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 Copyright 1992,  by Bob Soetebier


   St. Stanislaus Park is administered by the Missouri Dept. of

Conservation.  The park is located in n.w. St. Louis County at the

junction of Aubuchon Rd. and Charbonier Rd.  At the base of the big

hill on Charbonier Rd., just across the creek bridge on the uphill

side to the northwest is where you can start hiking.

   You can either park at Aubuchon/Charbonier junction/curve and walk

a 1/4-mile along Charbonier Rd. the trailhead, or try to park on

either side of the road at the bridge; but, there is only room for one

car near the bridge/trailhead.)

   The trail follows an old dirt road paralleling the flats at the

base of the bluff hill on the immediate northeast side of the creek.

You can walk the road (if it's not too muddy, that is) for a couple of

miles all the way to the junction of the creek and the Missouri R.

You can even walk out into the river on a rock wing dam.

   If you want to make a loop out of it, you can scramble up the bluff

hill, as we did  on a well-worn steep trail (watch for an old round,

elevated cistern on your right a few yards after you start the hike

for this optional route.)  From up on top the bluff (without the

leaves on the trees) you can see for miles.  You'll also find remnant

foundations for many of the buildings that the monks used at the old

monastery there as you walk west along the blufftop trail.  You'll

end up scrambling down the hill back to the old dirt road if you go

far enough to the north/west.  If you go southeast on the blufftop

instead, you'll come to the FAA hilltop station and a paved road and

field that takes you back to the top of the hill on Charbonier Rd.,

where you could just follow the road back down to your car.

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