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     *  The complete elimination of the use of the vastly inferior

method of road resurfacing known as "oil and loose gravel" (a.k.a.

"chip & seal",) which is a long-lived and extremely dangerous hazard

for bicyclists. --- (This dangerous hazard persists up to a year or

more; even after most of the "excess" has been attempted to be swept

up.  Additionally, the resulting rougher-textured surface also vastly

increases rolling resistance which requires greater pedaling effort,

and increases saddle discomfort while bicycling.)


     *  Widening of the right-hand lanes of all local, county, state

and federal roads in Missouri to a width of 14-foot without a curb,

and 15-foot with a curb -- in addition to, but not including, any

added width provided by paved "shoulders" (as recommended by the

American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials in

their "Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities.")


     *  Rubberized "bicycle-proofing" of all railroad crossings.


     *  Replacement of all road drainage grates with hydraulically

efficient "bicycle-safe" grates [which are available from Neenah

Foundry Company in Neenah, WI.]


     *  Making sure that all imbedded-in-the-road traffic signal

activator magnetic loop detectors are properly adjusted to be

"bicycle-sensitive."  Also, that the most bicycle-sensitive locations

of these magnetic loop detectors -- at the corners of single-loop

detectors, and at the middle end overlaps of

double-loop/"figure-eight" detectors -- are well-marked on the

pavement; with nearby posted signs indicating that "X" marks the

proper spot for bicycles to trigger the traffic signals.


     *  Expansion of the "Share The Road With Bicyclists" road signage

program to include all local, county, state and federal roads in



     *  In light of the fact that questions about bicyclists on-road

rights are now included on the Missouri Auto Drivers Test:  Initiate

periodic (written) retesting of Missouri auto drivers to increase

auto-driver awareness of the fact that bicycles, by law, belong on the

road. --- (Illinois administers a written retest to its auto drivers

every 9 years.)


     *  Educate both motorists and bicyclists of all ages that

bicyclists have the same on-road rights and duties as operators of

motor vehicles in all 50 states, via public service announcements on

radio and TV, and in newspapers and magazines, and other media.


     *  Repeal of all (inherently dangerous and discriminatory)

"mandatory-use" sidepath laws. --- (The vast majority of U.S. states

have repealed their mandatory-use sidepath laws precisely because of

the [documented] increased hazards -- as opposed to on-road bicycling

-- and inherent financial liabilities attendant with bicycle-path



     *  Mandatory "pave-backs" (of at least a minimum of 10 to 20

feet) of all side streets and driveways wherever they intersect paved

roads, in order to prevent gravel washouts and auto-tire "spin-out"

debris accumulating on the intersected paved roadway.


     *  Passage of a state law to specifically allow two-abreast

bicycling; while at the same time banning three- (or more) abreast



     *  Passage of a state (and/or federal) "bottle deposit" law to

reduce hazardous broken glass on the roads.


     *  Promote the installation of secure, total-enclosure,

whole-bicycle parking lockers; especially in conjunction with "park &

ride" mass transit, local/county/state/federal government buildings

and offices, shopping malls, libraries, schools, places of employment,



     *  Encourage the establishment of mandatory bicycle-driver

education courses in all state schools.


     *  Promote the use of hard-shell bicycle helmets for bicycle

riders of all ages.


     *  Provide "Bicycle Route" signage for the across S. Missouri

portion of the Bikecentennial west-to-east (or vice versa) national

on-road "Trans-America Bicycle Route", which was established in 1976,

and for the Missouri portion of the Bikecentennial north-to-south (or

vice versa) "Great River Bicycle Route." --- (Illinois has signed the

entire portion of the Bikecentennial "Trans-Am" across S. Illinois.)