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Google Earth Anomalies


(Newly discovered anomalies may be periodically added to this list.  --Bike Bob)


[Note:  To see an anomaly, merely copy & paste its coordinates into Google Earth’s search bar.]





+32 52' 0", -114 23' 09.88"  -  Large radial-spoked, segmented “wheel” on airstrip of the Laguna Aaf (Yuma Proving Ground)

34°52'28.58" N 109°45'05.56" W   -  Circular cone-shape in Petrified Forest area in Arizona



34.885058, -109.727953   -  Zoom out just a bit and your point of view will be in the center of a triangle formed by a pentagonal depression, a square depression, and a triangular depression.



34°53'40.67" N 109°45'45.06" W    -  Circular cone (or depression) adjacent to a step-pyramid w/strange-colored mesa-like cap





37°25'25.88" N  90°37'22.95" W   -  Crane Lake (s.e. Missouri) - Unusual circular anomaly on the lake and intruding into shore line trees on 6/15/2009 photo

37°32'27.63" N  90°50'08.25" W  -  Taum Sauk reservoir atop Proffit Mtn. above Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park in Reynolds County, Missouri - (After you zoom out a bit, be sure to check out the historical -- August 2005 and July 2006 -- images for the pre- and post-failure, reservoir-collapse images.)


37.136329,-117.17671   -  Dusty connect the dots game


37.199809,-117.185014   -  X marks the spot

41.850767,-116.914358   -  Lava flow pattern?


New Mexico:


35°51'48.70" N 108°16'24.11" W   -   Mostly circular trenched anomaly 59 mi. s.s.w. of Farmington, NM


35°56'17.53" N 108°15'51.18" W  -   Head-dressed mesa 54-1/2 mi. s.s.w. of Farmington, NM


32.523911,-106.139774   - Unusual man-made structures complex a couple dozen miles s.s.w. of Alamogordo

34.120207,-108.294189   -  Bulldozer racetracks?

32.273327,-104.736465  -  Odd large, round white spot (30-feet in diameter); with another -- less well-defined -- white spot (12- to 13-feet in diameter) just to its n.e.  Located thirty miles s.w. of Carlsbad, NM.


33° 7.770' N 104° 32.601' W  -  Old (military?) airstrips (triangular formation) complex.  Located 15 miles s. of Roswell, NM.


35°31'24.10" N 104°34'15.95" W  -  Scientology’sTrementina Base Sacred Vaultintersecting (Vesica picsis?) circles near Mesa Huerfanita.  Located approximately 150 miles due north of Roswell, NM.

More Google Earth Anomalies

Bio Station Alpha

on Mars

Discovery (via Google Mars)

by David Martines 2011

Original Video

This could be the most important discovery on Mars yet! 

This structure is 700' x 150',

and is colored white with blue and red stripes

 against the red Martian soil.

This is not a rock or mountain.

It is a manufactured structure.

This is not something that I [David Martines] created,

this is something that is currently on Google Mars.

NASA wont talk to me [David Martines] about it.

I've [David Martines] sent them a few emails, and no reply.


Go see for yourself.

The coordinates are:

71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W

(3-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

21°31'03.97" S 41°56'31.80" W  -  MARS TRACK SYSTEM & WATER - Report #208 - (October 2, 2011 - by Joseph P. Skipper - Mars Anomaly Research) - [IMPORTANT NOTEYou can see the "track system" on Mars directly for yourself via a copy-&-paste of the initial coordinates into the Google Mars search bar; then zoom in farther down to the surface of Mars to see the evidence for yourself.  The straight-as-an-arrow tracks extend for a distance of 60 miles on the surface of Mars; each dual-set of tracks are are one-half mile apart from the next set!  Whoever -- OR, whatever -- made those tracks is uknownHOWEVER, they are DEFINITELY NOT the result of a natural geologic process! --- To use Google Mars...simply click on the Saturn-like icon in the top toolbar in Google Earth and then choose the "Mars" option from the resulting drop-down list.  -- Bike Bob-


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Secrets of Google Earth

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20 25' 32.21"N 136 04' 52.15"E  -  Philippine Sea and 3 underwater missile silos (?) and platform within a coral reef  lagoon

Missing Image
Google Earth/Sky?

(3-1/2 min. - YouTube audio/video)

52°28'44.70" N  62°11'10.37" E  -  Enormous pentagram on shore of Upper Tobal Reservoir in Kazakhstan

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