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First off, please note that this website is not necessarily meant to be comprehensive.   However, it is purposefully an eclectic mix of useful and interesting potpourri.  It's hoped that you'll find easy to remember, but -- if you spend any time at all perusing the info here -- hard to forget!  :-)

At the top of each page on this website you will find an underlined “Home” link which you can click to return to the website’s main Home page.  Alternately, of course, you can also use your browser’s back-arrow or button to achieve the same result.  Additionally, don't forget that you can utilize your "Home" and "End" keys on your keyboard to quickly navigate to/from the top/bottom of a web page.  (And, of course, there are also your "Pg Up" and "Pg Dn" keyboard keys for further incremental navigation within a web page, too.)

Additionally, as you progress your way through a section on the web site, don't forget that you can always relocate an item (or items) of interest by doing a "search in page" via the "Ctrl" and "F" key-press combo and typing in the word or subject phrase of interest.  It's that easy! --- For example:  When you're in the "Must-See" section on this website, try searching for the two-word phrase "card trick" (without the quotation marks.)  That will take you to the link for an amazing 1-1/2 min. video of an outdoor demonstration by a magician, who is surrounded by people on the Times Square sidewalk in New York City. --- Enjoy! :-)

Speaking of clickable links -- both internal and external:  most (the vast majority) of underlined words and/or phrases on this website are likely to also be active links, too. ---  [Do note that all the external (off-site) web links were known to be “active” (good/working) when they were created.  However, should you find any that are not still so, it is suggested that you consider doing a web search -- either on the referenced subject, and/or on the specific title line and/or pertinent keyword/s -- to try to locate a more up-to-date, currently active link.]

As you have probably already noticed, there is nothing fancy -- no “bells & whistles” distractions -- to be found here.  It is mostly a strictly WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] text/information-based site.  In addition, there are no “interactive” (nor “feedback”) components to this website.

In keeping with the WYSIWYG theme, there is absolutely NO use of either “JavaScript” or “Flash internally (from page-to-page; item-to-item) within this site.  (That, too, is by purposeful design. - [See the “Computer Security Hazards” category section of this website, which can be accessed via the main Home page.] )  However, having said that, please do keep in mind that some of the external (off-site) web page-linked items may utilize either JavaScript and/or Flash components.

This site is non-commercial.  It has been constructed simply as a hobby.  Therefore, please do keep in mind that there are no guarantees to its “freshness” or currency. Regardless, it is likely that you’ll discover that this site already contains a fair amount of interesting information and useful resource references.

I highly recommend that before you leave this web site be sure to check out the Computer Security Hazards section.


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