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Some Reasons Why You Should Be Using NoScript with Firefox


When used with Firefox -- and, set up properly (see: ), by ‘Default’, the NoScript ( ) add-on extension universally blocks JavaScript from loading -- not only first-party (main website) funtions; but, also lots of third-party, off-site plug-ins -- on websites.  At the same time, you can use the NoScriptCustom’ options to decide which individual websites you may (cautiously) decide to allow some -- limited; or, full...(if you fully trust the -- access.


Here are just some of the reasons why it is wise to universally block JavaScript functions:


(1)  These days, many malicious (rogue) websites use JavaScript to surreptitiously (unseen, and generally, undetected) automatically serve up malware and/or spyware onto your computer;

(2)  Similarly, widespread malicious advertisements utilize JavaScript to automatically inject malware, and/or spyware, onto your computer;

           (3)  Widespread use of sneakyreplay sessions” utilize JavaScript to record-and-track your every move online.

         (4)  If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has a bandwidth cap, and charge$ you for going over that limited amount, then blocking JavaScript from loading all those "extra" functions can greatly reduce your bandwidth usage.  (Not too few first-party JavaScript functions -- and, most, if not all, of those third-party plug-ins -- are constantly "active" and "phoning home" the background; without your knowledge!)

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