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Missouri's Official State Dinosaur

A bone to pick for Missouri

(Thursday, February 19, 2004 - Daily Dunklin Democrat)


In recent years,

Missouri lawmakers have established

an official state grass, grape and horse.

On Wednesday, they took the first step toward

designating an official state dinosaur.


The Missouri Dinosaur Story

(Bollinger County Museum of Natural History - Marble Hill, Missouri)


The State Dinosaur

(Missouri Secretary of State)


Missouri State Dinosaur

(Hypsibema missouriensis)


Hypsibema missouriensis



Missouri dinosaur gets exposure on Discovery cable series

(Sunday, March 27, 2011 - By Tim Barker - St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


Introduction to the Hadrosaurs - The “duck-billed” dinosaurs

(University of California/Berkeley)


Dino  Russ’s Lair

(More than you may want to know about dinosaurs! ;-)