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        Top Ten “Number One” Threats To Our National (& World) Security…

        and To Democracy And Freedom:



FOX “News” misinformation/disinformation --- (If you’ve ever had a discussion with regular FOX ‘News’ viewers, you already know this one -- from The Huffington Post -- is right on the mark:  Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed: Study  -  )


·        Tea Party “teabaggers” and Ron Paul promoters (also the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck types) and their self-serving pseudo-patriotism, along with the misnamed Constitution Party and its push to replace Democracy with a religious-based -- fundamentalism -- theocracy --- [BE SURE to check out "The Puppet Masters Behind The Tea Party" in the "Conspiracy" section of this web site for the lowdown on the billionaire Koch brothers who fund these so-called "grass roots" right-wing front groups!]


·        Depleted uranium that is released as lighter-than-air nanoparticles via explosions of armor-piercing munitions and the attendant widespread (worldwide) long-lasting nuclear pollution of air, water and land  --- [Check out the "Depleted Uranium" section of this web site.]


·        Massive over-population that is resulting in habitat loss, devastating species extinctions, massive natural resource depletion, widespread pollution of air and water and a catastrophic assault on the Web of Life upon which continued human survival depends --- [Check out "Trophic Cascade" and "Keystone Species" in the "Environment" section of this web site.]


·        Human-induced (fossil-fuel burning) Global Warming/Climate Change and the release of clathrates (aka: frozen methane ice crystals) that are being defrosted by global warming/climate change and are now off-gassing in the Arctic tundra  (NOTE:  Methane is one of the most potent of all global-warming gases!) --- [Check out the info on clathrates/methane in the "Environment" section of this web site.)


·        Hydraulic Fracturing (aka: “fracking”) drilling for natural gas by injecting millions of gallons of water (with the addition of 596+ chemicals) that is permanently polluting ground water and aquifers with these chemicals AND methane --- [Check out GASLAND”, is an excellent DVD documentary on the subject, in the "Conspiracy" section of this web site.]


·        Insecure home computers that are vulnerable to being auto-hijacked by botnets --- [Be sure to check out the "Computer Security Hazards" section of this web site.]


·        Just-in-time delivery, and no local warehousing -- other than just a couple of days worth of stock; leaves us extremely vulnerable to lack of supplies (particularly food) and services in the case of delivery disruptions


·        Aging and failing infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, water, gas and sewer lines


·        Not taxing the rich to the max  --- [NOTE: Back in the 1950s and early 60s the top tax rate in the U.S. was over it should be todayAlso check out what former dyed-in-the-wool conservative, Emmy-winning movie ("Casino Jack") director George Hickenlooper had to say not long before his untimely, premature death in late 2010.]