followed, numerous people reported seeing “UFO-type crafthovering in the area of Height 611, presumably in search of the crash site.

Multi-Emmy Award winning Knapp, the first U.S. journalist to trek to Russia to see the UFO crash site, was provided with samples of debris. These materials, including shiny, round objects also discovered at additional crash sites, were given to the National Atomic Testing Museum for exhibition.

Knapp didn’t believe that the Russian scientists who examined the material ever described it as “out of this world,” but they conceded that it was an unordinary substance. Knapp further stated that some of the material was sent to academies and was not returned. Perhaps this is another mystery to add to the conspiracy of UFOs?  -

Something Out There: NASA's Unexplained Files - (1-3/4 min. - YouTube audio/video) - James McDivitt, a NASA astronaut and engineer in the 1960's, reported he saw and filmed a strange object in space. Is there a logical explanation or was there really something out there?  -

Aztec New Mexico UFO Landing Subject Of New Book




Witnesses Describe

UFOs Over

Crop Circle Field

(10 min. - YouTube audio/video)




UFO Involvement In Crop Circle Study - UFO Involvement In BLT’s XRD Study (1) - (March 23, 2012 - by Nancy Talbot - BLT Research Team) - In 2004 the BLT (John Burke, Wm.C. Levengood, Nancy Talbott) Research Team posted the most comprehensive scientific study carried out to-date on a single crop circle, a 191-foot long, 7-circle formation in thistle-invested barley in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. [diagram]

Although the field was planted in barley, it was also infested with Canadian thistle, a tough & very prickly plant which is extremely difficult to flatten: [photo]

In spite of this the 7 circles were found to be intricately flattened, with a narrow counter-clockwise band around the perimeter of each circle which was underneath a radially-laid second layer, topped off with a totally chaotic third layer on top: [diagram]

With financial support from Laurance Rockefeller we were able to carry out a thorough examination of the plants, as well as testing of the surface soils for the presence of magnetic spheres and an x-ray diffraction analysis of specific heat-sensitive clay minerals in these surface soils.  The results were as strong as any we have seen.

The plants showed massive node elongation and presence of multiple expulsion cavities and the magnetic spheres were also present.   Most stunning was the discovery of an increase in the crystalline structure of the clay minerals in the surface soils, a change previously known by geologists to occur only in sedimentary rock -- never in surface soils before.

During the study neither I nor any of the four BLT scientific consultants involved in this study were aware that another highly anomalous situation was related to this crop formation--that there were at least 4 eyewitnesses to UFOs over the study field shortly before the crop circle was discovered.  The TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" did, in fact, document these sightings and we've now posted an edited version of that show at the beginning of our "XRD Clay Mineral Study" Report, just below the diagram of the Edmonton, Alberta crop circle:  -

Twenty Years In The UFO Fog

By Don Ecker,

Former ‘Director of Research

For UFO Magazine




UFO Watchdog




UFO Updates




Strange Days Indeed
- Errol Bruce Knapp)

UFO Sighting

In Sweden


(2-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)




FX Expert Says Sweden UFO Not A Fake - (Video)




NASA Confirms

Moon Structures

(1 min. - YouTube audio/video)




Airline Pilots'


UFO Reports

(The History Channel)

(5 parts; 9 min. each):


The Famous Rockefeller UFO Briefing Document




Antonio Huneeus Interview - (50 min. - audio) - (Nov. 25, 2011 - The Kate Valentine UFO Show) - Open Minds Investigative Reporter J. Antonio Huneeus has covered the UFO field from an international perspective for over 30 years. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Japan. He was also the co-author of the Laurance Rockefeller-funded “UFO Briefing Document – The Best Available Evidence and edited the book “A Study Guide to UFOs, Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena in the USSR.” Huneeus studied French at the Sorbonne University in Paris and Journalism at the University of Chile in Santiago in the 1970s. He has lectured at dozens of UFO Conferences all over the world and been interviewed by many media outlets including The Washington Post, the Sy-Fy and History Channels, Nippon-TV, etc. He received the “Ufologist of the Year” award at the National UFO Conference in Miami Beach in 1990 and the “Courage in Journalism” award at the X-Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 2007.  -

UFO Sightings Reports - (A New Approach)

A Fascinatingly
Disturbing Thought

(Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson)
(12-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Encountering the Integratron in the Mojave Desert - (June 20, 2008 - by Scott Gold, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer ) - …the site's zany history, which starts with its architect, an iconoclast named George Van Tassel.

In the midst of a career in aerospace, Van Tassel effectively dropped out. In 1947, he leased four square miles of desert from the federal government and built an "Interplanetary Airport" and a tiny restaurant, famous for his wife's apple pie, near fabled Giant Rock, a seven-story-high boulder that has since split in two.

Van Tassel claimed to have been visited by aliens in 1952, and thousands began making pilgrimages to his "Spacecraft Conventions" in the desert. He said the aliens had imparted information regarding time travel and rejuvenation.

Van Tassel began building the Integratron. He never quite finished, however, and died in 1978.



The Extraordinary Equation

Of George Van Tassel

(26 min. - YouTube audio/video)




History Of The Integratron




The Mysterious Integratron
Of George Van Tassel

(5-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

1947 Roswell UFO Incident...
The Radio Broadcast
From When It Happened!

(1-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

Weird Missouri - (51 min. - audio / mp3 download) - (April 20, 2012 - The Kate Valentine UFO Show/WVNJ radio) - Jim Strait the author of Weird Missouri , spent eight weeks, drove 8500 miles, visited several hundred venues, spoke with hundreds of Missourians, and took 2700 photos in an effort to find odd, strange, outrageous and extraordinary people, places and things in the Show-Me State. Jim will talk extensively about all things paranormal, ghostly, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and UFO based stories and incidents to include a UFO incident in 1941...six years before Roswell.  -  [To download the mp3 audio file, copy & paste the following into your Internet browser’s address bar]:

Could 'Advanced' Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets? - ScienceDaily (Apr. 11, 2012) — New scientific research raises the possibility that advanced versions of T. rex and other dinosaurs -- monstrous creatures with the intelligence and cunning of humans -- may be the life forms that evolved on other planets in the universe. "We would be better off not meeting them," concludes the study, which appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.  -

A Guide To Oregon’s Extraterrestrial Past And Present!